Embrace Your Inner Degenerate

Danny Gans Deserves An Apology

It’s a huge weekend in Vegas with some of the biggest names (and has beens) in music headlining around town.

If music doesn’t tickle your fancy, maybe you can enjoy an all inclusive strip club lunch package, complete with a meal, dance, and wiffle ball tournament, how to break into swimming pools, while camping alone isn’t strange at all, and don’t forget to get yourself analing probed this month.  Freebird!

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47 Responses to Danny Gans Deserves An Apology

  1. cb says:

    Danny Gans doesn’t deserve an apology. I saw him my first trip to Vegas 8 years ago on the advice of my wife’s friends. It was completely outdated even then. His big finale was “Peter Sellers as the bumbling Inspector Clouseau”. It was bad. Halfway through it, he broke out of character and was just talking in his normal voice, so I figured we was doing Peter Sellers doing Danny Gans. Sucked.

  2. brian says:

    Thank you for reinforcing my earlier prejudice cb.

    I can’t believe Tommy is taking such a trouncing in the poll. Remember, he wants a reason to get married that DOES NOT involve any kind of economic viewpoint. So all of you marriage lovers out there, post your reasoning.

  3. jsaund22 says:

    Brian, you do know that you can have a blood test to check for prostate issues, don’t you? It’s the Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test. Best of all, it’s not a finger, it’s a needle, and it isn’t inserted into your ass.

    If you have other preferences, however… 😀

  4. brian says:

    That’s weird jsaund, my doc never told me about that option. Come to think of it, he really didn’t look like my doctor. And why was his office in his apartment? Oh dear God…

  5. crackerjack says:

    I can’t believe you’re complaining about a little prostate check. I have a history of colon cancer in my family so I have to endure the always pleasant colonoscopy. Once you’ve had a tube with a camera jammed in your starfish, a little finger bang ain’t so bad.

  6. YoTime Joe says:

    Hey crackerjack….what are you up to this weekend??

  7. Dutch says:

    laying a big number tonight with the Pirates. Pittspuke (Godfather slang) is swinging the bats well and with Snell vs. Chico I’m fine with the big price

    Play is: Pittsburgh -167
    Season Total +569

  8. Hawkeye Brad says:

    Fennville – I’m reading Chapter 1 on the way home tonight…I’ll post some comments on the website by the end of the weekend.

    BMo & Tommy – I’d be glad to share some thoughts on Vegas weddings. I did some in-depth research while planning ours, so I’ll leave a voicemail in the next few days.

    As for the marriage debate, I think Tommy makes a reasonable point. Outide of government/economic/religious reasons, there isn’t a good reason to get married. But those are very good reasons in themselves. I don’t think you need a reason other than those to justify marriage.

  9. Richie says:


    Hey lads check this out
    hope it works

  10. Roosterman says:

    “So, it’s like you put a boat in a toilet” Classic TAI !!

  11. dipperfc says:

    I think the main thing RE: prostrate checks is that you make sure the Doc buys you dinner afterward……i hate to feel like a cheap slut!

  12. whit says:

    well its 10 past iphone o’clock in vegas . anyone got one yet?

  13. dipperfc says:

    Pirates come from 2-0 down to win 3-2…….Dutch $$$$$$!!!!
    Well done!

  14. whit says:

    20 mins and 45 secs in and you tell us how to get into the mandalay pool by “slipping it to some kid” tommy if i’ve got to choose between driving some dudes chocolate whiz way or staying out of the water, l’m definitely staying dry.

  15. English Bob says:

    WTF is “Wiffel Ball” – no doubt one of those strange sports you have the other side of the pond. Although as it’s a strip club I’m probably thinking of the wrong sort of ball game.

  16. Raisin_Bran says:

    Top 5 Vegas movies:

    5. Vegas Vacation
    4. Go
    3. Ocean’s 11
    2. Fear and Loathing Las Vegas
    1. Casino

    Greatest embracing your inner degenerate movie:

    Owning Mahowny (I think I would vote for Philip Seymour Hoffman if we had a male spokesman contest, has he not played some of the greatest degenerate roles ever?)

    BTW if anyone is still wondering what the Gilmore Girls is all about, here it is in a nutshell (I apologize if this has already been posted):


  17. Richie says:

    in the isle of man you get tax allowance for being married.
    also tax rate is only 10%.
    It would be cool if you could try and describe what the listeners look like the ones you aint seen.

