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David Hasselhoff’s Swan Song

As usual, the week Brian and Tommy decide to ditch work ends up being one of the most eventful of the year. Topics include, fallout from Mayweather vs. DeLaHoya, Hassaelhoff on his way out of Vegas, and why you should steer clear of parking lots.

As though that weren’t enough, stay tuned for a barrage of phone calls (granted they’re all from one guy), the #25 best casino in Vegas, Tommy Dutch back on the betting bandwagon, and a religious cult so fantastic it may make a believer out of Brian.

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32 Responses to David Hasselhoff’s Swan Song

  1. Dutch says:

    There it is, Cincinnati RL -185 @ the Palms.

    This game may have more runs scored than most games I like to bet, but Cincy should score their share.

    I have the advantage in starting pitching (Arroyo v. Wolf) I have an offense that scores runs in bunches and has historiclly hit Wolf very well.

    If Arroyo gets knocked around early and I’m stuck with the Reds bullpen I’m in trouble. A quality start and I should win. Dodger Stadium is a pitchers park and Arroyo has 6 of 7 quality starts this year. Plus nearly 80% last season.

    Season Total +200

  2. brian says:

    Play for Friday: Utah +6.5 over Golden St.

    God knows how I love the Warriors, but I saw some quit in them in the overtime of game 2. The same way GS had Dallas’ number during the season, the Jazz seem to own GS. I’m jumping off the bandwagon and taking Utah with the points.


  3. Trainfan John says:

    My prediction for #1 of top 25 Casino’s: The Palms

    Target Date for Hearing #1: November 2nd

    Odds of the show sticking to format and broadcasting for 25 consecutive Friday’s – I’m setting the line at 125 to 1

  4. Rick in Reston says:

    On the Realeans…

    “Sounds like a bunch of guys who wanted to bang hookers and get a tax break.”


  5. Rick in Reston says:

    So I’m sitting watching PTI after listening to this Friday’s show. And right there is a commercial starring our very own Brian Molica…

    “BOO big headed friend. HOORAY BEER!”

  6. Dutch says:

    odds on the TAI #1 casino in 2007:

    Palms 3 to 1
    Rio 5 to 1
    Bellagio 7 to 1
    Wynn 10 to 1
    Ceasars 12 to 1
    MGM 12 to 1
    Mirage 15 to 1
    Paris 18 to 1
    Hilton 25 to 1
    S.Pointe 50 to 1
    Red Rock 50 to 1
    N.Y./N.Y. off
    Field 40 to 1

  7. Dutch says:

    Sometimes Randy Wolf just blanks you for 7 innings, oh well. I feel the baseball bettors out there thinking “how can this guy lay that type of number and take the + run line.” I think I’ll prove the value over time, but I readily admit I look like an idiot everytime I lose one of those.

    Coming back with a reasonable # today. San Fransico -115, it’s -107 @ the Hilton but for me it’s not worth driving across town for $8. I think Colorado is going to play well for the next month and I think Jeff Francis will be an important part of it. I’ll be on them a bunch in weeks to come. However, Francis hasn’t been himself yet and this is a Giant lineup that hits him well when he’s on. More importantly S.F. has Barry Zito on the hill. Francis is good, Zito is great. I’m on the Giants -115

    Season Total: +15

  8. Steve in West Palm says:

    I haven’t had a “Whatchamacalit” candy bar in 15 years, but you have somehow managed to bring ’em up in in recent podcasts… Is there a TAI sponsorship deal with them?
    Now that I think about it, a Whatchamacalit does sound pretty good…

  9. Trainfan John says:

    There’s a vending machine in my office building that sells Whatchamacalits. I have about one a month – I’m much more of a dark chocolate Milky Way fan.

    Brian – you also mention Survivor watching. Do you not think Yao Man is playing one of the top 3 games of all time??

  10. brian says:

    I haven’t seen a whatchamacallit in about a decade, but there are these recesses in my brain that retain stupid bits of trivia and random childhood memories, and having grown up as a fat kid, many of my memories are chocolate related.

    Yao Man is definitely playing an amazing game, especially for a 50 year old man who weighs all of 74 lbs. He may be running into trouble though, he’s gonna have to dodge bullets to stay alive next round.

