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It’s a Turkey

Time to hang out and do some people watching, or should that be porn star watching. And we crown another Las Vegas poker champ.

The Imperial Palace has a cool sports book, but does it have much else? Well not when it comes to hotel rooms, the are over priced and a little grubby. Find out why it holds a special place in Brian’s heart.

Who’s going to come out on top on are sports picks? Look for a bet involving Tommy’s Mascot. Are you lining up to see the playboy playmate at CES, well you might get a shock.

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  1. Ben says:

    Hey Brian, I just wanted to let you know that I think your doing a great job on your Behind the Bricks and this podcast. Your review of the Circus Circus was pretty close to how remember it from 17 years ago when I was 13.

    Now for a question for you and Tommy. Have you seen the TV show Las Vegas and what do you think of it? And also, what casino does it take place in?

    And now for this weeks NFL pics:
    Bears over the Seahawks
    Saints over the Eagles
    Chargers over the Patriots
    Colts over the Ravens

    Congrats on winning your first tournament.


  2. Slashdogx says:

    Brian – Who is that excellent sounding co-host and what the hell happened to Tommy Dutch? The new audio is a major improvement guys. I actually wouldn’t have recognized Tommy if not for his dependable once-a-show use of ‘Douchbag’ in the proper context.

    I can’t believe there is now a ‘punting a gumpy bandwagon’ and somehow I’m on it. See what you started Patch406.

    Congratulations on the Tournament victory Brian. I suspect it was your rainbow wig that brought you the luck. Below is a list of other relatively low limit tournaments. I seek these out as well. http://www.vegastexasholdem.net/poker/tournaments/Tournaments.htm

    A general question for the senior posters. I will be in Las Vegas during Super Bowl on a last minute decision. I have never been during that particular event though I have been to Vegas on ‘regular’ weekends many times. Is there anything specifc we should or should not do given how packed it will be on that weekend? Any general SB weekend advice. Thanks.

    Brian, Tommy, my group will be HQ’ed at the LV Hilton SB weekend (though I am staying off-site due to $369/night rates at the time I decided – what a rip.). Anyway if either or both of you are in that area Thur-Tues to lay down sports bets (or planning to play any of the low limit tournaments at the Mandaley Bay or Excal, please let me know and I will buy you a beer or beverage of your choice (plastic football optional) in appreciation for the entertainment you have provided.

    When is ultimate poker filmed and can anyone check it out during filming?

    Nice job as always. Good luck with your visiter Tommy – Keep us updated on the grumpy factor.

  3. KGB says:

    Great review of the IP. The poker room has moved again though. As of last month, the poker room was right next to the front door back on the casino level. The old poker room that was up on the 3rd floor was temporary.

    The IP was built by Ralph Englestad, who built a much nicer hockey arena at the University of North Dakota (http://www.theralph.com/) than he did a casino.

    The sportsbook had a nice deal on NFL sundays where the showroom would be open and have a dozen TVs with every NFL game, including a couple of big screens, and a snack bar with cheap wings/hotdogs/beer in there. This was last season though, and I don’t know if they still do that.

    Ralph was a known anti-semite, and was also known for throwing raucous parties on Hitler’s birthday. He was fined by the Nevada Gaming Commission for doing this. As to why it’s so hard to find your hotel room in the IP, legend has it that the hotel is shaped like a swastika. Is it really? You decide:


    So can Patch punt a grumpy as high as a midget’s ass?

  4. Straight Outta Fennville says:

    Wow TD that Apple IIe sounds sweet! Can you do the show and kill buffalo on Oregon Trail at the same time? Nice buy!

  5. Snappy says:

    Hey guys,

    I have listened to this show from day one, though I haven’t contributed yet.

