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I’ll Pay you

While Brian was tucket away in his bed, Dutch, mofobes and the listeners were tearing up the town on a Wednesday night. Tune in to hear the results of the humiliation bet, and why it isn’t always so great to be Tommy Dutch.

Other topics include, Brian’s free peep show, cops want Pacman behind bars, jumping out of airplanes and tiny shrimp cocktails.

Finally, find out why Andre Aggassi is setting up a career after tennis. He’s a preview, she-pimp.

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57 Responses to I’ll Pay you

  1. Scott J. says:


    Not surprised at your experience with the 2 cops on the side of the rode. I have always respected the police, and I guess I still do, but I have had one encounter with the law in my life, and almost everyone I dealt with was an asshole.

  2. Paigow Pete says:

    My 10:

    – The Sopranos (no show ever did Jersey better)
    – NYPD Blue (even through a coke inspired haze, Steven Bocho wrote some great stories)
    – The Simpsons
    – The Twilight Zone
    – Sanford and Son (Shut-up you dummie!)
    – The Rockford Files
    – Dragnet
    – Rockford Files
    – Barney Miller
    – Chips
    …..man, there’s a lot of cops shows????

    okay: and here’s a list of shows I really love (but almost no one remembers, so I couldn’t put on the list):

    – The Job (funniest friggin cop show ever)
    – They Came from Outer Space
    – Herman’s Head
    – The Prisoner

  3. bigbadbob says:

    Okay, for the contest:
    Here are my totally random guesses for the contest:

    1. Tommy
    2. Brian
    3. Tommy
    4. Brian
    5. Tommy
    6. Brian
    7. Brian
    8. Tommy
    9. Brian
    10. Tommy

    And my top 10 TV shows:

    1. CSI
    2. Boston Legal
    3. 24
    4. Top Gear
    5. Spooks
    6. Prison Break
    7. Star Trek: The Next Generation
    8. Sopranos
    9. Miami Vice
    10. MacGyver

    And I’m with KGB on his first comment… I like Classic TAI best!

  4. patch406 says:

    My favorite back to back one-two punch when I was a kid was:

    Real People
    That’s Incredible

    They didn’t make my list but they are worth mentioning.

  5. Scott J. says:

    Tommy breaks the American League losing streak, on a nice baseball run.

  6. jsaund22 says:

    I immediately thought of Vegas when I heard about the following story on the radio this morning. Keep in mind that I couldn’t pick Pacman Jones out of a police lineup — which is ironic, since that’s where he makes most of his appearances…


  7. frksho says:

    My top TV shows, off the top of my head:

    The Simpsons
    Dr. Who (mainly the new ones)
    Briscoe County, Jr.

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