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David Copperfield Is Fucked

Just when you thought OJ had the market cornered in celebrity shame, America’s favorite illusionist appears with a warehouse full of cash.  Between that and rogue Ultimate Fighting ministers, I’m wondering if Vegas iss really as wholesome as they make it out to be.

Other topics include teachers packing heat, national coming out day, real women vs. hot plastic action, free mags and the most original Monday Night Football idea to date.  Who’s ready for some naked lube wrestling?

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  1. LetsGoHawks says:

    Just added

    ARZ/WAS U36
    TEN/HOU U38.5

  2. English Bob says:

    Aquaman, if that was all I got wrong in my post I’m happy, especially considering how much I’d had to drink by then. I took me ages to type it, I swear the keys kept moving.

    I did like Marino as a QB and he probably is the best never to win a Superbowl. My point was there’s a whole lot more than just throwing. On the same point though you have to look at quality of receivers and the defensive line as well.

  3. English Bob says:

    Brian, purely out of curiosity which Chamber of Commerce will you be working for?

    1. Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce – http://www.lvchamber.com
    2. North Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce – http://www.nlvchamber.org/
    3. Sin City Chamber of Commerce – http://www.sincitychamberofcommerce.com

    Please let it be the third – just think of the material it’ll supply 😉

  4. brian says:

    Damn it! If I had known that option 3 existed I would have been camped out outside their office begging for an internship. Unfortunately it’s #1. Also interesting how the listeners have been researching my job far more than I have. I bet we’ve tripled their web traffic over the past 2 weeks (to a total of 3).

  5. Paigow Pete says:

    okay – finally caught up on the shows!
    6 Mexicans watching me – wanting to tell me “that’s not how you jump a fence” – is that the most racist comment ever on TAI? 🙂

    traveling and not being able to study football picks do not mix!… hopefully I can get back on track this week.
    NCAAF: 22-12
    NFL: 10-10-1 (a perfect .500!).

    look forward to catching up on the show live tonight!

  6. Raisin_Bran says:

    I would take Elway over Montana any day of the week….

    No Contest…

  7. English Bob says:

    Brian, sad this is the sin city one appearred on one of my google searches. If I hadn’t found that one I wouldn’t even have bothered looking for the others.

  8. brandon says:


    What do you think of the two big hitters in the lower weight classes, Darchinyan and Arce. Both have had recent losses against good opposition (Donaire and Mijares, respectively) but they were pretty much the only two little guys that people talked about, especially since Viloria imploded against Omar Nino and then some guy I’d never heard of. I get the feeling that both these guys are going to have to settle for being the Arturo Gattis of the lower weight classes, they’ll put on a good show, but against the best they seem to fold. That last fight by Darchinyan just furthers the thought that things might not end well for him. I think those two better fight each other while there’s still some people around who will care.

    Cebu or any other boxing fans out there, what do you think?

  9. Cebu says:

    Hey Brandon,

    I was actually a fan of darchinyan at first and was thinking that Donaire, while good, may have just caught him with a good one but he struggled against Catubay last weekend. Catubay, who employs heavy bullying tactics in the ring, was supposed to be a walk in the park for Vic. Though Vic did eventually TKO him, Catubay did frustrate him and almost dropped him if not for a save by the ropes. Arce was a good fighter but watching him now it seems like he’s lost quite a bit of pop. If he does push through and moves up in weight class (he’s trying to get a fight against Penalosa at bantanweight) I don’t see a good end for him there. Viloria is a very good boxer but he became quite a local celebrity here in the Philippines and the other pursuits kinda sidetracked him from his training leading to two losses that never should’ve happened. For the littler guys, I do like Calderon. Who, I think, fights like Mayweather’s mini-me. Besides I have a lot of respect for a jr. flyweight (108) that spars against a top welterweight (147) (Mosley)

  10. Cebu says:

    and yeah. There’d certainly be a lot more buzz around a Darchinyan-Arce fight than a Arce-Penalosa fight. But I think Vic wants a rematch against Donaire pretty badly. On the upside, Donaire just arrived in Cebu today to work out and set up training camp at my gym (ALA) pretty jazzed about that

  11. brandon says:

    Completely agree about Calderon, although unfortunately he generates very little buzz in the US precisely because he is a mini-Mayweather and not a knock-out artist.

    I just think that Arce and Darchinyan need to realize that their biggest shot at a payday is to fight each other now while they’ve still got some decent buzz. If the first fight is competitive they could probably stretch it out into a trilogy, make a good chunk of money, and then spend a career as those guys who always put on a show. If they wait too long they run the risk of no one caring when they fight.

    About Donaire in your gym, sweet! You’ll have to let us know if you get to see any of the training and how he’s looking.

  12. AceRockollaUK says:

    Hi Guys, Last day in Manila, in Dubai tomorrow and good ole blighty in a couple of days, I have 5 weeks of catching up to do on shows.
    Spent time in Macau at the Wynn which was great (really nice rooms) although the Grand Lisboa was a much better gambling establishment for me.
    No sports books anywhere in sight!
    Best result was at a place called Casino Flippino in Tagaytay, Phillipines where at roulette I started with 500 pesos (about US$10) and turned it into 3500 pesos! I know its not big money but I play for pleasure and I got a load of pleasure in this charming and very friendly casino – highly recommended for anybody who should get to the phillipines.
    Anyway flight to catch.
    Ace will be back online in full effect in three days catching up on all my fellow notiowa fans world wide.

    see you soon

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