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Hey Dude why don’t you buy a Mac

Instead of our weekend wrap we start with some news about the Sahara and Bills Gambling Hall. You guys have been tearing up the message boards this past weekend, even if it did get a little strange. We are also pleased to announce the first ever contest on This Ain’t Iowa, March Madness Tournament Pick’em.

For a casino thats not far of the Las Vegas strip, The Orleans is almost a locals casino. One of the top 5 poker rooms in Vegas and great priced table games in close proximity to a number of bars are the highlights on the gaming floor. It also has the bonus of some very underrated entertainment Black Eyed Peas to Susanne Summers.

The This Ain’t Iowa segment and the off the strip recommendations share something in common, bad driving. And to round out the show the way we normally start the show and fill you in on our weekends.

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24 Responses to Hey Dude why don’t you buy a Mac

  1. devildog says:

    Great show,guys..

    Looking forward to the bracketology..(the what?).

    Regarding last weeks post comments..I’m sure we could justify Paigow’s foray into A-bombs and ‘The Duke’ even more,but I’m not going to dig the hole any deeper..

    With regards to Rutgers hoops..they sure miss Quincy Douby this year, has anyone seen him play with the Kings?

  2. brian says:

    You got to love Scarlett Knight fans. You know it’s a rough year when you’re celebrating a cover against Notre Dame.

    My play for Monday: Miami -6 over Atlanta

    Miami proved they could survive without D Wade last weekend with a big win at Detroit. And even if they do suffer a letdown, it should be enough to handle a poor road team in the Hawks. If Wade was in the line up this game would be closer to -9, so I’ll gladly take them at the current line and hopefully Shaq will chip them away from inside.

    Miami -6

    Record: 25-13-2

  3. devildog says:

    Note to Hasslehoff fans..(Brian)

    Be sure to set your TVOs, VCRs and\or other recording devices for the ‘Encore Action’ channel for tommorow at 4:00 am P.S.T.
    The only thing better than a Hasslehoff sighting, ..a gun-toting D.H. blastin bad guys while chewing on a stogie..

  4. Paigow Pete says:

    Baywatch After Dark… now THAT was a show… watch silicone during the day.. solve crime AND watch silicone at night!

  5. jsaund22 says:

    Regarding last week’s A-Bomb/John Wayne post…

    Let me say as a HUGE John Wayne fan that it comes as a big comfort to me that it took 11 nukes to kill The Duke, and even that took 24 years…

    That dude was TOUGH!

  6. Dutch says:

    Degenerate Diary: March 5, 2007 21-8-2

    It’s March, tournament time and the George Mason Patriots are suddenly red hot. Tonight they take on Virginia Commonwealth in the Colonial Athletic Association Champinship game with a bid to the NCAA tourny on the line. Cinderella trying on the slipper again? Not so fast, this VCU team is more talented and experienced. 5 of their first 6 players are upper classmen who have really bought into the Anthony Grant system. They extend aggressively on the defensive side and value each possession offensively. They really seem to focus on shot selection which is something I value as a handicapper. Jim Larranaga is a heck of a coach and can obviously win tournament games, but his Mason team is up against it tonight. VCU won both regular season games by at least 13 points and I expect similar results tonight. Oh by the way, this game is being played in Richmond!

    Play is VCU -4

  7. devildog says:

    Tommy-{For those of us who can legally place a wager},would you take the first half -3 if the “whole” game moves to -5 ?

    Paigow-Bay watch after Dark?..guess I missed that one, I was thinking of Nick Fury”Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.-not that I actually watched it..

  8. Steve says:

    jsaund: Clint Eastwood > John Wayne

    I loved the title of the show, hilarious stuff guys. I’ll definitely have to consider the Orleans’ poker room when I’m down there.

  9. brian says:

    When I was younger I remember being excited when they came out woth the “Baywatch Night’s” series. I thought it may be even racier. Unfortunately the only person who appeared topless? you guessed it David Hasselhoff.

    BTW DD, I saw Douby get some good minutes in a game last month. He’s a nice player. Kind of lanky but he can get to the basket.

  10. Straight Outta Fennville says:

    The first time I took Mrs. Fennville to Vegas, we stayed at the Rio. She doesn’t dig big cities or big crowds or aimless walking. If your girl is anything like mine. That area is great. If she wants to aimlessly wander the Strip and hop from one place to the next you can still do that.


    Take the free shuttles to the Rio from Harrah’s, Bally’s, and Caesars. An even less congested and quicker ride takes you from GC to Bill’s or to the Orleans where you can get that specila KGB massage.

