Embrace Your Inner Degenerate

Judith Light Topless

It’s an all Vegas Friday and Tommy is showing his age.  Listen as he complains about new college bars, elitist night clubs, and guys who request s&m from his girlfriend.

Other topics include celebrity watching in Sin City, a place for pancakes after a long night out, new ways to find the TAI program, Tommy’s new office, and drinking beer with The Weasel.  You ate a stripper’s pie?

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  1. English Bob says:

    Tommy, nice to know you read all my posts closely. So as a recap – for the last 3 weeks or so we’ve been talking about RUGBY, specifically RUGBY UNION, as there’s a small matter of a world cup going on at the moment.

    Here’s a little light reading for you when you’re in your office:


  2. pmac says:

    Roosterman/EnglishBob… What a crazy wekeend of Rugby… Fiji/Wales game was sensational – one of the best ive watched in a while. I couldnt find a bookies shop in Bath so didnt get to lose any money on Scotland thank fuck – I had £100 set aside just for the bet….. ended up drinking it whilst watching the Irish get steamrolled….Then had a 5 hour bus ride back to London on a bus with no toilet…fucking closed motorways almost meant me pissing all my guinness into the empty coke can I had….

    Wallabies to scorch England this weekend!!!!

  3. Lady Grey says:

    Lol, I thought it was cxute that I was elected to be a guest judge….Whit maybe more into the idea of my tripple than most other people I have met.

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