  18. YoTime Joe says:

    1st I will say that I’m with Dutch on the marriage issue so this will seem a little strange.

    I got married in Vegas in ’99. We decided to get married in Vegas as 1 of our family members were going through the process over here and the complications they were having was giving us headaches without even being much involved. For me doing it in Vegas made the organising of it a lot easier. There was so much info available just by searching on the net. We had about 22 people come from Australia for it and this ended up being the cause of most hassles over there. Trying to please everyone or organising things for the whole group was a nightmare. Don’t do it. Just tell people where you’re going to be and if they’re not there by that time so be it.

    All of the big stuff was done over the net, Church, Photographer & Restaurant for the reception. We arrived 2 days beforehand to organise everything else. The only problem with this was the bucks & hens night was on the 1st night so we weren’t in the best of form the day before with the flowers, cake, limousine & girls make-up artists to be sorted. But it’s Vegas and all’s you need is a phone directory and car to get around in. It ended up being no problem at all.

  19. Richie says:

    im not eating peanut butter ever again

  20. Richie says:

    shit im 40 in July i need an ass probe got to have several beers before i let some faggot doc finger probe my ass.

  21. YoTime Joe says:

    Hey Richie do you get peanut butter over there? Was the only thing keeping me from going.

  22. brian says:

    I apologize. I should have made that analogy more accessible to listeners around the world. For our Aussie friends:

    “Have you ever tried to get the last bit of Vegemite from the bottom of the jar?”

  23. YoTime Joe says:

    That’s much better Brian now I know what was going through your head. I could’ve have done without it.

    By the way on my way home while listening to the podcast I nearly got into 3 fights and everyone was staying well away from me I was laughing that much.

  24. jimmymac says:

    Brian seems to think that the air is clean,and it’s boring
    in “Ames Iowa”…Well,he’s right!I just moved from Ames to Vegas a week ago,small world! I’d love to do a meetup with you dudes sometime,so let me know what works for you.E-mail me…

    Thanks for the chuckles…

  25. buckeyekid says:

    Brian, Can’t take a little anal probing even if it means saving your life by early detection of either colon or prostate cancer (which I think you totally got confused; shit has absolutely nothing to do with prostate cancer)? You got Yo Time Joe’s package just in time: Brian, Harden the Fuck Up!

  26. brian says:

    It’s true Buckeye, my issue was colon related, although he threw in the prostate check since he was up to his wrist in ass anyway.

    Welcome to Vegas Jimmymac. I definitely would love to meet up with you. I think we have some listeners coming to town next week. Drop me an email and we’ll work something out.

  27. YoTime Joe says:

    Buckeye & Brian I don’t know whether the wristband will help me get through it.

  28. brian says:

    Your best bet is to put the wristband around the doc’s finger so he doesn’t go too deep.

  29. whit says:

    ok reasons why its better to be married 1- my wife said so 2- you don’t need to tidy your house ever again 3- toilets magically clean themselves 4- you eat a whole lot better. reasons not to get married 1- my wife lied 2-you wouldn’t belive the shit they collect, i mean how many porcelain pigs does one woman need! 3-they get upset when you piss on the seat 4- you eat better but the complain when you get fat. 5- when she has finished bobbing for diamonds thats it, for life

  30. Raisin_Bran says:

    bobbing for diamonds – classic!

  31. Admin says:

    I have to nominate Melbourne as the greatest sports city in the world. It’s not just the about of teams from every different kind of sport you can think of, it’s the venues that they are played in.

    The Telstra Dome is state of the art.
    We have built a tennis complex that has two movable roofs and home to one of the four tennis majors.
    A grand prix track that is the envy of the world in lovely parkland’s.
    A Moto gp event at the scary fast Philip Island.
    And the MCG is a Mecca for world sport, four words for you THE BOXING DAY TEST.
    Some of the worlds truly great golf courses, Huntingdale, Royal Melbourne…

    We have 10 AFL Teams.
    One NRL team, which is on top of the standings.
    The champs in the national soccer league.

    Added to all this is the one off events that the city is able to grab. The commonwealth games were hosted here last year, it’s like a mini Olympics with over 80 countries competing. The swimming World champs, where a purpose built pool was slotted into one of the tennis courts. Ohh I almost forgot about the Aussie Millions poker tournament. Every Single person in that town eat, sleeps and breaths sport.