  11. Hawkeye Brad says:

    Top Ten Predictions:
    1. Wynn
    2. Palms
    3. Rio
    4. Bellagio
    5. Caesars
    6. Mirage
    7. MGM
    8. Hilton
    9. South Point
    10. Bill’s/Barbary

  12. Hawkeye Brad says:

    It wouldn’t surprise me with the Top 25 list if when BMo & TD start talking about hotels they reviewed months ago they just reply parts of old episodes, because they’re that lazy.

  13. Trainfan John says:

    I don’t think so. I think Earl cracks the whip down on Cassandra for straying last time and Boo will go out next unless he wins immunity – in which case Dreams will get to drive his new truck home.

    Final three will be Earl, Cassandra and Yao – and we may end in a situation where the winner of the final challenge doesn’t take the easiest to win against. I’m sure Yao would take Earl to the final two – and I’ve a hunch Earl would do the same. Who knows how that vote would turn out?

  14. dipperfc says:

    Dutch – Zito -I’m on this because I think Zito can string W’s together when he is “on” & he is, & this is another chance for him to beat a NL line-up, I mean he has beaten the best AL line-ups the last few years & here he is against COLO at a good price! Gotta be on it!

    Tony – Go the Saints!! I hope you cleaned up – I did (I f**king hate the Swans/Bloods), but buddy are you going to post some more tips?? C’mon get off the piss for a few hours & sort it out! Cheers!

  15. dipperfc says:

    I havn’t been able to listen to the last 2 PODS,but from reading the posts things are v.funny!….Go Steve in WP,Fennville,Patch,Trainfan(mate!-sorry-i mean Buddy!-I will sniff out the friends of TAI V.soon-just need the kids to stop screaming & have a minute on the net)+ Where is T & MoFobes(Go dem’ A’s)???

  16. Bosco says:

    Wow, gentlemen. It’s been at least 6 episodes with no Bluegrass State Bashing. What’s the deal?

    And Tommy…even (or maybe especially) with Arroyo on the mound, a bet on my beloved Reds is ill advised at this juncture. Seems like every time he’s pitching a shit kickin game, they decide they can’t score.

  17. Admin says:

    Dipper I haven’t had time to post any tips, due in part to the fact I was in the house to see the saints take down the swans. The only game I’m looking to take a play on the week is the dockers V hawks. Give me the dockers at -14.5. And to change things up I’m going to take the Storm -6 against the Dogs on Monday night in NRL. The storm will bounce back after there first loss and for the first time the season they will play as a team, not relying on a few talented backs.

  18. patch406 says:

    Here’s the leadpipe LOCK of the week for quote of the episode:

    Author: BMO

    Quote: “So I’m taking a huge shit….”

    Runner Up:

    Tommy D doing the impression of Trainfan’s “It’s Trainfan checkin’ in”.

  19. patch406 says:

    Any of you donkdicks watching the NHL playoffs? The last two games have been amazing with some last second magical goals. First the RedWings put in a friggin’ miracle on ice and then the Sabers pull the goalie and orchestrate a phenomenal scoring effort with 5 seconds left.

  20. Admin says:

    Ok a few more picks, something a little bit different. Big Brother Eviction Number 2(Double Eviction) get on TJ $1.14 and Bodie at $1.22, I know the are very short but this is a lead pipe lock.

    In the Australian Federal Election take a look at the Prime Ministers seat of Bennelong. Look for an upset with the high profile Maxine McKew squeezing out a win for Labor, which pays $3.75.

    Back to sport look for Mark Webber to make a points finish at the Spanish Formula 1 GP, Starting out of 19th it’ll be an uphill battle, but with the freedom in his fuel load could spring a suprise and is great value at $5.00

  21. patch406 says:

    Found this in the Seattle Post Intelligencer, but it’s a great story for the “this ain’t mass.” Bet this beats this weeks this ain’t iowa. I know some folks who work at this hospital. A “shit” related traumatic event….this story is SO square in my wheelhouse. Notice that the victims work at the Australia Aquaculture Fish Farm. Full Circle.


