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It’s A Half-Assed College Football Preview

The fellas were hoping the Godfather today to impart his college football brilliance, unfortunately a scheduling conflict kept him away so instead TD and B-Mo struggle through another Monday with limited sports involvement.

Some topics include professional cup stackers, crappy little leaguers, sports criminals pleading guilty, betting on your favorite teams, and the difference between sports and games.  Eric Gange better watch his back.

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107 Responses to It’s A Half-Assed College Football Preview

  1. Admin says:

    New show should be out within the hour…

  2. AceRockollaUK says:

    Bob, Manila – I will be there in 4 short weeks, Any recommendations when you get back would be great.
    Have a good trip

  3. pmac says:

    English Bob – cheers for that… ill be sure to try and tune in….

  4. AceRockollaUK says:

    pmac – you could also try talksport – they also have live games nowadays – also regional programmes have football – such as BBC Radio London

  5. pmac says:

    thanks Ace….. maybe its my dodgy cheap ass radio but i couldnt seem to find any coverage over the weekend

  6. AceRockollaUK says:

    Everything football wise seems to be on AM – Talk Sport is 1053 & 1089AM
    RAdio Five 693 & 909AM
    There are some other regional variations but those are the main ones

  7. pmac says:

    thats the problem then – no AM on my radio hahaha

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