Embrace Your Inner Degenerate

It’s Carnival

Tommy goes on location to give the low down on the Rio. We start the show with one of our passions… gambling, helping out with a few tips and tricks. Las Vegas is home to enough whackos, is it big enough for the biggest whack job of them all? Love it, hate it, or should it be called I use to love it, but now I’m trying to impress the chicks I hate it.

Time for the Casino review, it’s the home of the WSOP the Rio. Boy is the building ugly, but thats the only bad thing we can think of. It has it all, go go dancers, nightclubs and buffets. Find out why Brian had to subtract half a point from his score.

The Super Mega Update for the “This Ain’t Iowa” segment. With the 2008 elections looming large it’s time for Hillary and Barack to shine on the strip.

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  1. KGB says:

    The Orleans – kind of a strange casino looking for a real theme, but one that I enjoy. Good food, cheap rooms, and by far the best spa in Vegas if for no other reason than you can actually get a nice massage (not a happy ending massage all you pervs) from someone of the opposite sex. Call me Tim Hardaway, but I just don’t want some guy working over my muscles. It’s not relaxing to me when Sven is checking out my bum, and I’m the customer! Apparently because they are off the strip they have different rules with their masseuses/spa.

    My wife and I went there last summer just for the spa and got an excellent “couples massage” where we were in the same room and she was getting massaged by one attendant at the same time I was getting massaged by another. HIGHLY recommended and the wife likes it too.

    Once again, all you pervs get your minds out of the gutter. This was nothing but a way to make your wife happy and I really liked it too.

  2. KGB says:

    If the urge to gamble isn’t strong enough, how about these slot machines from just across the border at Casino Windsor:


    Here in Detroit at Greektown casino you can watch the video:



  3. Steve in West Palm says:

    The Orleans – nothing like getting your bowling fix at 3:00 am. Forget booze, strippers, and gambling. Grab a $36 hooker and your Brunswick and take her to the Orleans.

  4. brian says:

    If you thought yesterday’s play made me a degenerate, today’s pick is gonna put me on red alert. I was so pleased with my Ohio win yesterday, that I’ve decided to stay in the area and throw some money down on the Ohio Valley conference semi final game. Austin Peay -3.5 over Samford. Austin Peay has had a dream season, which I realize for the Ohio Valley conference isn’t saying much. I think if they managed to recruit anyone other than 12 white guys wearing short shorts, they would consider it a dream. But they have 20 wins and are gunning for a spot in the dance.

    Austin Peay -3.5

    Record: 22-12-2

  5. mofobes says:

    alright brian and tommy, you convinced me to give the rio another chance. i did like the go-go girls, but i haven’t tried the restaurants.

    this year the WSOP is expected to have over 300 poker tables. they had about 220 last year.

    they might have gotten rid of the hot dealers at rio, but caesars has just opend the Pussycat Dolls Casino right outside of the Pure/Pussycat Dolls entrance by the poker room and sports book. they have about 10 tables all decked out in dolls regalia including 2 go-go cages with very hot dancers. all the dealers are smokin with the leather outfits and fishnet stockings (even the table legs have fishnets on them) but of course, they (harrah’s) totally takes advantage of the guys and black jack only pays 6 to 5 on those tables. also, on the weekend evenings with the line for Pure and Pussycat Dolls casino it is almost impossible to get thru to the poker room, but at least you have some nice eye candy while trying to shuffle your way through.

  6. mofobes says:


    don’t be so hard on the democrats, one of the big issues is that all of the casinos and their execs are huge republican donors. wynn, adelson, terry lanni (mgm), the fertittas (station casinos), mandalay group (the republican senator from nv is the son of the founder), and harrah’s all gave hundreds of thousands to the repub party and candidates. of course they still gave some to harry reid and shelley berkely to cover their bases, but the majority was to repubs. kirk kerkorian (chairman of mgm/mirage) is the only one who gives more (personally) to dems than repubs.

    also, the dems only hold their functions at union hotels/ buildings, so that limits where they can go.

