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Having a Gay Old Time

It’s time for the Friday show, which it turns out is the first for this week. We recap all the goings on from the NBA all star game here in Vegas, including a story about Pacman and strippers. Also how much money do you need to have fun in this town on a three day weekend?

Time for the casino review, a casino that Tommy knows very well. Perhaps the best sports book in town, but does it have anything else to offer? And what’s with the Star Trek thing? Love it, hate it, 102 year old grannies and wasting money, which one do you love Marvin?

The show comes full circle for the “This Ain’t Iowa” segment with two events from the Basketball taking center stage. And a small treat for all you sports betting fans as we preview this weeks action.

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  1. jsaund22 says:

    Seven bucks tax on a $300 bill, huh? Here in Georgia, service is not taxable, parts are, so maybe there was only $100 parts at 7% and $200 in service???

    Anyway, great show. Listening to the two of you try to work out the technical difficulties is like watching a monkey doing a math problem, always good for a laugh.

    Keep it up, guys!

  2. brian says:

    Wow, Pacman Jones is truly a piece of shit. The owner of Minx released a statement yesterday saying Pacman grabbed a stripper by the hair, hit her head against the stage, punched her in the face, then found her across the room later and punched her in the face again. And just like the other incidents he’s been involved in, he’ll probably get off scott free. Disgusting.

  3. asterion says:

    Thanks for the advice, guys. I was thinking making the trip when I have closer to three grand available ($2000 for the gambling, $1000 for everything else) so it’s nice to know I was thinking close to about double absolute minimum.

  4. brian says:

    My play for Friday: Nets -3.5 vs. Kings

    Rumors were swirling around both of these teams yesterday at the trading deadline, then, suprprise! Nothing. this should effect the Kings more, because Mike Bibby has been very unhappy in Sacramento this year and was pushing to be traded. It’s also back to back road games for Sac after a contoversial loss in Washington last night. They are already a bad road team and the Nets want revenge after a blown lead in Sacramento earlier this season. After all of that, I think I talked myself into it.

    Nets -3.5
    Record: 17-10-2

  5. Trainfan John says:

    Good show – it was nice to have a little distance between the all-star weekend and your show – I think you gave it a good perspective.

    Tommy – I wouldn’t argue that eloquent is the right word – but if not – it was certainly heartfelt.

    As for Sunday – I would be honored to get you two tanked for the first Drunk Iowa show. And Brian – if your going to be in your assless chaps and Barry Fanalow shirt you probably have more to worry about getting home then a DUI.

  6. Slashdogx says:

    Good Hilton review. All points are on target. I’ve stayed there a number of times (advantaged room deals) and have a couple of points to add.

    Like Tommy/Marvin, I keep my head down passing the Star Trek area (and I keep it down right on past the Manilow store).

    For video poker players like my wife, the Hilton is one of only a couple of casinos with the highest pay tables.

    Because the Hilton is not a drawing card, it is a place best suited for people who have a car and can navigate their way around Las Vegas. It is pretty easy to hop on paradise and get just about anywhere if you avoid a couple of construction zones.

    The rates do vary even more than most Vegas hotels depending on the activity at the convention center next door. Rates can be either very over priced or underpriced depending and whats happening at the convention center. I have seen publically available rate less than 50 bucks on weekdays. The rooms are in need of refurb, but survivable.

    I keep hearing that it will be considered for implosion in a couple of years.

    Have a good time on your Trip Trainfan. Drinking Mai Tai’s (or however the hell they are spelled) during gay rodeo week after a show where topics include pink Fanilow shirts and ass-less chaps is indeed a risky proposition (not that there is anything wrong with that). However, based on my experience with the hosts, I suspect you will all turn up in regular guy-wear and have a good time. My money IS on Tommy’s moneyline for the drunk show.

    We await the drink umbrella count from you He-men.

  7. Dutch says:

    Degenerate Diary 2-24-07 Record 17-6-1

    The once 17-0 Clemson Tigers absolutely stink right now. Their final burst of energy came and left in the 2nd half against Duke. Boston College is a team I have been against many times this season but I like them in a must win situation. I think this team will likely be a first round exit from the NCAA tournament but Dudley and Rice
    will find a way to get it done in Chestnut Hill.

    Purdue is another team who deperately needs a win Saturday. They are a heck of a lot more talented than Northwestern and should be able to pull away in the second half. I hate laying points in Evanston because the Cats play strong defense and generally take care of the ball using the entire shot clock forcing very low scoring games. Purdue has too much offense and will eventually pull ahead forcing NU to speed up. Once this happens it’s over.

    Saturday plays: Purdue -4.5 Boston College -5

  8. Dex says:

    Tim Hardaway is a little crazy.

  9. Johnny Tulip says:

    Weed, Hookers, and Nelly? Sign me up that all sounds great to me. As for Pacman Jones maybe punching bitches is a thugs way of showing affection.
    Also I am confidant of my sexuality and I am here to say I am a Barry Man Fan. Don’t dis. You guys would look good in those shirts.

    I have a pick to share with everyone. I am down with the Spartans tonight -6. The Breslin is going to be rockin tonight and the Sparty’s are going to take care of the hosers.

    Beam me up Scotty!

  10. brian says:

    I’m going to stick with the NBA this Saturday since it’s been treating me well the past few weeks. I’ll take the Raptors -2.5 @ Charlotte. Last year the Raptors were a money team because they always covered as the dog. This year they’ve been covering as the favorite. They’ve covered 8 of their last 10 as the favorite, and while the Bobcats are fighting for a playoff spot, I think Toronto is one of the best in the east (not that that’s saying much).

    Toronto -2.5
    Record: 18-10-2

  11. Steve in West Palm says:

    Welcome Johnny Tulip!

    Can I change my message board name to Stevie Snapdragon?

  12. Dutch says:

    D.D. 2-25-07

    half drunk and half hungover so i don’t really feel like getting into it but i like wisconsin +5 today.

    record 18-6-2

  13. brian says:

    Plays for Sunday: Rockets -1 @ Orlando, Tarheels -3 @ Maryland.

    Most smart sports bettors will tell you that a home underdog is a great bet, so why have I bet against them? Because I am not a smart sports bettor.

    The Magic are on a bad 3 game losing streak and they’re playing a Houston team that’s solid on the road.

    The Tarheels haven’t lost to MD since January of ’04. NC has covered 16 of their last 18 road games, and I don’t see wither of those streaks coming to an end today.

    Rockets -1
    North Carolina -3

    Record: 19-10-2

  14. brian says:

    Unofficial Oscar pick for Sunday night. For all of you living in areas where you can gamble on this, I’m going with the underdog Little Miss Sunshine for best picture. It’s paying off at 6-1. There’s always a surprise on Oscar night, and I like to pull for the comedies because they get repeadedly shit on at this time of year.

  15. Brandon says:


    As someone who went to Virginia, they’ll break your heart anytime they’re not playing in C’ville. The ‘hoos are just too volatile. I remember the year I was there when we were absolutely incensed that we didn’t make the dance… and then we lost in the first round of the NIT.

  16. Thelma says:

    Hey I just want you to know that this chick likes your show. I’m not big into sports, but I really like your reviews and things off of the strip. I would like to know what is your favorite place to stay in Las Vegas? I have been there a couple of times. Once I stayed at Harrahs and had cold showers, and dirty room. This was back in 2001. I hope they are better now. The last time I was there my fiance and we stayed at the Bellagio. It was for business, and we didn’t have to pay for it.
    Keep up the good work.

  17. Y2k509 says:

    I’m definitely going to check out Tommy’s neighbor next time I’m in Vegas! Thanks for the tip, Marvin.

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