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Is that a Mirage, or just a waterfall with a redlight in it?

For the first time on This Ain’t Iowa one of us reviews a venue that we’ve actually visited and staying true to form it’s the playboy club. Yes one of us got past the bouncers, take a listen to find out how. Well that’s what Tommy got up to Brian’s weekend was almost as good, he went shopping with his wife.

We answer the question that has been on every bodies lips, why are there so many Mormons in Vegas?

Is the volcano at the Mirage tacky or is it what Vegas is all about? After missing the entertainment at Caesars we fill you in on everything that is going on at the Mirage. Brian gives his review of a show that finished… well years ago.

Major Oscar Goodman takes feeding the seagulls to a whole new level.

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4 Responses to Is that a Mirage, or just a waterfall with a redlight in it?

  1. Big City Matt says:

    Gentlemen, good times.

    I’ve got a question for you regarding professional sports in Vegas and the upcoming NBA All Star game. Where is it being held? How will this compare to the Super Bowl/NCAA Opening Weekend weekends? Will Vegas ever get a professional franchise in Vegas? And most importantly, if the professional baseball ever came to Vegas and the Yankees came to town for a four game series, how many days would it take Jason Giambi to come down with a VD?

  2. KGB says:

    Way to go big city Matt!

    I’ve got two more ideas for you, and I’ll give it to you early in the week in case y’all have to do some thinkin’ or reeeeee-search.

    1) What about Vegas and Area 51? How do the spooks fit into Vegas life? I have a relative who may or may not have been involved out there, and while of course Vegas has grown a ton in the last 40 years, one would imagine Area 51 is more or less the same size. Any aliens (other than the little green ones on the slot machines) make their way down the strip? What about Russians, noiseless helicopters, and other things that go bump in the night?

    2) Somewhat related, how about the Nuke industry and Vegas? You mentioned the Atomic museum on an earlier show, and of course back in the 50s people would watch the nuke blasts from their hotels like it was a fireworks show. What does the department of energy do now? What’s up with Yucca Mountain – will it be America’s nuke dump or not? It’s pretty close to Vegas…in fact I think you could probably stop in Pahrump on the way back to review the cathouses 😉


  3. patch406 says:

    You guys ever heard of this (see below). An actual IOWA prop bet. It even made the #4 spot on the #10 prop bets of all time according to some jerks website.


    John Hennigan once made a six-figure bet that he’d be able to spend six weeks living in the ultra-quiet city of Des Moines, Iowa – a place where, at the time of the bet, there were no casinos. Hennigan figured he’d work on his golf game. The other guys knew that Johnny couldn’t stand to be away from the action one week, never mind six. He lasted two days.

  4. Raisin_Bran says:


    Just wanted to let you know we had a great time in Vegas!!! I took the tip from you and played some poker at the Luxor and won a few hundred bucks there. All I have say about the players there is WOW!!! ehem, thanks for the money!

    I also played at the wynn at a 1/3 blinds table with no max buyin there was about 5 grand on the table and I had 160 of it.. there were a lot of great players there. I kid you not I was nervous sitting down and my very first hand was pocket aces. They really pamper you there but I will probably never play there again because I’m a recreational player right now, and I’d rather play with the fodder.

    Thanks for the shoutout for my Hawks, the game was incredible, 6000 of the 8000 seats were held by jayhawk fans and it was quite the scene.

    By the way the women at KU are indeed quite beautiful and a suiting quote for this show from a former Iowa State football Coach at a K-state fraternity party to a women was, ” I thought all of the beautiful women went to KU” (he was fired shortly after this)…



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