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Defective Unit

Ahh what a start to the week for Tommy, find out why he’s back on the cell phone. Ohh the rage, the show is taped one day early and you guys bombard the message board. It’s nba allstar weekend, are you staying at the Palms?

Off the strip all the way this week. We start by giving the off the strip recommendations, a pizza joint that feels like home and an uptight restaurant. Hooters casino is this weeks review as we move off the Vegas strip for the first time.

We update you on our sports betting from the past weekend and we offer you a good old fashion prop bet involving crime. And our this ain’t Iowa segment is sure to instill faith in the LVPD.

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  1. devildog says:

    Speaking of the “Euro-trash look..it brought to mind Goran
    Visnjic(aka Roman* & Maurice). He had that hanging-ash thing down cold.

  2. mofobes says:

    yeah, you guys were dead on about hooters. it is just awful. the worst thing about my one and only trip there was when i signed up for their “orange card” players card. the women who signed me up told me, “unless you are betting $25 a hand for 4 hours, don’t even bother trying for comps” wtf? don’t they want to encourage people to play at that dump. for $25 a hand i could get comps at any of the big strip casinos.

    no need to fell sorry for jack binion, he sold his stake in binions to his sister just before she drove it into the ground and then became a billionaire when he sold his tunica properties. he is now working for steve wynn in macau.

  3. mofobes says:

    this should be a cool weekend, i have my first group of friends in town visiting and we are going to a supposedly really good restaurant out in summerlin and then are going to check out red rock. on saturday, we are headed to mirage for dinner at their italian restaurant and then seeing LOVE. i’ll pass on any cool stories or baller/celeb sightings.

    hey tommy, i finally checked out the hilton and their sports book last weekend. i now know why you like it so much. it is a great sports book. i also like how you get 25% off of all restaurants at the hilton as a local.

    i also took my first baseball futures bet. i took the over for season wins on my Oakland A’s @ 84.5. i love that bet. the A’s haven’t won that few games since 1998.

  4. Straight Outta Fennville says:


    That is a frightening scene. Just awful! I would much rather picture Bob Denver burning tree than that.

    When I went to Spain in college people told me I stuck out because I always wore my Tigers hat. Well, I might have stuck out in a New Era 50/50, but that is way better than all of the Capri pants matched with Soccer jerseys I saw at the Luxor last June.

    We need the dollar to get stronger against the Universal Slot Token if for no other reason than to keep Hans and Franz on the Coast Del Sol and out of the Gold Coast.

    The Euros in Vegas are a lot like the FIBs that all roll out of Chi-Town and up here to Michigan for weekends. They think they are way better than us, but their money spends all the same.

    Another blistering week on the board. I can hear tomorrow’s show already when Mollica salutes us all for the 19 or 20 comments we have posted.

  5. devildog says:

    Here are my picks for tonight..

    UCLA -12 @ Arizona St
    (No Contest…I said that last time)

    USC +6.5 @ Arizona
    (Trojans have best Cheerleaders in Pac 10)

    Stanford -13 vs Oregon State**
    (13 pts just too much to lay,so I suggest teasing with UCLA..
    like..Bruins -9\Stanford -7.5

    **Key Macth-up: The key to this game at Palo Alto will be the 2 big-men. Rich Kelley will have a tough time backing in on Lonnie Shelton,but at 7′ “The Goose” should should be able use his deadly jumpshot to lead the Indians to victory.

  6. Paigow Pete says:

    I’m probably one of the few people that remember the ol’ San Remo fondly. They used to have this great $4.99 steak and egg breakfast (1:00 am – 6:00am). Many a fine time was spent drying out at 4:00 am…..

    Useless non Gilligan John Denver trivia: Denver didn’t write “Take Me Home Country Road”. In fact, when he recorded it he had never even been to West Virginia. Two musicians, Bill Danoff and Taffy Nivert, wrote it while driving to Maryland – they’d never been to West Virginia either.

    And speaking of USC Cheerleaders:
    cute, but not too smart…………

  7. Trainfan John says:

    This line from a Vegas trip report really cracked me up:

    “I didn’t get to Tommy Rockers for my favorite ribs this trip. I read they are thinking of becoming a strip joint. If they keep the ribs I guess I’ll put up with the strippers.”

    …or maybe it’s the six-pack. Looking forward to a new show tomorrow!

  8. devildog says:

    paigow–That is pretty funny.

  9. KGB says:

    I didn’t know that about John Denver and the lyrics, but I assure you he is well-respected in the Mountain State now. As a WVU alum and a football season ticket holder (long drive from Michigan but well worth it 7 times a year), we always look forward to singing Country Roads after the game, because it means another Mountaineer win.

    For a story on the Jerry West statue…http://msnsportsnet.com/page.cfm?story=10501&cat=exclusives

  10. Straight Outta Fennville says:

    The Mountaineers have a hell of a coach. They lost a good assistant when Butch Jones left for the CMU job. Butch grew up in Saugatuck….just around the corner from Fennville.

  11. devildog says:

    Nice article on the Jerry West statue. On another note, I heard someone on Sporting News Radio say that the Celtics should resign Kevin Pittnogle since their season is in the tank. I guess he was seen at the Wst Va game last weekend,I assumed he would be playing in Europe(along-side Taylor Coppenrath?)

  12. Straight Outta Fennville says:

    Tick Tock boys. It is now afternoon on Friday and I am getting far too much accomplished.

  13. devildog says:

    I checked out the latest Behend the Bricks (Feb 14th)..

    Pretty good stuff..I’m gonna see if I can locate a Tony Woods DVD.

  14. devildog says:

    I was curious if anyone had ever heard of the Hollywood Race & Sports Book? It apparently was located acrossed from the Mint.

  15. brian says:

    Hey all. I just wanted to apologize for the delay. Our producer Tony has been out of town the last few days and God knows Tommy and I aren’t qualified to produce the show. We’re barely qualified to host it. It should be up this weekend. Thanks for your patience. If you want a teaser, Tommy talks about how stressful it is managing all of the women in his life, and I pretend to understand what that’s like.

  16. Paigow Pete says:

    Hey KGB……….

    Try going from Southern Cal to Piscattaway!!!!!

  17. Johnny Tulip says:

    Great Show Guys! I have been listening here and there for a while, and I have to say I am very entertained. Anyway I heard Tommy talk about a good resturant called Amore. He said they had a bunch of pictures of Chicago sports legends. Does that consist of Ron Santos and an Old Style can?

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