Embrace Your Inner Degenerate

Goonies Is Overrated

Yes, 2 grown men actually talked about this.

Topics on the day include more listeners being banned, feetie pajamas have been confirmed for Troy Bohunk, another edition of “As The Chalkboard Turns”, Troy gets a familiar disgusted look, this time from Mrs. Rich and a trademark serenade.  What ever happened to Roc Live?

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2 Responses to Goonies Is Overrated

  1. Freddy D. says:

    Hey guys –

    I just found you site a couple of weeks ago!! I love it. I actually found a Las Vegas podcast/website/forum that I like! Keep up the good work. I’ll have to register to you forums one of these days as well.

    Freddy D.

  2. Table_Max says:

    Don’t delay man. There are always great things going on over at the forums. Just sign up, introduce yourself, and give Fobes some shit. You won’t regret it.

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