    We always rent a car. They are so cheap @ http://billhere.com . Extremely easy to get anywhere on the Strip if you use the backstreets like Dean Martin Dr. or Koval Lane on the other side.

    Don’t ever do what we did once, stay at Rio for a night and move to Gold Coast even when the rooms are free. Like getting kicked out of the bedroom to the couch…no like getting kicked out of the bedroom to the floor.

  11. asterion says:

    A question about the sportsbooks:

    Say it’s football season, it’s Sunday afternoon, and I want to watch the Broncos’ game. I’m in Vegas and willing to bet $100 or so on the game (normally I never bet on sports). The way I see it, it’s not a bad bet–win or lose–if I can stay there and watch the game for the next three hours or so. Especially if it’s on a big screen (maybe HD) with sound. So, can I watch the game like that for the next three hours (and maybe even getting free alcohol or at least soda) betting an amount I could lose in 20 minutes at a table game? And where would be a good casino to do such a thing–not even counting the best place to get a line, just to watch the game?

  12. Dutch says:

    Degenerate Diary March 6, 2007 22-8-2

    Wright State stud Sr. PG Dashaun Wood will play his final home game in front of a capacity crowd in Dayton Oh. Wright State has lost only once on their home floor and has been a vastly improved team the second half of the season. They don’t shoot the ball very well, but they don’t turn it over much and they play defense very aggressively forcing a ton of turnovers. Just a few weeks ago they destroyed Butler on this very court and have established themselves as the best in the Horizon League.
    Butler has been in the polls as a top 25 most of the season and I have repeatedly bet against them because I have not felt this rating justified. I have had them in the 30-40 range most of the season and have repeatedly felt there has been excellent value on the other side.

    Having said all that, Butler is a better basketball team than Wright St. Green and Graves are very good with the ball and will not be frustrated by the intense defense of Wright St. Butler will have chip on their shoulder since losing out on the regular season championship. I believe Butler will be extremely aggressive attacking the offensive glass. This will be the key to the game, if you see determination going after the ball in the first half you will know we’re in good shape.

    I think both of these teams should be in the tourny but the loser will find themselves on the bubble (especially Wright St.) Dashaun Wood is the best player on the court but Butler has the superior team and should win with a focused effort.

    Play is Butler -1.5

  13. brian says:

    I love reading Tommy’s posts. He always gives great reasons to take the other side then switches it up on ya. It’s like a mystery book.

    On a side note, I have to take a break from betting against the Hawks. I’ve hit with both of my bets, but they’ve covered by a combined 1.5 points. Far too much stress given the small amount of money I actually wager.

    My play for Tuesday: Spurs -6.5 @ Portland

    I’ve said before that I’m not a fan of betting against home dogs, but I love the Spurs tonight. They’ve covered 7 of 9 in Portland, and the heads up match up between the 2 favors the Spurs in a landslide. San Antonio has covered 5 in a row as the favorite including back to back road covers. And oh by the way. The Blazers are not a good team. Apparently this line is available at -6 all over the internet, but since I don’t want to break any laws, I’ll have to live with the extra hook.

    San Antonio -6.5
    Record: 26-13-2

  14. Straight Outta Fennville says:

    One of the great thrills of my athletic career came on the campus of Butler Univ. After beating the Bulldogs in football, (Heck, not only did I get to play. I even made a tackle…a legit one…not one of the 5 I recorded that season because I was dating the stats girl) I quick showered and dressed and then snuck upstairs to the famed Hinkle Fieldhouse where Hoosiers was shot. It was just like the movie. The place was abandoned and I walked out to center court with just the auxillary lights on. Quite a moment.

    One of the great venues in college sports.

  15. Straight Outta Fennville says:

    Now a more Vegas related item. Insomnia (too much Diet Dew this evening) Search of Allegiant Air http://allegiantair.com revealed another Friends Fly Free promo. When 2 people book the same flight/hotel package, one of the airfares is free. Amazing deal.

    These are packages from South Bend, IN leaving Sunday June 10 and returning Tuesday June 12. Just one example, but if you are flexible you can get some even better deals.

