Embrace Your Inner Degenerate

I’m Becomming Obsessed With Strippers

Brian and Tommy are back and they’ve brought along another tale of debauchery.  It begins innocently enough, with a quaint afternoon get together, but 2 strip clubs ad 6 casinos later and Dutch is drunk dialing his girlfriend with an ominous warning.

Tommy also lays out his top 10 movie list complete with a #1 that will surprise everyone.  Well, almost everyone.  Also tune in to hear why personalized license plates can give too much information and why you should never leave a dead hooker in the hallway.

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97 Responses to I’m Becomming Obsessed With Strippers

  1. mofobes says:

    trainfan, i did pay my share of the utilities, but my roommate, who owns the house, is a bit aloof and sometimes forgets to pay things on time. we’ve already had the water shut off once before as well. i just laugh at him becuase it totally not about the money, he just doesn’t pay attention to that kind of stuff.

    also, i want it to be known that tommy was the ringleader of much of the evening this time. there is something to his theory about when we get together, becuase i have been to strip clubs precisely twice since moving here 5 months ago and both times was with TD.

    i have to second tommy’s opinions about the girl we met at the second club. we had a very frank and open discussion about the industry, the girls, the customers, etc. and she would be awesome on the show if just to discuss those topics. of course all of these deep thoughtful discussions took place between trips to the back for dances. if only college had been like that.

  2. mofobes says:

    topic for the monday show & maybe a poll question:

    what are your feelings on the new WSOP winner? on one hand, he is a very nice guy who played well and will do good things with his money. on the other hand, he is the embodiment of corporate, mainstream poker losing all of its edge. plus, all of this God talk really turns me off. i don’t like it when grammy winners & athletes give all the credit to the lord and i don’t like it when poker players do it.

  3. fyregirl says:

    trainfan John….well I’ve held back on most of the things that I would say in fear that you might think I’m a bitter lesbian or some type of woman that you had dump salt on you in your life. Before you begin to stereotype anyone especially a stripper make sure to get all of your facts straight.
    You must think that everyone who works in a club has some sort of sob story about boo hoo hoo and why they need money to take care of whatever problem must have happened in the past.
    What about the men who come in? Are all of you really just some type good ol’ boys that come in to have a good time? Please!!! I have seen the best and the worst of them and still I don’t judge.
    I’ll save the stories for later since now you should have figured out that I am THAT stripper your lovely DUTCH has told you of.
    So seize fire boys and wait till I can get on air and then bring it on!!!!!!!!!!1

  4. cb says:

    dutch and fobes, I had fun drinking with you and bmo at Binion’s, but I’m envious that I missed out on Shutting down The Frontier and then hitting strip clubs and meeting fyregirl.

  5. brian says:

    Plays for Thursday:

    Brewers -164 over D-Backs

    I like Yovani Gallardo a lot. He’s had problems going deep in games, but he’s a shut down pitcher into the 7th. Hopefully they don’t put in that train wreck Turnbow to blow it.

    White Sox +179 over Red Sox

    This is strictly a karma pick. The Red Sox are floundering after losing a series to the Royals, and the Yanks are slowly gaining ground. Plus, I really like Vasquez this year. He has a better era than Dice-K and if it wasn’t for the worst bullpen ever, he would have a better record.

  6. brian says:

    Record: -397

  7. mofobes says:

    cb, yeah it was nothing personal. the night progressed in a very strange, organic way – one thing just led to another with no real plans at all. it was a very interesting night and meeting fyregirl was great – sounds like it was just the beginning a wonderful relationship with TAI and fyregirl.

  8. RegularGuy says:

    JR – it is scary. It’s always fun to look at the plaque and see school teachers, etc. on there.

    Fobes – I have had dealings online with Oliver Tse through soccer stuff and I hear he has some association with the guy who won so I hate that guy and his assface just for that reason.

  9. dipperfc says:

    I really am looking forward to hearing you on the show fryegirl, welcome aboard the good ship TAI.

