Embrace Your Inner Degenerate

Happy Degenerate Thanksgiving

All the hosts are gathered around the table for this festive day.  Probably a recepie for disaster.

Topics on the day include Brian forced to share airtime, Patch shunned by hippies,  Troy is thankful for whiney broads singing, Tony tries to bring down TAI, and Fobes goes on holiday tilt.  Lets compromise, a Baconator with onion foam and a hendricks martini.

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17 Responses to Happy Degenerate Thanksgiving

  1. Trainfan says:

    I don’t know if we’re doing picks this week with the boards being down, but if we are here’s mine:

    Green Bay -3
    Baltimore -7
    Pittsburgh +1

  2. patch406 says:

    We’re def doing picks if you don’t get ’em you’re 0-3.

  3. patch406 says:

    PS way to go against the Vikes JERK.

  4. patch406 says:

    I retract my previous statement, but I hate that Packpick.

  5. brian says:

    Happy Thanksgovong all. It looks as though I’m on pace for a 6-0 day in the NFL, and I’m in Arizona with no way to gamble on it. Who’s thankful for family obligations!

  6. KevinInCalgary says:

    Dear Lord, is mofobes very not funny on this show. Whiny, bitter and bitchy is no way to go through life, son.

    I’ve never heard them called “assortment tapes” they’ve always been “mix tapes”.

  7. SicSemper says:

    “In the Arms of an Angel”? Wow. That song comes preloaded with two cocks mashed together.

  8. Methinks it is time for Karaoke Sweatpants Theatre, with Sir Brian Mollica.

  9. Fennville says:

    been going through all of my assortment tapes.

    1993 Sigma Chi House Mix

    Good Vibrations-Marky Mark
    Jump-Chris Cross
    Turn This Mutha Out-MC Hammer
    Feels Good-Tony Toni Toné
    3AM Eternal-KLF
    Evenflow-Pearl Jam
    Enjoy the Silence-Depeche Mode
    OPP-Naughty by Nature
    Motown Philly-Boyz II Men
    Free Your Mind-En Vogue
    Jump Around-House of Pain
    Set Adrift on Memory Bliss-PM Dawn
    Brooklyn Queens-3rd Bass
    Tom’s Dinner-Suzanne VEga (DNA remix)
    That song about rain with the bee in the video-Blind Melon

    Say what you want, but the chicks on the dance floor loved it!
    The Gas Face-3rd Base

  10. Fennville says:

    Good call on the AZ game. Opponent just hung 84.4 on me between Westbrook, McNabb, and Akers.

    Warner stunk it up with 3 picks. Thanks for all of the drops Birds! Is this 1989 all over?

  11. Boisestate78 says:

    If the song is not done at TAICON I think the location and time the song is performed will be announced for those of us that live in Las Vegas. I promise that if I m there I will video it and post it on youtube under “sweatpants Angel”. Or maybe “Sweatpants Mcfagget” what do you guys think it should be listed under.

  12. patch406 says:

    I prefer the standard Sweatpants McFaggot with the “O”.

  13. patch406 says:

    Hey Brian is there a way to CHARGE the listeners/readers for checking out all my hilarious posts?

    PS if you see Kurt Warner…kick him in the old shriveled up balls.

  14. Richie says:

    so come on then whats happened to the boards.
    and are we doing picks this week.

  15. Steve in West Palm says:


    Good show!

  16. Charles from outside Philly says:

    I’m sorry, it’s a little late and I just listened to the show.

    Quotes, if I may:

    Fobes: “So, yeah [Donovan]’s gonna shit the bed and Arizona’s gonna win easily.”

    B-Mo: “Actually, this was my triple-purple-quadrilateral on Thanksgiving Day. I love Arizona in this game, to win it outright–and ya know what, I’m gonna take the over on this game. High scoring game, cause that’s American.”

    Patch: “How can Philadelphia be a favorite against anybody? Arizona is a decent team.”

    Bohunk: “Oh yeah, Arizona.”


    I’m sure B-Mo will quiet me down when the Eagles lose against the Giants on the 7th.

    Charles from New Jersey
    aka, on BTB, Charles from Rowan

  17. Rick in Reston says:

    Back to work after a holiday weekend.

    Benched both McNabb & Westbrook in multiple leagues last week.

    Leading a seminar on Jan 5 which is preventing me from a winter TAICON jaunt out to Vegas.

    Fuck me!

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