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Four 6’s Always Beat a 10

It’s time for another all Vegas Friday and some of today’s topics include another failed B-Mo job interview, Dutch talking business at the buffet, the perfect sponsorship deal for TAI, and how to work smart, not hard at the Hard Rock pool.

The fellas also discuss the #16 property in the city, try to get a grip on the new vibe on the message boards, a new WSOP champion is crowned, and Tommy unearths another government conspiracy.  Can you believe there’s a grown man named Winky?

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56 Responses to Four 6’s Always Beat a 10

  1. bigbadbob says:

    Patch, I’m 100% with you on your tipping strategy. I don’t tip on taxes and I’m not fond of generous tipping after bad service. It doesn’t happen often, but if someone asks why I didn’t tip what they were expecting, then I simply explain that the service was below my expectations as well.

    Talking about room service, I’m a fan of leaving $5 or $10 in an envelope for the housekeeping crew every day. It’s probably just about the same amount I’d leave as a “lump-sum” at the end of my stay, but I find it helps keep the level of service high in terms of cleanliness and turndown service.

    fyregirl, I think you’ll find most of us listen to the shows. And I doubt you have to ask if we’re open to answering questions… we’ve got an awesome community full of fun and successful Vegas know-it-alls who are probably quite happy to oblige 🙂

  2. dipperfc says:

    Harris great work! that was really funny & good hear/remember some of the bullshit that’s been on this show.

  3. KGB says:

    I’m usually a 20% guy in restaurants (but love to leave a 25-cent tip if the service really sucked) and a few bucks extra to the cabbie. Dollar-a-pot in the 1-2NL or 3-6 LHE games unless just stealing blinds, and the occasional buck or two tip in the table games usually in the form of a bet.

    I just HATE being hustled for tips in various places. I like to give a good tip where none is expected – like the ten-spot to the mechanic who services my car or the twenty-spot to our kayak guide in West Virginia (another career for you Dutch!), but I can’t stand it when the hand is always out. $11-$12/hour does not make one rich, but I don’t feel obligated to give them 25% of my bill for crappy service because “they depend on tips for a living”.

  4. Straight Outta Fennville says:

    I actually hit a hard 8 for the dealers at the 4qs on my last trip. One of the dealers pointed me out to a CW and she took extremely good care of me the rest of my time at the table.

    A couple guys used to work dice at the REAL Binions and I recognized them in January at Casino Royale. Musta gotten the shaft during the buyout. Way to move up in the world boys! You deserve it for how hard you hustle tips from the players.

    In other news, Chapter 4 is now posted. The boys hit the Hard Rock and meet the ever intriguing Chantel. We should play count the TAI references. This chapt. ‘s is real easy if you listened to last week’s shows.


    Thanks for reading.

  5. Roosterman says:

    Hi, got a suggestion for the home page, how about displaying the current time in Vegas. Would be very convient for us out-of-towners to know, I’m lazy ,you can work out daylight savings!

    The dream’s alive, ‘Supercoach’ Fittler doesn’t know how to lose (2-0), If we beat the storm, we’ll make the semi’s.

  6. Admin says:

    Roosterman ‘Supercoach’ Fittler doesn’t know how to lose, not only that but he also doesn’t know you spell the word Cat with a C not a K…

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