    Mo – I fucking hate the “I wanna thank the good Lord for this victory” crap from sports dudes. It’s like God said “fuck all the serious problems going on in the world right now I’m gunna help Jock Sportsplayer win a game of ball today”.

  10. Trainfan John says:

    fyregirl – I’m willing to chalk you up to being the exception that proves the rule. Though I do think if your expectation for this group of degenerates includes having our facts right, you are going to be sorely disappointed.

    It was interesting, however that you related yourself to Artemis – before changing gears to Athena. If I remember my high school mythology correctly, didn’t Artemis turn a guy into a deer or something so he could be eaten by his own hunting dogs after he saw her naked? That sounds like an angry stripper to me.

  11. mofobes says:

    regular guy, oliver recently became a poker agent and went up against Poker Royalty, the firm that reps all the big names. He ended up getting 3 of the final table players including the eventual winner. who knows if he will be able to do anything for them, but he’ll be getting 10% of their deals. he is a very strange guy from my experiences with him playing poker back in the bay area. what’s your experience with him?

    dipper – you nailed it. i think that god would have bigger things to deal with – it is a very selfish attitude. how about those A’s – finally winning a freaking game.

  12. Trainfan John says:

    Thank God the A’s won

  13. dipperfc says:

    Your cracking me up Trainfan, nice post. Yeah unfortunately it looks like the A’s need divine intervention to get anything out of this season. I still think there are $$ to be won on them later when the get some players back from the DL & the linemakers (& the public) start to under value them. But I wont bet them for a while yet.

  14. jimmymac says:

    Today’s picks…

    Tigers over Twinkies
    Cubs over whomever they play
    Red Sox always look better than White Sox

    Just pick the winners,that’s all you have to do!

  15. brian says:

    Good call on the WSOP winner guys. Not to mention, gambling isn’t exactly the most holy of activities, no matter what you do with the money. Good to know this guy thinks the Lord spends his weekends in casinos. Luckily I was raised Catholic which embraces gambling. It’s practically funded by bingo!

  16. Now we know why Brian has the addiction to bingo, it was a staple of his childhood.

    Anyone else really psyched for the upcoming TAI episode w/ fyregirl? So much hype and we haven’t heard her on the show yet… it reminds me of Harry Lime from the Third Man.

  17. whit says:

    Episode with fyregirl- hows about we all kick in $10 and make it the first ever pay-per-view video podcast , who’s with me?

  18. brian says:

    Bad news everyone. I may be leaving the show. I just received an email saying that an anonymous benefactor has left me a very large inheretence. All I have to do is email them my bank account information and they’ll make the transfer. Woohoo! My ship has finally come in! Later jerks!

  19. Richie says:

    No no no Brian you must do the stripper video cast first

  20. Richie says:

    My movie vote
    Smokey and the bandit 2

  21. Paigow Pete says:

    Rent, His Girl Friday, West Side Story?????????? I have to wash the gay off me……………

    no, but really… how hot was Natalie Wood back in 1961… really, that makes it all okay……….

    when you’re a Jet you’re a Jet all the gay………..

    just bustin’…. Fight Club… excellent…….. (is that a gay movie too, though?)

  22. fyregirl says:

    Trainfan John: I am more than the exception to the rule. I am the one. I am the woman who realizes what it takes to persevere in life, love and liberty. Forgive the mishap with the Artemis example, I had already sent the comment before I rechecked my facts. But know this in all actuality there is no goddess past or present that truly represents who am I. I am the one who stays on your mind long after you’ve finished the thought. You know the one who got away because somehow someone let their own insecurities get in the way of their own happiness. I am far from bitter. I am a gorgous doll with the intellect that keeps an learning, a mouth that can’t be tamed, and definitely the one who leaves that long, sweet lingering taste in your mouth that makes you crave the very air that I breathe. You may think that I’m just some super cocky chick who has something to prove, but on the contrary I am just the one you need around to remind you that this is not only a man’s world but a beautiful womans.