  7. mofobes says:

    sad, sad news:

    barbary coast is no more. as of 2pm yesterday afternoon it is now Bill’s Gamblin Hall & Saloon (named after Harrah’s founder.) It is going to be run by the execs of the Imperial Palace – that can’t be good.


  8. devildog says:


    Brian-What’s the deal?,.. picking Austin Peay makes you a degenerate?!..
    They have to be one of the all-time Cinderella stories of March Madness..especially thanks to Dick Vitale.

    When you start throwing down on the CFL and the WNBA is when to call the G.A. hotline..

  9. brian says:

    Thanks enabler. It’s always good to have a devil on your shoulder.

  10. Paigow Pete says:

    Okay-this has absolutely nothing to do with anything… but I just found out that John Wayne apparently died from making movies – not smoking 3 packs a day…..

    they stopped blowing up A-bombs out there, right???

    The Conqueror, a putative love story involving Genghis Khan’s lust for the beautiful princess Bortai (Hayward), was a classic Hollywood big budget fiasco, one of many financed by would-be movie mogul Howard Hughes.

    Filmed on location in Utah in 1955, 91 crew/cast had contracted cancer as of the early 1980s and 46 died of it, including stars John Wayne, Susan Hayward, and Agnes Moorehead, and director Dick Powell. Experts say under ordinary circumstances only 30 people out of a group of that size should have gotten cancer. The cause? No one can say for sure, but many attribute the cancers to radioactive fallout from U.S. atom bomb tests in nearby Nevada.

    The movie was shot in the canyonlands around the Utah town of St. George. In 1953, the military had tested 11 atomic bombs at Yucca Flats, Nevada, which resulted in immense clouds of fallout floating downwind. Much of the deadly dust funneled into Snow Canyon, Utah, where a lot of The Conqueror was shot. The actors and crew were exposed to the stuff for 13 weeks, no doubt inhaling a fair amount of it in the process, and Hughes later shipped 60 tons of hot dirt back to Hollywood to use on a set for retakes, thus making things even worse.

    Many people involved in the production knew about the radiation (there’s a picture of Wayne himself operating a Geiger counter during the filming), but no one took the threat seriously at the time. Thirty years later, however, half the residents of St. George had contracted cancer, and veterans of the production began to realize they were in trouble. Actor Pedro Armendariz developed cancer of the kidney only four years after the movie was completed, and later shot himself when he learned his condition was terminal.

    Howard Hughes was said to have felt “guilty as hell” about the whole affair, although as far as I can tell it never occurred to anyone to sue him. For various reasons he withdrew The Conqueror from circulation, and for years thereafter the only person who saw it was Hughes himself, who screened it night after night during his paranoid last years.

  11. Hawkeye Brad says:

    I’m going to add something to relate Mofobes post to the show, although it may seem impossible because that story has nothing to do with anything, but: Do you know where John Wayne was born? Yep, Winterset, IOWA.

  12. Slashdogx says:

    For crying out load. I would be embarrassed to walk to the window at the Hilton say “Put this on Austin Peay”. No pick is with worth that. Devildog, you are not helping.

    Tommy, please traighten your partner out.

    No wonder Sally is scared to post here now.

  13. Slashdogx says:

    Good one Brad. No matter how hard they try, this Podcast is Totally Iowa!

  14. devildog says:

    Interesting post. Absolutely nothing to do with the theme..(how like one of mine).Nothing like seeing John Wayne imploring the Grandfather of the Skies..Now that ain’t Iowa!!)

    Slashdog..Not to get all serious about this, but wouldn’t you give the number of the side(ie:756-don best)..not Austin Peay?
    I’m sure you were being funny..

  15. Slashdogx says:

    DD, You are right. Just making fun of the Name and giving BMo (and you) a good natured hard time about it. Envisioning BMo making the bet makes me laugh.