  32. whit says:

    Plus Aussie’s are great at drinking larger and humping sheep

  33. whit says:

    Fishing the sport of the Isle of Man, got to -don’t fish don’t eat

  34. JR says:

    You have the Aussie’s confused with the Kiwis! I have the same problem telling my South African friends it seems you like they have adapted all the Kiwi sheep shagging jokes to Aussies.

    Although i will have to agree with you on the Beer drinking!

  35. JR says:

    BTW Guys whens the pic of the TAI Tee going up on the site?

  36. Admin says:

    JR it’ll be soon, I’ve been flooded in down here so it has slowed things down, but stay tuned.

  37. brian says:

    Yeah, I think you guys will like the shirt. Of course I was wrong about many of the details, so it’s better that you just see it. We’ll have ordering details on Wednesday’s show.

  38. brian says:

    Lots of people accuse me of being a bandwagon jumper because I’m a Yankee fan. Well, just to prove that I’m not, I’ve decided to abandon the Yankees and will finish the season as an Angels fan.

    PS – I hope Andy Pettitte is forced to undergo mandatory prostate checks every day for the rest of his life.

  39. asterion says:

    Brian, I’m pretty sure that’s the definition of being a bandwagon jumper, unless there’s some humor I’m missing.

  40. slashdogx says:

    Top Vegas Movies
    • Swingers
    • Casino
    • Vegas Vacation
    • Oceans 11
    • Viva Las Vegas (thanks for the reminder JR)

    Leaving Las Vegas probably deserves to be there, but it is too freaking depressing.


    I am still enjoying the bit from a couple of episodes back where Tommy thought that the song ‘Centerfield’ was by ‘Outfield’. It gets funnier the more I think about it. I can’t wait for the top 10 music lists to start breaking out in future episodes because I am now imagining Tommy’s will include ‘Little Red Corvette’ by the ‘Cars’ and ‘Paradise City’ by ‘Nirvana’…


    JimmyMac, glad to see nother Ames-connected person hitting the boards. Good luck in your move to Vegas. You were right in affirming to Brian that the air is clean in Ames… except if you are downwind from the pig farms during the Spring thaw.


    Got to see Biggio hit number 3000 Thursday. Great event. Should secure HOF position for him.


    I enjoyed your post on Melbourne sport Tony. I have to admit that when I was in London a few years back I gained a bit of appreciation for Cricket (which I had thought impossible previously) when the Ashes was on TV constantly. I recall seeing an older guy named Glen McGrath (of something similar) play and was quite impressed.

  41. brian says:

    Well asterion, I guess it’s safe to say that claiming not to be a bandwagon jumper by jumping on a team’s bandwagon was an attempt at humor, but don’t feel bad, I’ve spent 8 years writing jokes that can be described as “humor people are missing”.

  42. asterion says:

    Guys, click on this at your own risk. (It’s Leonard Nimoy singing.) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z2HQ1K7YyQM

    And then if you haven’t had enough, try this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NN3MGN899yE

  43. asterion says:

    Blast you, person upthread who beat me to the link! Well, at least I told you what it actually is. And you have to admit, it’d be a close race between Nimoy and Shatner for worst song to get a lap dance to.

  44. bigbadbob says:

    I just got back from Nashville and decided to catch up on the latest episode while chilling at home on Canada Day. Unfortunately, I fell asleep while Dutch was talking about guts spilling out the back of a stolen car and woke up when BMo was talking about bending over.

    Should I re-listen to the bits I missed, or will I be even more traumatized???

    BTW, I’ll never look at Mr. Spock the same way again…

  45. whit says:

    Asterion my good man,I would like to see your Shatner and raise you another Nimoy singing -If I had a Hammer.
    Oh hang on thats quite good!!! Star Trek karaoke poker , game on.

  46. Lady Grey says:

    Brian I feel a little bad about it, but I was falling off my chair laughing during the last 15 mins of this show, I had to hit pause a few times becuase I was laughing to hard to hear anymore. Again I feel bad about this, but you have to admit that it was funny. I think the best part was everytime you asked Tommy D if you understood what you were talking aout all he could say was no, and you just followed with perfect and moved right along. But I was happy to know at the end that you are well.

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