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It’s Austrailia Day!

G’Day TAI listeners and welcome to the olnly Las Vegas podcast that talks about Austrailia. Today begins with tale of drinking that ended at 10pm. Think that’s no big deal? Wait until you hear what time it started. That is followed up with the much anticipated interview with Iowa producer Tony. He talks about gambling down under, footie, and the challenges of working with mentally ill hosts.

When we travel back mainland we hear about parks and fatty food, a new breed of prostitute, and the debut of the 7 deadly sins segment. Today we’re talking greed. That shouldn’t be too hard.

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  1. brian says:

    2 updates…

    1. I was able to buy the Suns at -3.5, but since they’re up by 22 at half time, I’m hoping that won’t matter.

    2. Episode #50 will be out Monday, which is sweet because Tommy and I will be getting a day off!

  2. Trainfan John says:

    A day off? So this is work?????

    Actually I’ve got the day off too – hitting the links for the first time this year.

    By the way – after reading Paigow’s post about “Texas Hold ‘Em Billards” – The ESPN poker podcast had an interview with the organizer of the World Series of Golf – the “Texas Hold ‘Em of Golf”

    From the web site:

    “Players ante on each tee. The ante is followed by a pass, bet or fold on each golf shot, combining the skill of golf with the finesse of betting. When a player is out of money, they are out of the hole and out of the tournament. ‘

    My suffleboard idea is looking better and better. If you want to read more about the World Series of Golf you can do it here: http://www.worldseriesofgolf.com/

  3. Straight Outta Fennville says:

    Predators got me the win over St. Joe but blew the U/O wide open with the 5-2 pasting.

    Hockey Playoff Record:

  4. Straight Outta Fennville says:

    Sunday Playoffs

    Red Wings to win -240
    Over 5 at -125

  5. Slashdogx says:

    I am just catching up after some time away.

    Tony, I hope you recover from your illness. I enjoyed your segment and agree with the Steves (in West Palm and AKA) that you should be on more often. A monthly Aussie football review maybe.

    Thanks for the review of ‘Rat Pack’ Fennville. I’ve wondered if it was worth a damn.

    Also, as a suggestion, I would not mind hearing a segment with Mofobes in the future talking about the overall experience of coming to Vegas and making a hard run at poker. Based on the Tony segment, the hosts do a pretty good tandem interview and could improve and leverage that approach for future shows. Ten mins seems about the right length for this ADD listening audience.

  6. Table_Max says:

    Long time listener (found it about show number 4 or 5), first time poster. Hey, I’m lazy.

    Good to hear Tony on the show, and I was happy to see him carry on the ‘Absolutely’ tradition of TAI.

    I agree with Slashdog that hearing from mofobes about his experiences would be an excellent idea for the show.

    Congrats on the 50th show fellas (assuming Tony recovers from the Stripper Flu and gets it out), and I promise to post at least one more comment within the next 50 shows.

    NHL Picks for 4-15
    Det/Cal under 5
    Ott/Pit under 6.5

  7. brian says:

    Play for Sunday: Minnesota +16 over Golden St.

    I’ve been on a roll betting against the trends in the NBA, so I’m sticking with it. I love the way the Warriors are playing, and I think they’ll win this game and seal their spot in the playoffs, but after 2 blowout wins, I’m picking this game to be a little closer. Wait a minute, if I’m consistantly netting against trends, wouldn’t that be a trend? I need to lay down.

    Record: 47-31-4

  8. not sally says:

    By the way, if you google “table shower” you get a whole mess of websites…. advertising a PERIODIC TABLE SHOWER curtain.

  9. Straight Outta Fennville says:

    Never bet hockey totals!

    Wings win handily. Don’t scoe enough goals.

  10. yzerman13 says:

    I took me almost 30 minutes to realize that he still lived in australia. I figured that he moved to vegas and worked with you guys.

  11. Scott J says:

    Brian, what a cover with the Timberwolves yesterday! Down 40 entering the 4th quarter, got to be one of the alltime best wins.

    I had a similar game a couple weeks ago. Had the Sonics on the money line for the sixth leg of a 6 team parlay. Checked the score early in the 4th quarter to see the Sonics leading by 20. Opened my account the next morning to savor my big win. Uh no, the Sonics blow the lead and lose by 3.

    The insanity of betting late season NBA, I officially joined Tommy D. on the sidelines after that one. Wake me up for the playoffs. I think the players care about those games, maybe.

  12. brian says:

    You’re not kidding Scott. It was a bitch trying to tape that ticket back together after the game. I had already written it off as a loss.

  13. brian says:

    Play for Monday Phoenix +5 over Houston

    I know the Rockets are the team with something to play for, but The Suns proved with their beat down over Utah last week that they want to hit the post season with momentum. Plus it’s tough to lay off when the better team is getting points.

    Record: 48-31-4

  14. Steve in West Palm says:

    Get well Tony. All of us in the northern hemisphere, and the TAI Nation, are praying for your speedy recovery.

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