  16. Trainfan John says:

    The Palms? Rio? Christ – now I’ve got to turn around and get right back to Vegas. Actually the trip was great – spent all of our time on the strip in the various haunts between Monte Carlo and TI. The reviews are getting stronger and stronger – and I especially liked the Dutch on Site touch – if the cheapwad isn’t going to get a new computer you may as well keep putting the cell phone to use.

    It was a pleasure meeting Brian and Tom – and watching Dutch battle a nasty hangover. I’ll ping them when I’m back in May.

    A Few Trip Highlights and Notes:

    11 Hours of sleep between 8 AM Sunday and 8 AM Thursday –

    Three Card Monte now available! I saw three seperate places right on the strip with three card monte being dealt and money being tossed down – unreal.

    Had a Dinner at Michael Mina’s at the Bellagio that was beyond belief. Highly recommened if you are looking for a top, top notch dining experience.

    went to a party at Tangerine at TI that was excellent – but outside of the private party the place was completely packed on Wednesday night. Apparently different clubs have their “on” night.

    Shadows at Ceasar’s was also good – not too crowded. Spent an hour with a pimp – which could be several postings all by itself – and actually had a conversation about his business, how it is working, web site potential etc. He wheeled out his wares – and she was lovely – but we were just kicking tires – so they headed out. But I saw him again the next night at Tangerine.

    I don’t think that last story wrote anywhere near as well as it tells.

    Made to the last night at the Barbary Coast – and am happy to say that I was a contributer til the end.

    I’m sure I’ll think of more as the brain cells reform.

  17. Trainfan John says:

    Mofobes was dead on about the pussycats at Ceasar’s – they even did a little parade through the casino before taking their stations – prices at the tables I saw ranged from 15.00 to 300.00 minimums with seats available. Their were more people watching than playing.

  18. Scott J. says:

    Your chat on sports line shopping brought back memories of the good old days of internet sportsbooks. Heading to Vegas March 14 for the first round of March Madness as I have for the past 10 years. Will sorely miss Pinnacle’s 10 cent sides and totals, 12 cent money lines, and early overnight lines. Used to use the Pinnacle lines and a dozen other offshore books along with the local Vegas books to create a lot of middles and an occasional arbitrage. It was a lot of fun and quite profitable.

    A question for Tommy. I am planning on spending some time at the Gold Coast and the Palms sportsbooks. I know you have recommended the Palms sportsbook, are these decent books to get a good money line and do they allow money line and correlated parlays?

    Thanks for another great show.

  19. Dutch says:

    Scott we’ll address that on Monday’s show but spending the first weekend of the tournament running between Gold Coast, Palms and Rio is as good of spot as any in Vegas. 3 very different lines and shopping just those 3 places will be very beneficial.

    Haven’t been posting much this week because I’m kind of a cheapwad but it’s been the toughest week of the season for me. I’ve given back about 20% of my season win in the last 4 nights and that includes a relatively good night Thursday. What I’m saying is it’s time to clear my mind of personal drama and get back to finding some winners.

    I’ll post my picks official picks before tip but this is what I’m thinking now.
    From the show everyone knows I like Wisconsin to bury Sparty. Horizon League Semis have Loyola Chi and Butler. Number hasn’t come yet but I know Butler will be a small favorite and I know Loyola has been the better team for the last 6 weeks. Monster favs like Maryland, Kansas, Georgetown and Purdue shouldn’t have much trouble but I have to look a bit closer before laying all that cheese.

    Washington is getting points and should beat U.C.L.A., Florida State should handle Miami although I’m a tad snakebiten at Miami. Bobby Cremins has the College of Charleston playing inspired hoops and will give a fantastic Davidson team all they can handle. Davidson’s experience may pull this out but I’m taking a look at the points. Remember to keep an eye on this Davivson team they really could win a game in the tourny.

