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Hooray! We Actually Have Something To Talk About!

It’s week 1 of the college football season and the fellas leave no stone unturned. BMo and TD check the line for every game on the board, and with a little help from their friends at Don Best, try to find a winning angle.

Additional topics include Vick’s plea deal, the Mariners and D-Backs keep winning, Brian’s lessons learned from betting baseball, and the Godfather’s locks for week one. I do not look like a big headed buffoon who made a living acting like a retard!

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63 Responses to Hooray! We Actually Have Something To Talk About!

  1. yzerman13 says:

    Thanks Hawkeye, i’m in.


  2. slashdogx says:

    Although I agree London is outlandishly expensive, I feel compeled to defend it a bit. I actually love it. As pmac pointed out there is always a ton to do there, great places (some of which take some work to find or access). However it is a little bit of a victim of its own hipness. I have probably spent collectively over a year there and it remains my favorite city. However, I must admit to being on company expense and always staying in the heart of the West End.

    pmac, I am a bit disappointed because I was about to pass on a great pub recommendation. One owned by an Australian ex-pat in Kensington, I still have his card somewhere. It was a bit of a dump called Settle Down Pub, but it was a blast. Spent a long night there drinking after hours with the staff one time. Unfortunately, after some research I found out that some time in the past couple of years it was sold and converted to yet another overpriced members only ultralounge called Amika. Crap.

  3. Straight Outta Fennville says:


    iWeb creates big, bulky webpages but the effects can be stunning. The new iLife 08 lets you enter your own code in spots to tie in feeds and other web 2.0 aspects.

    Macs rule.


    It’s Hillsdale and yeah, the chargerblue.com hotel and casino has the line at Hillsdale -13.

  4. Straight Outta Fennville says:

    Tommy, I made it to the surface. We bought one of those cheap 12 foot by 36 inch pools and I have been at the bottom since Aug. 1. Too much summer to squeeze in before D-day next Tuesday. Mackinac, South Haven, and 2 trips to the new Four Winds Casino in New Buffalo where I am up a whopping 28 bucks. They have this fancy ballyhooed poker room with all automated tables and no dealers…thing is nobody likes playing them much. Blue Chip, a few miles away still has lots of guys playing but 4 winds room has been a ghost town both visits. If you wanna play that way, play full tilt.

  5. YoTime Joe says:

    Oh well big brother is putting the squeeze on a little more. We are blocked from the Don Best site as well. Sorry Tommy but your hits on your stories will take a hammering now.

  6. English Bob says:


    Poker’s not really my game I’ve played at the London Club a few times, but I don’t have enough experience to say if it’s good or not. However, I work with a couple of Americans who play when they come over and they tell me thet favour the Grovesnor clubs.

  7. Roosterman says:

    Thanks Tony, I thought I was doing something wrong.

  8. pmac says:

    Slashdog – thanks for the thought hahaha I know what you mean about the traditional dingy old school pubs (my scene) being converted to the hip, metrosexual, members-only faux-gay bar joints (def not my scene)… it sux..

    Gimme a small cosy local pub that serves cold pints and good conversation any day….

  9. YoTime Joe says:

    What’s doing with the poll question. Where’s Sydney?

  10. Admin says:

    Sydney my ass, if it was going to be any Australian city on that list it would be Melbourne… Ahh the list is so long why Melbourne is better I’m not even going to start… MCG, Telstra Dome, the Crown pokeroom…

  11. JR says:

    What about the SCG, Telstra Stadium (The Olympic Stadium) and well lets not mention Star City Casino, The Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge and the worlds best HArbour! but hey next month we have the APEC meeting….which is only going to shut down this fine city.

  12. YoTime Joe says:

    JR – we don’t need to respond to silly remarks!!

  13. Mungus the Wonder Horse says:

    Entertaining show as always guys. Sadly sport is not my thing, but it made the drive to work more fun than listening to the BBC shipping forecast.

    Looking forward to the non-sports shows!

    Love, Hugs and kisses, Mungus.

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