  23. Richie says:

    Arrrr fuck

  24. bigbadbob says:

    I was going to make some childish remark in response to p_enut’s post, but I don’t expect anyone to even notice its existence after reading fyregirl’s post. Actually, I’m re-reading her post for the 19th time as I’m writing this…

    Seriously fyregirl, you bring a whole new dimension to this community. Keep contributing and the boys may be forced to devote a 4th show per week exclusively for you!

  25. Steve in West Palm says:

    Maybe you should leave your new bride at home before you come out to Vegas next month… or at least not have her cross paths with fyregirl. Otherwise your five-week long marriage may be over before you get my steak knife thank-you note written.

  26. Scott J. says:

    Wow, the TAI message board has certainly taken an interesting turn.


    still planning on golf Sunday?

  27. Hawkeye Brad says:

    I am impressed with the confident way you carry yourself in this group. We all look forward to hearing you on the show. All though our motto here is “embrace your inner degenerate”, you can be sure that your points won’t be taken lightly or superficially. Being new to the show, you should know that the audience is full of well-educated people: businessmen, engineers, PhD’s, teachers, etc. We, too, strive to keep learning, and I think this will be eduacational for all. Feel free to speak your mind, but also remember to bring your sense of humor as we like to make fun of just about anything and anybody. Should be interesting…

  28. fyregirl says:

    Don’t worry boys, for all you know I could be 200 pounds, short blonde butch hair cut, wrotten teeth, with a fat ass. I’m not here to steat ANYONE’S man. I only hope that you will listen to a different perspective from the opposite sex that you’ll soon realize has no alterior motives. By the way Trainfan John: not having correct facts wasn’t referring to the daily lines. I was speaking of what you wrote which was complete opinion. Though I respect everyone to have their own, once you cross the line and go for the jugler about sob stories and strippers then you’ve traveled into my turf and like a true soldier I’m always ready for battle!

  29. fyregirl says:

    Hawkeye Brad: Well that might have been the sweetest thing I’ve heard so far. I will assure you that before I laugh at anyone I am always laughing at myself:)
    I look forward to getting to know all of you and I appreciate all of you allowing me to express my opinion.
    I dig the fact that all of you sit and talk shop all day and throw a few blows here and there.
    My kind of men.
    And by the way as fly as I may perceive myself to be, believe I am part degenerate. But then again who isn’t?

  30. Straight Outta Fennville says:

    All I want to know Trainfan is how you came by that link to TNT. As close as I have ever come to the Palace was turning around in its parking lot on my way to a Continental Indoor Football League playoff game last week. From the outside, it looks like someone in Hazzard County hit the Lotto and poured a ton of money into the Boar’s Nest.

  31. Fenn: I was looking for a breakfast spot for after the midwest TAI gathering and stumbled upon the palace – I felt it would have been rude of me to not share my discovery of Tits and Toast

    Fyregirl: what you classify as opinion – I would categorize under the painful lesson learned category….with one who first appeared to be much like you but was, alas, an illusion of the heart. But I look forward to your contributions to the board.

  32. wine library tv. What the fuck? Was a requirement of that ad that Tommy put Sideways in the top 10 list?

  33. Admin says:

    TF just trying to spread the word about the show and get featured on a highly popular video podcast, which is damn fun to watch if you have 15 minutes.

  34. So it’s not a paid ad? I feel much better. I like these guys broke and hungry.

  35. By the way Tony – I’m still waiting for my link to the Friends of TAI site. http://taifriends.ning.com

    I’ll pay 100.00 every episode no one says “absolutely”, “wheelhouse”, “fyregirl” or “current administration” for the link.

  36. Steve in West Palm: I appreciate the concern – but what’s a second marriage without an expectation that I’ll engage in some friendly banter with strippers on a degenerate’s web site? You met my girl – she loves me for what I am. “Perfect” in TD’s world.