    From everything above yall should be absolutely certain I have no probs with anyone betting Austin Peay

  20. Dutch says:

    today’s picks

    Wisconsin -8.5
    Loyola Chicago +4.5
    Washington +3.5

    record 19-7-2

  21. brian says:

    The favorites have been paying off for me all week, so I’m laying points again today…

    Notre Dame -10 @ Rutgers

    The Irish finally clawed their way back into the top 25 and they don’t want a let down with just a week left. Rutgers is barley a .500 team at home, so I’m looking for this to get ugly.

    Cleveland -5.5 over Tornonto

    The Raptors picked a bad time to head out on the road after getting embarrassed by 30 points at home last week.

    Clippers -2.5 over Pacers

    This is my biggest play of the day. The Pacers have been playing well of late, but the Clips are healthy and playing at home where they are 10 games over .500.

    Notre Dame -10
    Cleveland -5.5
    LAC -2.5

    Record: 23-12-2

  22. brian says:

    I never noticed how much I hated missed free thows until I started betting basketball. Come on Irish!

  23. devildog says:

    Did you all see this?…

    Owners to Sell Las Vegas’ Aging Sahara
    Sunday, March 4, 2007 12:02 PM EST
    The Associated Press

    LAS VEGAS (AP) — Owners of the Sahara Hotel and Casino, a Rat Pack hangout and the setting of the original “Ocean’s Eleven” film, have agreed to sell the aging property to an investor group.

    Sorry,couldn’t post a link.

  24. bigbadbob says:

    In all my trips to Vegas, I’ve never ventured out towards The Palms or Rio, I never really felt the need. The past couple of episodes have really made me reconsider. Do you think there’s enough to do and see to justify bringing the girlfriend along and not having her complain?

  25. Paigow Pete says:

    Thx Brad, so there you go… John Wayne born in Iowa, The Atomic Bomb museum is a couple blocks off the strip and Howard Hughes lived most of his life on the top floor of the International (old Las Vegas Hilton) Hotel… so, my story was perfect for the show!

    Sorry B’Mo – I told you months ago to give my Rutgers Scarlet Knights some respect… they may suck as a basketball team… but they can cover 10 against an overrated ND team…….

    …and just a reminder – they aren’t cocktail waitresses at the Rio they’re BeveraTainers…….

  26. asterion says:

    Regarding the WSOP this year, I see it shrinking significantly compared to the last couple. Sure, poker in general is still more popular, but how many people managed to satellite themselves in online last year? Sure, I’d love to play in the main event, but I don’t have 10 grand to buy in, they’ve already announced that they won’t take online entries (though I’m sure there are obvious ways around it, it’ll just take more work on the player’s part), and the UIGEA makes it somewhere between difficult and impossible to get money into sites that are still active. I expect the WSOP to crash and burn.

  27. Straight Outta Fennville says:

    Thanks for spending some time down in the Flamingo Triangle (Where my money disappears). Great takes on the Rio. We have always had great service including the upgrade to the Rainforest Suite ( http://chargerblue.com/rio ). Both buffets rock. We had a bunch of food vouchers from Harrah’s last summer so we had the seafood buffet. It was great, but I probably wouldn’t drop $75 between 2 people for it. Great, but I wouldn’t pay full price.

    The pool is the greatest and the fossils that work the gate are easy to trick. Oh, Allison! Sorry Trainfan, but she’d roll Augie in an Ultimate Tournament of Destiny. Can’t tell you how well she makes the mai tai.

    The go go dancers might have hidden talents, but getting players drinks ain’t one of them.

    Tommy, messing with the Spartan Kharma!

  28. Steve says:

    The go go dancers might have hidden talents, but getting players drinks ain’t one of them.
    Tip them $5 a drink and you’ll see how quickly they’re asking if you need another. Plus your drinks are typically doubles in actual glassware.

    Great take on the Rio, it nearly got two 5 “early morning go go dancers” outta 5! I’m glad to see it get such a high rating and I totally agree.

    It’ll be interesting to hear the Orleans’ review considering I’ve never heard of it in my life, haha

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