Embrace Your Inner Degenerate

Faking Orgasms

It’s not just for ladies anymore.

Topics on the day include a nearly finalized TAICon12 agenda, B-Mo’s potential upcoming acting work, trying to be smarter than a smartphone, Bob in Vegas blurs the line between roommate and rapist and some passive-aggressive birthday gifts from Mom. Who the fuck is that guy with Jodie Sweetin?

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One Response to Faking Orgasms

  1. Kurtaz says:

    A book on tape ring? That’s hardcore… Is that how the blue hairs roll in Tuscon these days? I think Mamma BMO should get a guest spot on the show and further discuss this.

    Too funny man – Looks like I’m gonna need to stop being a cheap ass and sign up for the TAI Bonus content now.

    Thanks for the laughs boys!

    CM – The only TAI fan of “Tony” Fridays

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