Embrace Your Inner Degenerate

I Love Foul Mouthed Hookers

It’s gonna be a busy week in Vegas chock full of entertainment, including ex heroine addict Artie Lange and ex meth addict Fergie. But don’t worry, they’re both clean now, so more for the rest of us!

Topics of the day include a rehash of the successful tipping segment, why you should never trust a lawyer with a mullet, Tommy’s new roomie, Brian finds a perfect job, the #15 property in Las Vegas, and mob justice returns to southern Nevada. I said no mutha fucka!

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  1. Raisin_Bran says:

    God Damn, I hate soccer, a team scores a goal and the other team spends the whole F’ing time stalling until the other team ties it. Just what I want to spend my hard earned cash on, watching people stall. blah blah blah. lets see a 10 second shot clock and some hot cheerleaders and maybe I’ll watch for more than my usual 10 seconds a year. God bless America, land of the greatest athletes and sports in the world!!

    BTW, can’t believe how many posts this site gets now it is AWESOME! WOOOHOOOO!!!!

  2. JR says:

    Hey Fyregirl Whats the question you need an opinion on?? Post #47

  3. Steve in West Palm says:

    Brian: Watching soccer is like staring a picture on the wall!? Dutch is right, you do say some funny things now and then.

    I received my TAI t-shirt yesterday, thanks. My ten-year-old son asked,”what does embrace your inner degenerate mean?” I replied, “you’ll understand when you’re older… now leave me alone, daddy’s drinking.”

  4. fyregirl says:

    whit; I could dance to any song and still do it sexy. Most dancers who actually enjoy dancing could. But most songs are shitty to do lap dances to.
    My question is this: last night I younger guy came in and I could tell by his slow speech that he was pretty fucked up. I asked him if he wanted to go to the VIP and he said that he didn’t know if he had enough for me and proceeded to hand me his wallet for me to go through. On careful inspection of the tri-fold I realized he had $121.00 Which of course is one dollar more than the VIP costs. I decided that he probably needed a bottle of water and to sit it out. I gave him back his wallet with all the money intact (he was none the wiser) minus the money I used to buy his water. Does that make me the smartest or the dumbest stripper?

  5. Stu says:

    Fennville: Once we get the entire book, maybe it will be easier to come up with a fitting title. We barely know anything at this point. It’s good so far though, I’m inclined to finish reading it through at this point. (Which means hurry up, but in a polite way… lol)

    Mofobes: I have to agree 100%. Going into space is probably not one of the most stress-free situations a person can encounter in life. I’d have a couple drinks to calm my nerves a bit as well. People make such a big fuss out of the littlest things in this country.

  6. Stu says:

    Fyregirl: It doesn’t make you smart or dumb. It just means you’re a caring person. I know I wouldn’t be able to take advantage of someone like that. I work at a grocery store, and occasionally, a customer will give me money for their groceries and accidently hand me an extra $20 bill, I’ve never even considered pocketing the extra money. I’d feel too shitty about it. When I hand them back the extra cash, I always get great compliments, and I think that’s worth much more than any cash I could potentially pocket from a customers mistake. Don’t worry about it, you did the right thing for the guy, and that’s all that matters.

  7. jimmymac says:

    Fyregirl,I think it makes you sound like an honest person,nothing more and nothing less.

    What does one get for $120? A better parking space?
    What a total waste of money! Oh,and how much did the water cost him?

  8. whit says:

    I’d pay $120 for a Bilbo dance.

  9. Scott J. says:


    I’m hooked, need the rest of the chapters.


    You’re a saint.

  10. Straight Outta Fennville says:

    Stu, Scott, and the rest of the readers, I might have to follow the lead of the TAI boys and go 3 chapters a week. Will increase posting. Keep reading.

  11. AceRockollaUK says:

    Brian, You’re right.
    Fyregirl I’m sorry, I’m sure you are a lovely person and Tommy D it turns out is a lovely person magnet. Who knew!
    Just trying to be a smart mouth!
    You will get used to me, Just a dumb brit.
    Now lay off Football will ya!

    How about a nicer offering:

    Where do you get the best burgers in Vegas (and by Vegas I mean within a block of the Strip or any other major off strip Casino). Tried fat burger thanks to a cab drivers recommendation – Food was no better than mucky D’s and it felt like I was in the hood!


    Steakwise is The Peppermill better than the Outback?


