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Hey, This Show Is Actually Funny Sometimes

Fobes gets political.  C’mon, you knew it was coming.

Topics on the day include playing poker with non-drinking vegetarians, the novelity of rare books, Troy starts to crack, couples dinners, TAI calendars go into a second printing, Station Casinos involved in a boondoggle, and B-Mo lays the foundation for Fobes to fuck a hot chick.  I thought only gay guys used Winder Farms?

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2 Responses to Hey, This Show Is Actually Funny Sometimes

  1. jeff says:

    Love ya guys for your humor. Now politics is certainly a different story. You pick on Palin but Pelosi ( come on and she is in govt not Palin ) and Reid…. as you can see there are two sides to everything. Now don’t get me wrong, we need changes in healthcare but certainly not this bill…

  2. StatikKling says:

    @jeff – Both sides are so out of touch that they will never agree on anything MAJOR, like health care. Of course, the people creating the laws will NEVER have to worry about health care since the US government will provide health care for them until they die. Funny, they also vote on their own pay raises.

    Would you trust that type of leadership? Dem or Rep?

    Yea.. me neither.

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