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Fyregirl Invades TAI

It’s been a long time coming, but TAI gets a feminine touch as Fyregirl stops by the show, and no questions are off limits.  Some of the topics discussed are how to get a dancers attention, sexy catfights, firefighting from prison, and why you should never play a board game by yourself.

If you have any attention span after the interview, BMo and TD list their top 5 beers, discuss the horrible new rash of game shows, and Tommy rejoices in the fact that he only had to work for about 10 minutes this episode.  Make it Rain!

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126 Responses to Fyregirl Invades TAI

  1. patch406 says:

    It’s actually Schmidt. I spelled it wrong. It’s fucking terrible but really cheap and the can’s are great. They all have some crazy outdoor scene like some crazy Trout or a giant Elk on them. It was parodied quite brilliantly on SNL with Farley as Schmitt’s Gay if you can remember that skit.

  2. Scott J. says:


    I see now why you are leery of the press. Sounds like you have things together, good luck.

  3. Whit says:

    Does anyone remember Ace larger? To quote the old joke ‘was a bit like making love in a canoe…..’

  4. Richie says:

    …was fucking close to water.

  5. Richie says:

    What about the alcohol free beer why? Why take the good stuff out. Its nothing without it, might as well drink shit pop.

  6. brian says:

    If you want really old school shitty beer, try finding Schlitz. It’s the only beer I’ve ever had that can be described as “salty and greasy”.

  7. Beer of choice in my college days was Hamm’s. We would be able to get a case of long neck bottles for 4.99. I also vaguely recall “Distillers Pride” Gin for 4.99 a 1/2 gallon. That name sounded more like a gasoline.

    Hawkeye – Your mom said Hi.

  8. dutch says:

    sex in a canoe!

  9. Richie says:

    Hey Dutch is up

  10. mofobes says:

    the shitty beers i remember from college days are Olympia and PBR (Pabst Blue Ribbon). for the more sophisticated, there was boone’s farm strawberry hill.

  11. JimInTx says:

    BMo – I had a friend growing up that invited us for his stepdad’s 50th birthday in 1999. 200 people, Elvis impersonator, live band, barbeque buffet and keg after keg of nothing but Schlitz. Was the only beer he would drink, so that’s what he wanted for his party.

  12. JimInTx says:

    Anybody ever have the pleasure of a Pearl or Lone Star – the national beer of Texas

  13. Richie says:


  14. fyregirl says:

    Okay, the only reason that I haven’t chimed in about beer is because I don’t drink beer. I’m a hard liquor girl all day. If you wanted my opinion about top ten or five best hard liquor I already have my answers!

  15. Richie says:

    Go on then fyregirl don’t tease, what are your 5 top liquors.

  16. fyregirl says:

    I’m struggling on the top but if I go by taste not my actual preferance of higher proof it would look something like this:

    1. Gentlemen’s Jack
    2. Maker’s Mark
    3. Single Barrel
    4. Jack Daniel’s
    5. Chivas

  17. JimInTx says:

    Fyregirl – I usually prefer scotch to bourbon, but i’ve been turned on to Ron Castillo Anjeo. It’s a whiskey made in Mexico (not the rum by a similar name) that cuts out some of the oakiness. I could sit and drink it days on end. shouldn’t be hard to find in LV

  18. JimInTx says:

    Did anyone see the Toronto FC v. Aston Villa match? Should have been a draw (two bad offside calls). Definitely the best an MLS side has shown against European competition.

  19. JimInTx says:

    fobes – had a friend in high school that would walk around parties toting a box of white zinfandel. The girls thought he was the height if sophistication.

  20. Steve in West Palm says:

    sweeeet ride.

    I nominate it the official ride of TAI. Can I get a second?

  21. fyregirl says:

    since I prefer shots over other drinks I’m up for a good liquor that tastes as good as the price and is smooth enough that I never make “the face”. Obviously in my occupation it is
    the norm to drink and I happen to love alcohol as much as the sun. Unfortunately for me I can only drink one type of drink @ a time or I will go to never never land. I’m still on the hunt for the perfect drink. Lately it’s been Crown & cranberry with 3 limes. Tastes better than it sounds but I don’t particularly like mixed drinks, I’d rather be F*cked up right away and lose the drawn out process of waiting with larger glasses of booze. I’ll try your scotch though and let you know if it makes the top ten. Thanks:)

  22. Straight Outta Fennville says:

    I say next poll question is whether you call it soda or pop.

    Pop rules. Soda takes way too long to say.

    Crown and cranberry? I am a big fan of the big velvet purple bag. Might have to try that.

  23. jsaund22 says:

    I’m from Atlanta. We call it Coke. Pepsi is a misdemeanor offense here.

    Say “soda” or “pop” to a fast-food worker in Atlanta and they’ll look at you like you just sprouted another head.

  24. cb says:

    Richie, your screen name should be Bandit1. That car is awesome, but the thing I love about the picture is the complete pussy car your parked next to. Talk about putting that Ford Fiesta owner to shame.

  25. Whit says:

    Cb- thats richies work car! He also has a the red mr2 just behind

  26. Richie says:

    The green car belongs to the wife, yes its a heap of shit but needs to be so I can have the cool cars.
    Hey whit I think fyregirl should come out with us and the tai boys, what do you think.

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