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For the Little People

Catch up on all the gossip from our bracket comp, ohh and not long now until baseball season. What do midgets and plastic bike rack have in common? Brian and Tommy’s work, thats what. The city of Las Vegas pulls out all the stops and paint the rocks green.

Our final casino review is The Silverton, check it out if your a fisherman or a stoner. It does have bowling for dwarfs, that is way more fun than normal bowling.

Our first off the strip recommendation is a French restaurant that makes Tommy uneasy. And for the other pick it’s a strip club that turns into not a strip club after 4am. Tommy Dutch takes the time to put together a list with his Top 5 hated alumni. And we end the show with hookers for Jesus.

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  1. Hawkeye Brad says:

    If I show up at a strip club at 4am, there better damn well be strippers there. Why would they get rid of the strippers at that time? 4am-6am is the best time to go. There’s nothing like the feeling of riding home in a cab at 6am with the sun coming up smelling like stripper juice.

  2. brian says:

    “Stripper Juice” seems like it should be a sexy phrase, so why do I feel slightly queezy?

    Play for Monday. It’s clear that in the sports betting world I’m a bubble team that should be in the NIT not the big dance so I will bet accordingly.

    Kansas St. -5 over DePaul

    This seems too good to be true. K st. was a team that many experts (TD included) felt had earned the right to play in the NCAA’s yet they’re sitting in the NIT at a #2 seed. The only thing I know about Depaul is that they are on the short list of schools that accepted me as a student. And as Arizona proved, that’s a losing proposition.

    Kansas St. -5
    Record: 34-23-3 (Still at 60%…If you round up…I’ll go away now)

  3. trainfan says:

    I think an immediate test of the new “vertically challenged” co-worker is in order to find out if his sense of humor meets the Not Iowa level of acceptance.

    I would like Brian or TD to approach him and inquire about his interest in a few guest spots on the podcast.

    Trainfan’s suggested first three assignments:

    1. Breakdown the Jockey’s for the Kentucky Derby
    2. Offer a weekly best play for an “under” bet
    3. Attempt to set the record at the Silverton’s Minature Bowling Alley

    Other ideas welcome –

  4. trainfan says:

    Apparently, in an effort to rush to Pac Man Jones’ defense and show that it’s vegas that’s bad not the NFL players :

    “Miami Dolphins linebacker Joey Porter was accused of punching Cincinnati Bengals offensive lineman Levi Jones after police said the players exchanged trash talk at a casino blackjack table.

    Porter was issued a summons on a misdemeanor battery charge after the Sunday altercation that began inside the Palms hotel-casino, Las Vegas police Officer Martin Wright said. ”

    A Cincinnati Bengal in trouble with the law? no way!

  5. trainfan says:

    How exactly do you trash talk at a Black Jack table?

    “If you don’t shut your mouth I’m gonna split these queens!” ?

    “You said what about my mother? I’m gonna hit this four against the six just to show you whose tougher!!” ”

    “F you. I’m doubling on my 14.”?

    What I want to know is how much the two dopes lost while trash talking – and whether the dealer was egging them on.

  6. Raisin_Bran says:


    I would love to hear your thoughts on KU -9 this Thursday… I just saw SIU’s 3rd leading scorer is doubtful for the game.

    Needless to say I love it!

  7. Straight Outta Fennville says:

    Notice that Joey Porter hit Levi Jones. The Dolphin is in trouble. Levi is my boy! My dad coached him all 4 years at Eloy Az’s Santa Cruz Union High. He walked on at ASU with an academic scholarship (save your jokes) and really made himself into a great player. He is a world class talker and with Ocho Cinco in the same lockerroom I am sure his smack has even improved. looks like he got under JP’s skin pretty well. Good guy who gives back a lot to community that desperately needs it.

    In a related Little Person/Fennville’s dad coaching note…Before we moved out west my dad was also the Pee Wee baseball coach of a 7 year old Verne “Mini Me” Troyer in Centreville, MI. Mini Me was all of 27 inches tall and had an on base percentage of 1000 and only 1 or 2 official at bats. He was either the lead off man or picked up rbi after rbi when he pitch hit with the bases loaded. I don’t care who you are, I bet you’re not going to find that strike zone.

  8. Straight Outta Fennville says:

    pinch hit (my bad)

  9. mofobes says:


    Your dad must have been a fan of St. Louis Browns owner, Bill Veeck, who was famous for sending 3’7″ midget Eddie Gaedel up to pinch hit on 8/16/51. Not surprisingly, Gaedel walks on four pitches. Gaedel’s jersey number? 1/8. The full story is great –


  10. mofobes says:

    I too am one of those baseball loving fools with dipperfc & tommy. actually heading down to phoenix tomorrow with my college buddies for our annual spring training trip. 8 games in seven days, not in the same stadium twice and this year we threw in a phoenix coyotes/ anaheim ducks game for good measure. baseball by day, steak houses, strip clubs, and poker by night , it is the best vacation EVER! if you like baseball, you’ve got to try it.

    i won’t be able to check back in until next wednesday, so have a great week guys (and gal or two).

    good luck with the bball pics and catch up with y’all next week.

    Let’s Go, A’s!

  11. Dutch says:

    stripper juice, midgets and baseball man! this show isn’t about vegas, it’s about america!

    raisin bran, i think kansas is the only side worth looking at but be careful. s. illinois is very good. they have one of the best young coaches in the country, play incredibly inspired on both ends of court and never let up. shaw is listed as doubtful, if he doesn’t play i can’t see the game staying close for more than about 25 minutes. i could see kansas by 5 and i could see kansas by 25 but i really can’t see the upset here.

  12. Dutch says:

    it just seems trendy to make consecutive posts

  13. mofobes says:

    well dutch, we’re still keeping it vegas, since the two of us who live here are writing posts at 3 am. gotta love living here!