    Two nights and air

    LVC, 4Qs, Plaza, El Cortez $179-$205
    Circus Circus $189 (no tetanus shot included)
    SuckHara $199 (look for a pasty Cuban playing poker at 11:00 AM)
    Orleans $199
    IP $221
    X $224
    GhettoSphere $235
    Flaming-O $249
    Monte Carlo $259
    Luxor $261
    TI, NYNY, Some Jackass’s Gamblin Hall (formerly Barbary Coast) $267
    Harrah’s $274
    Planet Alladin $275
    Bally’s $287
    Mandalay Bay $314
    Palms $290 Jr. Suite $385
    Paris $321
    Mirage, MGM $325
    Caesars, Bellagio, Wynn $390
    Rio $393
    Venetian $471

    Most other midwest cities are very comparable, like within $10 of these prices. These are the deals that keep making come back. The first time I booked one of these, I kept waiting for the scam to hit or the whole thing to fall through. Great service. All non-stop flights. They fly from smaller cities but most are near bigger ones (within an hour). We have flown Allegiant 4 times and everything has been great. I have a hard time looking at mainstream big airlines after flying these guys. You don’t know how nice the non-stop thing is until you do it a couple of times.

    Last time I visited, I bundled a rental car with it and got a great price for a Pontiac G6. NEVER reserve anything bigger than the small one. Vegas never has enough cars and we always get free upgrades.

  16. Hawkeye Brad says:

    Fennville, agreed that Allegiant is a great way to go. I fly regularly on it out of Cedar Rapids and it is always cheaper than other airlines and non-stop. They try to get you by charging $11 to pick your seat, $4 to check a bag, and $2 for a pop on the plane. Regardless, it’s still the best deal for a mid-market city. They’re even giving my fiance and I free flights when we take a large group to Vegas for our wedding in June. Can’t beat that!

  17. Straight Outta Fennville says:

    Wow Brad! Free is the best deal going. We really enjoy the St. Pete – Clearwater service. So much better than going into Tampa and so much cheaper.

  18. Steve says:

    Allegiant serves Allentown, PA but doesn’t offer any destinations to Las Vegas. 🙁 Thanks for the tip though, I’ll keep em in mind. I already checked JetBlue but they didn’t have any destinations in Las Vegas either. Guess it’s Southwest for me come May.

  19. LetsGoHawks says:

    hey BMO,

    Kevin here. I had no idea you were doing another podcast. I’ll get to spend the next 4 months catching up on back issues and trying to keep up with the new. Wish I could have been here to reap in on your run of NBA plays.

    Dutch- I’m not gay by any means but I would have had to try and sneak a peak over the urianl divider. I’m guessing Tark is sporting a 12-pounder.

    I stayed at the Orleans a couple years ago and loved it. We rented a car and didn’t miss a beat. The only complaint was the live music stage that plays on some nights. Since the stage is basically in the casino you are forced to listen to the band even if they suck. I was there on NFR weekend and the hillbilly band they threw out there that night definately sucked. I can imagine it will be more of the same for NASCAR weekend.


    2007 Iowa Banners

    Alamo Bowl Runner-up
    NIT participant

  20. asterion says:

    One more question. Does anyone have a listing of all the table games at various casinos in Las Vegas? There are several games I would like to play if and when I go to Vegas that, because they weren’t invented by a company like Shuffle Master, can be hard to find information on about where to play.

  21. Dutch says:

    Degenerate Diary: March 8, 2007 Record: 22-9-2

    Quite frankly I’m too lazy to write, but lots of action today and the biggest plays are my Not Iowa official plays.

    Pitt -5
    Illinois -11
    Tennessee -2

    call me Tommy Favorite betting like that

  22. brian says:

    My play for Thursday: San Diego St. -4.5 over Colorado St.

    SDSU has put together a great season based on 2 things, defense and taking care of the ball. If you can do those 2 things well, you’ll win more games than you lose. Combine that with the fact that CSU has only won this match up 3 times since 2003 and 2 were in overtime. More importantly, SDSU has covered 7 straight games against CSU including twice this season.

    San Diego St. -4.5
    Record: 26-14-2

  23. Bosco says:

    Great show, guys. Without a doubt the most entertaining Vegas podcast. Keep up the great work.

    You missed one on the Orleans. They have HOT cocktail waitresses and very nice outfits. Very talented. Not only that, the service is great. That would bump the bead rating at least one in my book. Makes it worth the shuttle ride from the strip at least once a trip.

    AND a few weeks ago you dissed Northern Kentucky, saying they probably only had one dentist there. Well I can assure you there is more than one. My dentist also cuts my hair and supplies me with moonshine. Shoes are optional.

  24. Straight Outta Fennville says:


    Room rates are dirt cheap the first week of April. The emails keep rolling in with $59 at Rio, $79 at Hard Rock, even $25 a night at Excalibur. Would be a great time to visit with the pools going full force. Killing me that I can’t make it out.

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