  37. Ok – one more and then I’ll go. I don’t know if fyregirl is fat, butch, has short blond hair but I’m betting that she still has her own tits – knowing Tommy’s feeling on the topic. Brian – I expect you’ll ask tbe question in the interview.

  38. Admin says:

    The link is up Mr TF, looks like the next show I’ll have to edited with a heavy hand.

  39. Thanks Tony – you can be expecting a call each show. “Trainfan checking in with the current administration to see if fyregirl is still absolutely in Tommy’s Wheelhouse”.

  40. ok, ok – one more and then I’ll go.

    Mike Vick should hire fyregirl as his publicist. If she can manage to bury his story in the national media like she did here she would be able to stop stripping for money and simply strip for pleasure.

  41. fyregirl says:

    I do strip for pleasure and not for the money. I can only prove that by later on telling you the insignificant size of the club I work @. Right now it’s about my own lesson in humility. As for as whether or not mine are real, whether they are or not they are beautiful. To the eyes and to the touch. Indeed there isn’t anyone on your panel that can either confirm or deny what I’ve just told you so until there is a way to send a photo you’ll never know. But then again, why would it matter. If a woman chooses to do something to make herself feel more beautiful then wouldn’t it be more appropriate to compliment vs. judge? So Dutch doesn’t like fake boobs huh? That’s interesting..He struck me as the type that if asked a question pertaining to the subject that he would express that. Who knew….
    I do look forward to the show. And knowing what I look like is all irrelevant. It has nothing to do with my mind or my soul and that’s what I’m prepared to give all of you whenever we exchange words.

  42. fyregirl – on the Friends of TAI site you can easily publish pictures. Feel free to join us at http://taifriends.ning.com

  43. jimmymac says:

    Scott,I just learned an hour ago that a friend from Cali is coming in for a visit this weekend,so I’ll have to pass.Save your quarters for next time,and thanks for the invite…

    TD and Mofo…sounds like quite a night I missed out on.Maybe next time…

    After reading the posts here,this Fyregirl is asking for it
    and I nominate myself to be the one to give it to her…anyone second the motion?

  44. mofobes says:

    “As for as whether or not mine are real, whether they are or not they are beautiful. To the eyes and to the touch. Indeed there isn’t anyone on your panel that can either confirm or deny what I’ve just told you.”

    Not true – i was there with Tommy and can confirm what you have stated above. Actually, i believe that i spent a good amount of my hard earned money doing a thorough investigation of these claims. granted, i was just having fun and had no idea where the events of that evening would lead to a short week later.

  45. fyregirl says:

    Thank you mofobes for the compliment trust me I remember all of those dances 🙂
    Jimmymac: Now what exactly do you want to give me? I would hope it would be something of significance since you want everyone to second your motion. Besides I will hope that whatever you feel that you have to give is worth something because if it isn’t you will expose yout underbelly for all to see.
    If you still believe that you can offer me something that won’t make an ass out of you then bring it. I’m not sure if you mistake my confidence for cockiness or I just remind you of a girl that once wronged you. Either way we have nothing but time and opportunity. So to make you more hyped up to say whatever it is you feel, then I’ll second your motion and wait to see if you are who you think you are.
    Trainfan John: The only reason that I don’t send in a photo is because for write now all of you just listen to my words and aren’t distracted by the way I look. I don’t want you to think “oh nice comment (to bad she’s a fat, butch lesbian looking chick)”

  46. DD says:

    hey, Firegirl, WOW after reading all this, these poor guys have know idea. your toung is like a razor…however, you do nothing but tell it like it is…yeah you may be the…….Im gonna stop, as not to give anyone ideas. I will be listining, kuz I know her very well!((((word on #95 well put)…FG lemme know how it goes………. AHHHHH later today DD

  47. DD says:

    RETRACTION misspelled words- first your name fyregirl—-tongue, witch should not have even been there I wanted to say WIT……..

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