Embrace Your Inner Degenerate

It’s A Holiday Abortion!

Today’s show starts innocently enough, with a heat fealt celebration of the birth of Christ, but by the time it’s over retards and 14 year olds are grabbing a bus to planned parenthood.

Less disturbing topics on the day include Vegas’ most profitable month ever, Brian’s new neighbor, Tom gives the gift of himself for the holidays, politicians embracing the Christmas spirit, and listen to money being lost live on the air.  Help!  A stripper hacked into my bank account!

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2 Responses to It’s A Holiday Abortion!

  1. devildog says:

    I like the live game talk. it helps that i’ve got Utah -0.5 on the 1st leg of a teaser..

  2. devildog says:

    On compulsive checking of message board for new posts(by mofobes)..”A watched pot never boils”..

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