  22. Trainfan John says:

    LMAO Patch. My fiance found this story earlier today and asked if I wanted to up a link to it here. I said no – I think Tommy’s getting tired of all the shit talk – so I’ll let it rest.

    It’s good to have someone who will keep pushin’ the envelope on board.

  23. Dutch says:

    I hate losing, it makes me wish I was a meth addict. Down two in a row and I’m betting on the Cubs today. Wow! If you want my analysis check it out at DonBest.com click cubs/phillies.
    Pick is the Cubs +100 (Hilton)

    Season Total -100

  24. Trainfan John says:

    The Cubs? Ugh. I’ll check out your analysis – but on a purly Karma based play I don’t see how the Cubs could be counted on to bust up a losing streak. Now, the White Sox on the other hand……….:)

  25. dipperfc says:

    Nice work on the Dockers tip Tony,I was nervous early (down 27 as well as the -14.5 start!) & nervous late!

    Fremantle 14.12 (96) to 11.14 (80)

    But you still got the cash. Keep em’ coming your going well.

  26. brian says:

    Play for Sunday: Detroit -3 over Chicago

    It’s become clear that I have no idea what’s going on in the west, so I’m switching coasts and loading up on the Pistons. This line opened at -1.5 and is as high as -3.5 in some books. I can’t figure out what the Bulls have done have done in this series to to warrant this number, but I’m not convinced.


  27. Slashdogx says:

    Trainfan, very excellent job at the new website. I must admit, it will take me a bit of time to get the flow of it and a sense of what should be posted here vs. what is best placed on the FTAI site. I think I will go to the TAI site as a path to FTAI when I check things out.

    Things that I like about that site are:
    * Additional data about the listeners
    * The threads provide a more perminate repository of information about specific hotels etc.
    * General organisation of topics. This helps since the TAI common thread can now reach 100 posts a show and it can be difficult to get throught the whole thing.

    Sharing of the promo codes for hotel rates is already one topic that is potentially very useful

    I do wonder, however, what the potential commercial implecations are as the traffic increases. This is a topic between the hosts and Trainfan however.

    Thanks – Trainfan for the effort to create that site.


    Hawkeye Brad, Assuming that is you with the little Elvis in your picture on FTAI, it begs the question – How the hell tall are you?


    Regarding the picture Tony posted in last weeks thread: I think I saw that guy smoking a doobie (I’m old enough to use the word ‘doobie’ in stead of blunt) and staring into the fish tank at Silverton. Nice picture Tommy.


    Outside Reality, Awaiting your trip report – how did it go.


    Mofobes, Interested to hear about your experience in the latest poker events.


    Dipper, Tony, Joe, Is there a good simple web-site with AFL score and standings table that you would recommend for an aspiring fan to get more familiar with the teams.

  28. dipperfc says:

    Dutch – Go Cubbies!!

  29. patch406 says:

    This Ain’t Iowa First Annual Offical Summer Blowout
    Dates: June 10-14

    I’m getting close to pulling the trigger on a June trip. I think I’m coming out solo because I want to be out there for the WSOP and I basically want to be playing poker 24/7 so I think I’m leaving the old lady chez moi. Therefore, I’ll be staying somewhere barebones. Anybody ever stayed at the Trop? It’s seriously rockbottom in terms of price for the Strip. Anybody else going to be around?

  30. YoTime Joe says:

    BMo – You can tell dipper hasn’t listened to this podcast yet, he’s still giving Tommy support for his picks. Bad luck on the Pistons though.

    Tommy – I’m in agreement with the dude at your work Alyssa Milano is hot.

    Anyone – I want the number for the Raelians. I’m going to start a chapter in Sydney. I’ve been worshipping without even knowing about it.

  31. dipperfc says:

    I’ve just listened to this episode………I must say I think I have now seen the light!………Go the Realeans!

    How do I join??

  32. mofobes says:

    Alysa Milano is way HOT! the fact that Barry Zito got to bang her is one of the reasons i will always hold him in high regard despite his leaving my A’s for the f***ing Gigantes.

    She loves baseball and even has her own line of MLB clothes.


    Damn, what i wouldn’t give to have her holding my bat.

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