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Did the Sopranos Let Their Audience Down

Welcome to the first Wednesday of TAI. Wondering what to expect? So Are Brian and Tommy.

We begin the day with Dutch addressing onslaught of insults that have been fired at him all week. He says he doesn’t mind, but inside he’s crying. Other topics include, The Sopranos series finale, Paris trades in favors for an early release, and former NFL stars playing dress up.

Finally, after much anticipation, the debut of a new contest. Do you think you know our hosts? If you do an entire collection of worthless prizes may be yours.

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53 Responses to Did the Sopranos Let Their Audience Down

  1. Johnny Tulip says:

    Here are my picks for the contest.

    1. I have thrown and landed exactly 1 punch in my life. (Brian)If this is Tommy’s then he lied because I know of two punches. He threw on at me and Scott Hootman
    2. I was caught by a police officer during a romantic encounter with a girl in my car. (Tommy) although it is hard to imagine Tommy isn’t gay after all he does like the Gilmor Girls.
    3. I have a scar across half of my abdomen from a botched childhood surgery. (Brian) I think he talked about this in a previous episode.
    4. I was suspended for 5 days in high school for stealing a fire extinguisher. Jesus Christ (Tommy)
    5. I have been published in a popular national magazine. (Brian) – He sounds like the smarter one, if that is possible.
    6. I have never ice skated. (Tommy) – I think he is more the Greg Luganis type than the Brian Bortano type.
    7. I agreed to eat a piece of dog shit for $2,000. (Brian) – Tommy doesn’t eat meat right?
    8. I dated an eskimo. (Tommy) – I really don’t have a reason for this one.
    9. I referred to a group of bikers as “smelly homeless men” during a drunken stupor at a bar. (Brian) – That is just plain stupid to do that.
    10. I hate Jimmy Buffet, but have been to 7 of his concerts. (Tommy) – I know it’s not Avril Laviene, but hey you can’t be gay all the time can you?

    Hopefully one of my prizes is a waterbong of some sort.

    We should stop giving Tommy all the shit about being gay. I do remember a couple episodes ago when Brian said something about a dude on his back and beating him with a stick. I think you both squat to pee!!!

  2. Johnny Tulip says:

    Top Ten shows.

    10. Wonder Women – I always wondered what was going on in my pants.

    9. Six Million Dollar Man – Nanananananananana

    8. BJ McKay – Who the hell wouldn’t want a Semi and a pet monkey seriously.

    7. The Price is right – The old Silver Fox Bob Freakin Barker.

    6. The Office – Hillarious

    5. Incredible Hulk – You won’t like me when I’m angry

    4. That 70’s show – Mostly because I knew what they were laughing at in the circle.

    3. Mcguyver – The things you can do with duct tape, chewing gum, and a ball point pen.

    2. The Fall Guy – I not the kind to kiss and tell, but I’ve been seen with Farrah.

    1. The A-Team – It is a damn good thing the Army were such bad shots.

  3. brian says:

    I think Tommy was right about you Johnny, you must get the kind bud. That would explain why you seem to be hearing a different show than the rest of us. Beating a guy on his back with a stick? That doesn’t sound gay, it sounds like a hate crime.

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