  12. pmac says:

    English Bob – It was indeed the Griffin now u mention it.. .It was 8 years ago but i bet it hasnt changed. We would head in there on lunch breaks from the pub i was working at – ill def check out ur recommendations – cheers mate

    Tipping: speaking of the pub i was working at in Chancery Lane, as it was a sort of fringe CBD pub we had a clientele of mainly bankers, lawyers etc.. the type you would expect to throw tips at you. but did we get any… no fucking way…they were tighter thana nun’s minge on Sunday…. anytime an American tourist accidentally wandered in it was a shitfight to serve them as they always brought the tips with them!!!!

    Patch – I saw Simpsons on Wed night (opening night) on a digital screen here in London – I fucking loved it and the sound and picture quality was awesome

    EVERYONE – maybe its just me, but I saw this and found it pretty funny http://www.news.com.au/story/0,23599,22146863-38197,00.html

  13. AceRockollaUK says:

    Forget the Burger question – Just listening to the 19 Jan show and Bmo and Dutch duking it out over burgers.
    Mybe I need to re ask this question – where can i get the best Burger in a non fast food place?

  14. Badshot says:

    Guys nice show,

    Got to love them foul mouth Hoe’s, dirtier the mouth the better!

    Nice job on the photo’s I heard this was happening but it looks better than I imagined.

    Brian, theres a job going on another podcast, some guy going on about comedy, they want him out, all applicants please apply with your curriculem vitae to behindthebricks.com!

    AceRockolla, Peppermill burgers are nice, especially at 2.30 am after landing and going on the piss for 12 hours!
    I also had some great steak and eggs over at blueberry hill.

    Tommy, now the guv’nor is in town you might want to batten down the hatches and go on the down low on the stripper front, Just speaking from experience, my wifes now a qualified pan whacker!

    Keep it up guys only 207 days to go, wo ho!

  15. Badshot says:

    I loved the tipping bit,

    One of my pals came out to Vegas with me a couple of years ago, and this guy dont tip. He’s like the guy in resovoir dogs, I dont agree with tipping what the fcuk they get a wage lol

    The valets, bar tenders and waitreses looked at him like he’d just fcuked their mum and shit down her throat!

    I on the other hand am a 10% man, thats bleeding generous over here!

    Where’s the Golden Nugget feature in your top 25 chaps, its dirt cheap and from what I remember quite a nice hotel?

  16. Richie says:

    Whit get the name of the club, were going.

  17. English Bob says:

    Looks like a November or December trip to Vegas might be on the cards:


  18. JR says:

    Fyregirl i’m impressed, well done!

  19. AceRockollaUK says:

    English Bob, I envy you that trip – We went in June and were planning for December as well but family stuff has stumped that idea. However the good news is I will probably be going to Macau – So I can see the deal over there.
    But having been to Vegas for Christmas before, It’s a great time to be there – Warm enough for us brits and slightly less busy than usual, though of course the swimming pools are closed down 🙁

  20. brian says:

    Plays for Sunday:

    My bet was a rain out last night, which means it’s time to throw the cash around today. Here we go…

    Brewers +116 over Cardinals

    Bit of a gamble here. The Brewers are sending out Manny Parra who has all of 2 innings of pro ball experience, but I love the value of a really good team against a bad team in the Cards, so I’m willing to roll the dice.

    Braves -132 over D-Backs

    Atlanta in sending out a crafty right hander named John Smoltz. That’s all I got.

    Dodgers +127 over Rockies

    This isn’t quite as sweet a match up as it would have been last night. Francis has been the Rockies best pitcher of late, but I’ll still throw my cash behind Tomko in hopes that the thin Colorado air helps the LA line up.

    Record: +249

  21. Richie says:

    Your a saint, most girls in that position would of taken advantage.
    I want to marry you but the wife won’t let me doh.

  22. brian says:

    6 run lead, best closer in baseball, how could the Brewers lose? Oh that’s right, because Brian aka “The Cooler” bet on them. $^%&*)!

  23. Richie says:

    Let me know the ones your not betting on 🙂

  24. Stu says:

    Better yet, bet opposite of what Brian bets. It’s a sure thing :-p

  25. slashdogx says:

    Brian, In case you missed the post (unlikely), I see where Lady Grey is up to 12 January now.

  26. Fyregirl – very noble. Did you also consider using some of the money to call him a cab?

  27. pmac says:

    Fennville – im enjoying the read a lot – keep the chapters comin…

  28. Raisin_Bran says:

    Wow the posts really slow down on Sundays, every one must be at church.

  29. Stu says:

    It really is odd how the number of posts is less on the weekend. I figure that during the week people are more likely to be too busy to post, but I guess that’s what work is for?

  30. Raisin_Bran says:

    Yeah, I don’t have the luxury of surfing at work. I’m definitely in the minority on that one.

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