Embrace Your Inner Degenerate

Hanging at Harrahs

Tommy tells of his brush with super stardom. And then we hear from you the listeners.
Brian interviews the first poker champion of the new year in Las Vegas. Yes clown wig and all.

Smack bang in the middle of the strip is Harrahs and that’s our next stop on the tour of the strip. The rooms are cheap and clean. Did we tell you the rooms are cheap and clean.

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12 Responses to Hanging at Harrahs

  1. KGB says:

    The Peppermill…OMG! I go there on every trip for breakfast at least once. 10-egg omelet and hashbrowns piled as high as a midget’s ass. The food is outstanding and very reasonably priced.

    Freelance reporter at the CES? Big Deal. I’m waiting for T-Dutch’s exclusive with Jenna Jameson and Brianna Banks. I guarantee they don’t have that in Fennville (or Iowa)!

  2. Sally says:

    Great call from Fennville! Gilley’s is pretty lame. I’m ashamed of the number of times I’ve been there.

  3. mofobes says:

    once again your assessment of harrah’s is right on. i stayed there last year for a week during the WSOP and got an amazing deal. they had a special online using the harrah’s total rewards card. i got 2 nights free, then paid for 3 nights and they gave me a 4th for free. i ended up getting 7 nights for $155 – an amazing deal. the room was nice & clean on an upper floor looking over the garage and into the valley. well worth the price and the service was very nice and friendly. you can’t beat the location and as a bonus they have free shuttles to the rio, bally’s/paris, & caesars. it was perfect for the wsop. i only ate at their little chinese restaurant and the food was tasty and a good value.

    one thing i did notice was that they had a lot of weird table games in the front ‘party pit’ area. games that i had never seen before and i think they were trying them out – lots of hold’em and black jack derivative games.

  4. Straight Outta Fennville says:

    Yeah Tommy. Fennville does have a beautiful apple orchard…AND…the best Mexican restaurant in the state of Michigan. Your hometown Holland…has…uhmmm…uhmmmm….well…uhhh….great Dutch food. No, seriously Holland is a great town too. Absolutely beautiful, set on Lake Michigan. Great beer at New Holland Brewing Co down on 8th street.

    You are right Brian…Fennville does have its ugly little neighbor called Pullman we all laugh about. Pullman’s got Grand Junction to slap around. Grand Junction’s got Pearl. Pearl makes Fennville look like Paris, France.

  5. Slashdogx says:

    Once again, a great show. It remains the right balance of useful info, entertaining humor and professionalism.

    First, I am glad to hear that Tommy is returning from ‘super grumpy’ to just ‘regular grumpy’. After the ‘Venetion is Below Average’ episode, I was starting to anticipate that Patch406 might have to rework his classic ‘punting a grumpy’ phrase to ‘punting a T-Dutch’.

    It was amusing to hear TDutch working through it though. At times being too positive ( “…Fennville has friendly people and beautiful orchards…” WTH?) and at times reverting (‘…bunch of douchbags with money…”).

    Noticing the apple orchards but not even mentioning New Holland Brewing (thanks to Straight for pointing out the real highlights of the area) is pretty concerning though.

    The call in from Fennville was great, but I think you guys may have possibly missed a few key words that made the story even better. Probably because you were both so amazed someone could calculate 20% of 180. Christ, I thought you were going to nominate Fennville for the Nobel Prize for achievement in higher mathematics. Anyway, I listened to the story closely and Fennville clearly says that the proposition was for ‘you AND your friend’. Yikes. $36 for two is really frightening in all sorts of ways.

    I checked the DVR this morning just to see if I recorded Ultimate Poker Challenge or another episode of Perfect Sleeper advertising crapola. Sure enough, there is Brian M. (normal size head after all) in the host position. Well done.

    The senior posters are probably way ahead of me here, but I went to http://www.ultimatepokerchallenge.com and posted a few positive comments on our host’s performance. If other Not Iowa Listeners are impressed, I would encourage providing this feedback to the shows managers.

    A recommendation consideration to the posters: Going back to the Wynn episode, I think one of the things that is worth doing at the Wynn is having a drink on the wine bar patio out on the ‘water feature’. I was there in November and getting seated at a great table was pretty easy. If you are in a mellow mode its especially great on a nice night. At first I thought the lights on the water feature and surrounding trees were a bit cheesy (hell I am even embarrassed saying ‘water feature’), but they actually do a pretty amazing job. Relaxing there for a drink is, I think, better than seeing it from the club or restaurant. This is because having a martini or glass of wine while just kicked back and conversing matches that mood, plus it wasn’t too outrageously expensive. I’m not sure what others might think, but I was quite surprised I liked it because I am more of a Double Down Saloon type.

    I am planning to try the T Dutch recommendation of Peppermill on my next trip.

    DISCLIAMER: Any abuse to hosts or other posters is intended only as good humored, not in a mean spirits.

  6. brian says:

    I appreciate the kind reviews on my UPC performance. It’s tough after 7 years in comedy to play it straight as the play by play guy. I do start to loosen up in later episodes and joke around a little more, but in the meantime any feedback is greatly appreciated. I also appreciate the kind words regarding the size of my head.

  7. mofobes says:

    yeah, i just caught a few minutes of the episode this morning. i too, wanted to check my dvr and see if i got another infomercial, but alas, there was b-mo. great job brian – i enjoyed it. was it just me, or were your hands a bit shaky in opening intro. i am definitely looking forward to the future episodes – can’t wait ’til you sneak in “punting a grumpy.”

    i can hear it now, “…and seat 4 calls a big raise with ten-four off suit, hoping to ‘punt a grumpy'” which we all know means hitting a shitty board. i love the english language, so many ways to use a great phrase.

  8. KGB says:

    “i can hear it now, “…and seat 4 calls a big raise with ten-four off suit, hoping to ‘punt a grumpy’” which we all know means hitting a shitty board. i love the english language, so many ways to use a great phrase. ”

    I nearly punted a grumpy when reading this – OUTSTANDING mofobes!

  9. brian says:

    You weren’t imagining it mofobes, I was definitely shaking a little bit. In fact, I was nervous as hell. I’m used to getting on stage and talking to 300 people, but the notion that I could potentially be disappointing 1 million people kind of got to me. Lucky I took Valium in the future episodes, so it should calm down. Thanks for checking out the show man. Much appreciated. And I hope you enjoyed the “KoJack” line that I threw out for all of my All-Iners.

  10. patch406 says:

    Dude…I’m so irritated…I can only get the weekend version of the UPC. Yawn. What’s up with Chad Brown. The guy A. doesn’t shave. B. can’t button his shirt up more than 50% of the way closed and C. doesn’t even fold over his cuffs. “Hey Chad you you love a little MORE homeless?”It shouldn’t be too tough to outshine this clown. Why doesn’t the UPC broadcast those tues/thurs shows to a wider audience? Where are their corporate offices? I wanna know so I can saunter in there and wink my browneye on the floor of their public restroom in my own form of nonviolent protest. Long Live the Mahatma.

  11. Steve in West Palm says:

    The best part of the UPC has to be the “cow girls” with the cow print tops and exposed navels that stand along the rail while watching the poker tournament. However, Brian you may be too much of a professional to notice.

    Tommy, next time you have a run in with Carrot Top please go up and give him a big shove for me. I hate that freak-show clown.

  12. patch406 says:

    PS I love that you folks are getting on the “Punting a Grumpy” bandwagon. GOD just called me and was exactic with all the new angels in heaven. I know how brian likes doing the lords work. Don’t forget…everytime you use the phrase another angel gets their wings.

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