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Christmas trees in Vegas… Donkey’s

Catch up with what we did this past weekend. And just in case you wanted to know our sports picks were awful.

Brand new segment for the show…. we forgot to give it a name. Las Vegas outdoors and booze what do they have in common? This segment god damn it.

We waltz down the strip and check out the Stratosphere. The best view around, even if you’re dangling over the edge. One of the last places on the strip that has budget table games, $3 blackjack and 8,000 old ladies.

Tommy Dutch finds a new venue for family entertainment in Vegas. And we answer one of life’s biggest question, will Brian Mollica be getting a Christmas tree?

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5 Responses to Christmas trees in Vegas… Donkey’s

  1. Straight Outta Fennville says:

    The Dutch in West Michigan won’t like this pick against Grand Valley St.

    Saturday’s D2 Championship Game
    Take Northwest Missouri State and the 5 1/2 if you can find it.
    Put a bundle on the over of 49. This is going to be a track meet.

  2. Raisin_Bran says:

    Thanks for the great answer to my previous questions guys. I will definately take the tips and check out the district.

    I had a question about traffic. I’m going to stay downtown next time i come up because I’m staying over the weekend in March and the hotel prices on the strip are pretty high.

    I have stayed downtown before and have ran into some pretty crazy traffic on 15. I’m assuming the traffic gets worse according to the night life and not really traditional rush hour times. so any tips on avoiding traffic (especially when going out at night) would be appreciated or if the answer is “your screwed, don’t drive!” than don’t bother…

    I’m going Denver again, since they’ve looked so ehem good -2.5 over Arizona

  3. Lady Gray says:

    Loved today’s show, and I was glad I finaly got to one the day of the show….and I am so going to have to do the I-Pod thing so that I can have the two of you on my cute little pink I-Pod twice a week….ok, so I just love that my I-Pod is pink…

    I am hoping to be in Vegas around Christams, so depending on how we all feel about naked dancy girls at Christmas time, maybe we can cnt. the strip club review then….and maybe they will be all extra friendly like, after having spent far too much on gifts….hmm….just something to think about when planing the holidays this year.

    Brian, once again you are way too funny…and thanks to both of you for making my night….I can’t even hear about the Statosphear without fond memeories of one of my many trips to the city of sin, but you two didn’t mention that they have some sort of odd money back thing for the first time slots players there….I don’t know all the details, but it is something like this, when you first get your players card, if you play the slots while using it, after a set amount of time (2 hours I think) if you are down, they will refund that amount to you….this is a one time offer kind of thing, but if you are there, and have thing for getting the cards and/or slots, with a few hours to kill….why not?

    But I do have a question for the two of you, maybe something to talk about when you get back to mid-strip in your walk up the north side…but what is the deal with the Phantom experiance….is it any diffrent then the orig’ Phantom, just with a jazzed up name, or have they in some way changed it? If one of you two haven’t been to this show, and we don’t know anyone that has, then we will have to make plans to send someone (me, please) so that you can do a full review…

  4. Paigow Pete says:

    Wow, I really hate the lines this week (huge numbers on a lot of games; New Orleans, New England, San Diego)… but I’m gonna pick the biggest of them all!!!

    Take Da’Bears giving -13 v. Tampa Bay. And yes, I shopped the line – -13 is available (though it’s 13.5-14 in most places).

  5. patch406 says:

    Awww..finally recovered from my journey to Vegas. Man alive. I seriously have about 90 minutes of quick take material from 3 short days. I’ll fire off a small bolus soon. HOWEVER, I did buy tix to Phantom for my old lady’s birthday. I’ve been to many shows in Vegas, but Phantom was rock solid. Let me preface by stating that I’m by no means a fan of musicals. I do enjoy a little live theater now and then. My wife is a bit of a conaseiur. She had seen Phantom of the Opera I believe on broadway and in her hometown of San Francisco. I got some decent tix for about 2 bill total. I was a little stoked initally after I was given the green light to take my postmarathon cocktial (vodka/redbull) right into the theater during the perfromance. The theater was built just for Phantom and it is off the charts. I’ve heard $40 million to build it. Unreal. The show it’s self was fantastic. It was my virgin run. It’s a little streamlined lasting 90 minutes and change with no intermission. The sets are amazing. There are lots of cool special effects. All the original songs are included. My wife’s thought was that it seemed like an adaptation of the film to the stage. It was simplified a little and flashed up a little and “vegas”ed up a little if you will. It also had something I LOVE TO SEE IN VEGAS SHOWS and it seems like it always happens. It’s some lame hick jerkass getting up and walking out within about 10 minutes. I saw some clown who probably paid $250 total for him and his troll woman pull out about 30 seconds into the 2nd song. “What no zombies….and I ain’t see any titties either….I’m getting a yard of Margarita”. My wive and I had AWESOME front row seats to La Reve in it’s first week and some clown nugged here and asked what was going on and then nugged again and asked if “do you get this”….he finally left. Those seats were $150 a pop. The bottomline is that Phantom is pretty sweet. It’s not my top pick, but I really enjoyed it. “O” is a 10/10 in my book. If you’re a fan of Phantom or have seen many of the other Vegas shows…consider Phantom.

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