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College Basketball Has Arrived

So much to talk about on this live episode of TAI brought to you by donbest.com.  Whether you want NCAA B-Ball capping or big swinging tities, we got it all.

Topics on the day include a wiffle ball rematch, leaving prime football seats at halftime, the Jayhawks get dissed by the polls again, big week for NFL road teams, and all of next week’s football lines hot off the press courtesy of donbest.com.  Did I mention I had Appalachian St. and Stanford money line?

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6 Responses to College Basketball Has Arrived

  1. brian says:

    First crab off the skank!

  2. pmac says:

    Nice one.. best 1st post ever

  3. dipperfc says:

    You stop this ‘number 1’ post thing you naughty boys!

    Trainfan will spank you for this!

  4. Lady Grey says:

    I am not sure that the threat of spanking is the way to discurage this group.

  5. pmac says:

    Spanking in general – no discouragement but the threat of being spanked by Trainfan is discouraging

  6. Lady Grey says:

    Does this mean that you know something about Trainfan that we don’t?

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