Embrace Your Inner Degenerate

Grab your 99 cent shrimp cocktails

Get the low down on the Fremont Street Experience. Some of the worlds greatest food can be found for under a buck, did anyone say fried twinkie. Oh and don’t forget the great bands.

They say don’t judge a book but it’s cover, but we will when it comes to the Glitter Gulch. But downtown does has one draw card and that’s poker. Mullets in Vegas that can only mean one thing….

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3 Responses to Grab your 99 cent shrimp cocktails

  1. Big City Matt says:

    I think Jesus Juice is what Michael Jackson calls the red and blue drinks seen in the large cups downtown.

  2. christopher says:

    every once in a while I’ll head downtown for some $.99 shrimp cocktails at the Golden Gate.. I like to kick it old school like that 😛

    -=- christopher

  3. Lady Grey says:

    Just wanted to let you boys know that I didn’t just leave you two, I am still following the show and as you can see getting cought up on some of the older shows….

    I have been downtown once, The Grey Fox took me on one of my many visits and I am sad to say that I missed out on both the light show and the $0.99 shrimp cocktail. I guess I will just have to try again next time I am in town.

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