    I wanted to share a Neighborhood Association story. When I bought my first house in ’97, I made sure there was no neighborhood association, my realtor warned me about them. So after a couple of years I get a letter stating that I am 2 years behind on my dues and owed 2500 dollars. That’s real money to you and me, Russ. So, I went back to the financials from the purchase, and sure enough no Neighborhood Association. I then contact the lady from whom this letter was written. She was dead set on this claim. So I asked her when the association met, and she said they didn’t have set times. I then asked her why I haven’t been contacted before now, and also why the association didn’t greet me into the community.

    Well, to make a long story short, she finally said,”All the association is for is to keep the community enterance nice and clean. My son has been cutting the grass for free and I think he should get paid for it. He cuts the grass and picks up trash for one hour every Saturday. Don’t you think he should get paid?’

    To which I responded,” First off, I never asked him to do that, Secondly, there is no legal association so good luck collecting money, and thirdly, I will do it myself for 1500 a year. The neighborhood would save 79,750 a year. Should I mail out a letter requesting this job? My rates everyone would only have to pay 24 dollars a year.”

    She then called ma a “complete ass” and hung up.

    at least I didn’t “half-ass” my research.

  6. Paigow Pete says:

    ‘cmon guys.. they are DEALER-TAINERS!!!! A bad rendition of Jake and Elwood Blues dealing blackjack, how can you beat that?

    And you forgot about the Auto Museum where you can see Libarace’s Cadillac Alante’

    ….okay, you’re right….it sucks…..

  7. mofobes says:

    SOF, that Oregon Trail reference had me laughing for 5 solid minutes. Great one!!

    Congrats on the big win Brian, maybe you are learning something watching the “pros” play.

    the only thing i liked about the IP poker room was that they had some free snacks – great cookies, that was it. i can’t wait for harrah’s to blow that thing up – a big dirt hole would be better.

    There are probably so many homeless in Vegas due to the weather with its short, fairly mild winter. Anyone else see the hypocracy in the fact that the Mayor, Oscar Goodman, is trying to clean up the city by ruthlessly cracking down on the homeless, while he made his name defending all the biggest mob killers in Vegas history including Tony “The Ant” Spilotro (Joe Pesci’s character in Casino). If anyone would have a little compassion, I’d think it would be him.

    Slashdogx: the final tables of the UPC are filmed at 2 or 4 pm at Binions on Sunday & Monday according to the website – there is a little confusion as the schedule mentions both 2 and 4 as start times.

    Ben, i believe that “Las Vegas” is filmed at the fictional Montecito on a sound stage in LA, (same casino as the Vegas scenes in Heroes – you can see the Montecito logo in several scenes) but it is based on Mandalay Bay and they have used outside shots of Mandalay Bay.

    Baltimore -4
    New Orleans -5.5
    Chicago -9
    New England +4.5

  8. Sally says:

    The sound quality is amazing!!!!! Great job guys! & thanks for the shout-out.

    (Un)fortunately, I’ve never ridden that mechanical bull, in a bikini or otherwise. And, no mud wrestling for me! I’ll keep my eyes and ears open for some local ladies who’ve done it.

    This year at AVN, I heard that B.A.B.E. is giving away “stressball” squeezy boobs AND an adult movie with a $5 donation to breast cancer research! So, do the right thing if you head down there!


    Congrats on your tournament win!

    Can we film Tommy and his ex-girlfriend and air it as a new reality show?

  9. devildog says:

    Great show,as usual. Here is my pick for the NFL on saturday.. I like the OVER on the Ravens-Colts game.

    I haven’t listened to all the shows yet, but it would be interesting to do a nostalgic look back on the STARDUST..your own experiences,etc..
    (just a suggestion).

    Keep up the good work.

  10. brian says:

    Wow, I’m gone for one day and you guys blow up the boards! Nice job everyone, we’ll definitely address all of these topics on the show if I can pull Tommy away from the porn talk for 5 minutes.

    And thank you Ben for listening to BTB as well. It feels good to curse gratuitously for as long as I want.

