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Germans Love Lesbians

The school year is coming to an end, and one man has vowed to clean up this city.

Topics on the day include vadalism with poor grammar, Troy tries to understand why someone would wait 3 years for him, video games make a young nerd socially accepted, and warm wishes to a TAI legend who is recovering from surgery.  Dial 1-800-YourMomSucksMyBalls.

Email: Brian Mollica brian@notiowa.com, Patch patch@notiowa.com, Mofobes fobes@notiowa.com, Troy Bohunk bohunk@notiowa.com, and give us a call 206-203-Iowa


2 Responses to Germans Love Lesbians

  1. Drunk Jill says:

    I will probably host during the Summer, TK won’t be leaving for awhile, MT might host dominos if the wife is in a good mood. We will find somewhere to play, Troy how come you won’t host?

  2. Not Drunk Boni says:

    First, Brian you are my favorite next to Bohunk :0) hehe…be afraid! Second, Troy wake up! and Third, I am ok with saying my son has cancer and yes dom is an outlet and I was really stressed when I sent that email out – but if you ARE GONNA SMOKE WEED, I think I will consider putting my issue aside and host again — deal or no deal???? Drunk Jill – what are you doing listening?? Your black!! Oh wait and im Mexican?? What are we doing??? lmao

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