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Come Relive The 50’s In Henderson

It’s a big weekend in Vegas for 50’s-60’s tunes, 70’s comedy, and 80’s hair metal.  So if you’re under 30, don’t bother coming.

Topics include OJ’s defense team gets a huge lift, Fobes’ devine intervention, fallout from Tommy’s pinko liberal rants, beautiful wildlife in Utah and smokey bars for Giants fans, the #7 Vegas property revealed and why aging rockers shouldn’t fight.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to find a 90 year old woman.

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72 Responses to Come Relive The 50’s In Henderson

  1. mofobes says:


    if someone has served their debt to society, served their probation and lived their life without incident for 12 years, i think that person has the right to get on with a normal life. if a person is a danger then they should not be let out. although we don’t know the circumstances surrounding his crime, comparing it to pedophilia, human slavery, a preditory monster is ridiculous and demeans the seriousness of those other crime.

    that is my feeling on these sexual predator registries. either these sexual criminals are too dangerous to society and should be locked up for life or put on a compound or something, or they should be released to live a life where people don’t hunt them down. if they are that dangerous, they should not be free. if they are rehabilitated and have served their probation, they should be free from mob justice & vigilantism.

  2. mofobes says:

    my picks this week:
    Lions +6.5
    Steelers -9
    Titans +4.5

  3. Richie says:


    ok half whit, sounds like you getting worried that me, one that knows fuck all about football,
    Will beat you,
    Come on big mouth man, put your money where your mouth is.
    Let’s see who wins.
    Pure guess work.

  4. whit says:

    Up Yours Halfling

  5. jimmymac says:

    Well stated,Fobes…and you’re right,we don’t know what exactly happened here…

    As I know Brian or Tommy don’t like good music(well,maybe Tommy does…)thought I’d let you know that we took in the Frampton/Doobie Brothers show last weekend at the Red Rock casino. Palm trees swaying,the crowd was rocking poolside,and
    I’m not sure I ever want to go to another indoor show after this one…unless it’s George Carlin.


  6. Richie says:

    oooooooooooo handbags up.
    dont call me slaphead

  7. Rick in Reston says:

    Week 3 Picks:

    Pittsburgh -9
    St. Louis +3.5
    Dallas +3

  8. Steve in West Palm says:

    Weeks 3 picks:

    NY Jets

  9. JazzyJay says:

    Week 3 Picks:

    Washington -4
    New York Jets -3
    Kansas City -2.5

  10. Steve in West Palm, Happy to see you on the Bears for Sunday night – I’ll be at the game again and hope to god they look better than they did last week against the chiefs.

  11. JR says:

    NFL Week3 Picks:


  12. LetsGoHawks says:

    Todays plays (Total 26-20)

    IND -7 HOU
    PIT -9.5 SF
    WAS -4 NYG
    KC/MIN U33.5
    DAL/CHI O41

  13. Raisin_Bran says:

    great pick of the month by the godfather… made some $$$ on that one!!!

    UCLA looked damn good in that game.

  14. Admin says:

    Week 3


  15. Table_Max says:

    My 3-0 picks for this week:


    Taking a shot at each of the other games:


  16. English Bob says:

    A quick Rugby World Cup update. My bets went 2-2 for the weekend but it could’ve worse. If you look at all 6 picks it would’ve been 2-4, so I’m happy (ish) with the results. Both of my loses where within a converted try of being wins, so I wasn’t that far off with either bet.

    My record now moves to 14-5-0 and as there are no games until Tuesday now, you all get a couple of days off.

  17. Two 4 Jaun says:

    Cinn +3 Dal+ 3 Ten

  18. patch406 says:

    Know who totally sucks? The St. Louis Rams.

  19. dutch says:

    check us out live tonight at 8 PST on DonBest.com

    the goofy picture is up now

  20. Stu says:

    Going to do my best to listen tonight. I have an exam in the morning. Well, I suppose I can give up one hour of study time for the show. Priorities, of course. :p

    The pic isn’t THAT bad, Dutch.

  21. Richie says:

    great show live will be on again next week

  22. brian says:

    Thank you and whit for staying up until the wee hours listening to facts about sports you don’t care about. Now that’s dedication!

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