  11. Straight outta Fennville says:

    I love the show Las Vegas but what I love more is watching the casino change location constantly throughout each episode. Big Ed’s office has the same view of Center Strip looking South that most Strip view rooms at TI have…almost exact. That is really interesting because seconds before that you will get an establishing shot (TV term) of it sitting next to NYNY.

    I had a bit of fun on my last trip asking the CWs all over town if they knew where the Montecito was. I told them we had been driving around all day and that a place that big ought to be easy to find. Most just laughed but a few did think I was serious.

  12. KGB says:

    You guys can’t skip over Casino Royale…That place is ReDonkulous. I think I can understand skipping O’Shea’s since it is more or less part of Flamingo’s, but you GOTTA cover Casino Royale. That place is…ummmm….charming.

  13. brian says:

    Once again my weekend picks are starting off with a bang. Now let’s procede to watch it completely unravel.

  14. Straight outta Fennville says:

    I second the motion to go indepth on Le Royale w/ Cheese! Warning to anyone thinking about playing the $50 in free slot play. You only get to play these crappy machines they either fished out of Harrah’s or Venetian’s dumpsters. They will only pay you if you hit the machine’s max jackpot and then the payout is like a hundred bucks or something. The scam is that someone in your party will keep hitting mini/non-paying jackpots and get stuck at the machine forever….while you proceed to piss away your money by just being a good friend. Anyplace that has a Noble Roman’s Pizza or a Subway always proves to be in the Better-have-an-updated-tetanus-shot casino category.

    Actually this place is a bundle of fun. Just stinks a bit.

  15. Steve in West Palm says:

    Tommy, take notice of Sally’s “stress ball squeezy boob” post, as one of those may help take some of your grumpy edge off before recording a podcast. Think about it, before you feel the urge to rail on Mayor Goodman, The Venetian, New Years in Vegas, Christmas Eve Strip Clubs, Ex-Girlfriends, Carrot Top, lousy sports book pics, etc, etc, you could give the “boobs” a squeeze and turn in to Mr. positive. On second thought, forget it, I think your audience enjoys bitterman Tommy.

  16. Paigow Pete says:

    Skip O’Shea’s? How can you skip the black leprochan and 99 cent margarita as big as a migets ass?

  17. Hawkeye Brad says:

    I stayed at IP last weekend, although I’m not proud of it. Having stayed at other dumps before like Circus Circus, Las Vegas Club, and Casino Royale I’ll say this one far and away takes the cake. Room was very basic and elevators were terribly slow. We were on the 9th floor and had to take the stairs most of the time because they were always full. Also, the poker room is by the entrance now; the Dealertainers were worse than usual, and Brian, be glad you don’t know anything about the food. I wouldn’t recommend anything in the joint because it’s all bad.

    I will give their security team props for an incident I witnessed, though. As we were stumbling back to the hotel Saturday night from out partying at livelier places, there was an EXTREMELY wasted dude passing out in between the sets of double doors in the main entrance. As we passed him, security was hand-cuffing him and putting him in a wheelchair so they could move him. Now, you would think they would be escorting him next to the Clark County Jail. But that wasn’t the case: a few minutes later as we were waiting for one of the very slow elevators to take us up to the room, security was wheeling him into the elevator and taking him up to his room! Now that’s service! For drunks like me, it was comforting to know that if I got that liquored up some night they would have my back and kindly escort me to my room and not to the jail.

  18. Steve says:

    I totally agree with Paigow Pete… it’s a staple on the Strip as they serve $2 Guinness draught from their entrance!

  19. Lady Grey says:

    Boys, you know I love listening to the two of you. You are both far to funny, so no worries about having scared me away, I am still here (I was just taking a little busy for a while). In fact I have been on a Tommy/Brian fest this week, and I am catching up on all that I miss these last few weeks. Saddly I haven’t been to Vegas as much as I have wanted these last few months, but I will be there soon, and you better believe we will be going to see some of those dancy girls we all love so much. I will let you know when I am all up to date on your show, and on my way to Vegas.

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