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Come to New York, well a fake New York

Shout out to our friends donbestsports.com and Hunter from ratevegas.com. We also answer feedback, even if some is a little late. Brian gets distracted and tries to turn the show into a gossip magazine.

Back on Las Vegas Tommy hangs with his best pal at the blackjack table. After our stellar review of the Luxor you might want to check out an act they have booked this weekend.

We continue down the strip and check out the New York New York. Did some one say dueling banjo’s? No we said dueling pianos’. There is a roller coaster, a Cirque du Soleil show and a few decent places to eat, but thats about it.
In the “This Ain’t Iowa” segment we wrap up the election. Who needs Fox News or CNN or Entertainment Tonight, when you have Tommy Dutch and Brian Mollica.


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4 Responses to Come to New York, well a fake New York

  1. KGB says:

    Damn right this ain’t Iowa. In Iowa they vote out their congressmen that try to ban online poker:


    I can’t believe this didn’t make the super-election episode. Maybe a follow-up on Monday?

  2. Hunter says:

    Thanks guys for the mention!

    Enjoying the podcast – keep it up!

    We should grab a beer sometime and talk about world domination via Las Vegas Podcasting.


  3. brian says:

    Absolutely KGB. We had so much in state garbage to deal with, we didn’t even get to the bigger picture. Thanks for the link. We’ll definitely cover it monday.

  4. patch406 says:

    Dude. Nice work on the picks this week. Too bad you couldn’t “commit” to the Wildcats.

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