  14. brian says:

    Well, I’m under 60% and falling faster than a midget on a bike rack…

    Play for Tuesday: Golden St. +7.5 over Utah

    Utah is very quietly having an unbelievable season,, but they’re in a bit of a funk right now. They’ve dropped 4 in a row. The Warriors on the other hand have won 6 of 7 and covered 7 of 8. I think Utah will win but I’m playing the Golden St. to keep it close.

    Record: 34-24-3

  15. Steve in West Palm says:

    Brian & Tommy, this wouldn’t happen to be the new guy in your office?


  16. devildog says:

    Tough night for Al Thornton..

  17. trainfan says:

    Steve – my eyes are watering I was laughing so hard at that video – the cop was doing everything he could to not crack up. And I do think this might be B’Mo’s and TD’s little person – I’m sure his quote must have come from Brian –

    “Every time it’s always someone trying to stop me from making money.” –
    Usually 11 and 12 seeds.

  18. devildog says:

    This is totally off the wall, but what happened to Wisconsin-Green Bay this year? First in the Horizon..?? So much for pre-season predictions..

    Seeing Tony Bennett coaching Washngtn St, takes me back to when he was playing in the Dance with the ‘Phoenix’, ’94 was it?..

    Excuse me for a minute–(“YOU KIDS GET OFF MY SNOW BANKS!!”)

  19. devildog says:

    Brian.. found this under notable alumni of Wisconsin-GB..Nick Mortensen, stand up comic..also runs a blog about the Packers.

  20. brian says:

    Wow, you know it’s a small school when a comic with a blog is one of your notable alumni. I wish I had gone there, they might have named the library after me (Or at least a booth at the local college bar). But I alas I went to Arizona where I had to compete with juggernauts like Greg Kinear, Geraldo Rivera, and Craig T. Nelson from coach.

  21. Straight Outta Fennville says:

    You know what is so sweet about Trainfan posting about Levi and Joey Porter throwing down at the 21 table? Jim Rome opened his take on the incident with damn near the exact wording Tranfan used that morning on “How do you talk trash at the Black Jack table?”

    Could Rome be a listener of This Ain’t Iowa and has chosen not to post yet?

  22. Hawkeye Brad says:

    Steve- f’in great video. Stories like that are what make Vegas so great. I’m willing to bet that’s the same way BMo and TD got hired. Someone saw them begging for money at the sportsbooks and decided to give them a job commentating on games so they could “make an honest living”.

  23. trainfan says:

    OR…………could Trainfan be ROME?!?!?!

  24. brian says:

    My play for Wednesday

    Clippers +6.5 over Bucks

    This game smells like a trap, but what the fuck, I’ve been bait before. The reason the line is so skewed for Milwaukee is that the Clips are playing their 6th straight game on the road and that’s a grind for any team. But at this point in the season I like to bet on the teams that have a reason to play. After a big win in Chicago last night and another meltdown by the Warriors, LAC is only 1/2 game out of the final playoff spot. A win over a bad Bucks team who hasn’t had anything to play for since Reagan was in office would be huge. I believe the Clips take this out right, but there’s nothing wrong with having a little cushion.

    Clippers +6.5
    Record: 35-24-3

  25. dipperfc says:

    hey mofobes that trip your taking to spring training has me very jealous!
    (i just read it before starting work)
    guys do you ever bet on horse racing? is there a track in Vegas?
    ps Steve a great link to you tube! cracked me & my workmates up.

  26. devildog says:

    I like playing the Thorough-breds some, but I have a brother who really knows the harness curcuit.

  27. Dutch says:

    the university of west florida has a famous alumni group that includes

  28. Straight Outta Fennville says:

    As for your takes on the Silverton………….here are my thoughts:


  29. Straight Outta Fennville says:

    “OR…………could Trainfan be ROME?!?!?!”

    Yeah right Van Smack!

  30. Steve in West Palm says:


    That was hilarious! Thanks for raising the bar on the message board, keep up the good work. I especially enjoyed the BK ad at the end… WTF?!

  31. Raisin_Bran says:

    absolutely hilarious SOF….

    Gettin ready to catch a plane to Vegas, can’t wait for midgets, hookers under 40 bucks, and embracing my inner degenerate!!!

  32. brian says:

    Absolutely brilliant Fenn. Way to step up.

  33. brian says:

    Plays for Thursday

    Memphis +3.5 over Texas A & M
    Tennessee +4.5 over Ohio St.

    All 4 of these teams had scares in the 2nd round so I’ll be interested to see who steps up. Very small plays on the dogs tonight.

  34. brian says:

    Tennessee +4.5
    Memphis +3.5

    Record: 36-24-3

  35. patch406 says:

    Dudes. I hit that link from Fenville on my blackberry. After “forever”, well let’s just say I have a new ringtone to replace my “make it rain” winner.

  36. Dutch says:

    as the numbers have moved i now only have one play today.

    Pitt +3.5

    If anyone cares I also have Texas A&M ML -140 and Kansas ML -450 but those don’t fit the ctiteria for TIA official plays.

    Record 36-16-2

  37. devildog says:

    If I wuz there, I’d do this..

    Kansas -4.5
    Ohio St -0.5

  38. patch406 says:

    On second thought I’m going back to “make it rain” for my ringtone. I love Fennvile, but his voice just isn’t the preferred soundtrack while I’m punchin’ strippers.

  39. devildog says:

    I just recalled this..

    Vols-66 @ Buckeyes-68

    ..for what it’s worth..

  40. Straight Outta Fennville says:

    Good! I would hate to be involved in any of that type of activity.

  41. devildog says:

    Julian Wright,you are filth!! Et tu Jayhawks.

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