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Call Claudia

Tommy had a wild week in the wild with girls gone wild. Do Bmo’s past few days stack up? Three words for you WORLDS LARGEST THERMOMETER. And thanks for the feedback on the Orleans, but those uniforms are not hot.

A very special love it, hate it from our good buddy Mofobes. As a new Las Vegas resident Mofobes is able to bring you a fresh perspective to the segment, it’s the first time the Department of Motor Vehicles has been mentioned on this podcast.

A locals casino is this weeks review, but it say it’s a locals casino is underrating The Red Rock. The sports book is the best in town and the poker room isn’t half bad which is all you need when it comes to gambling as far as we are concerned. The food can be hit and miss and the entertainment is a miss. And to top this all off the Cherry night clubs entrance looks like a vertical bacon sandwich.

The week is full of nascar related stuff, everything from Mark Martin on the home shopping network, to rookies learning to cook. And we round out the show with This Ain’t Iowa, we give you two stories for the price of one.

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28 Responses to Call Claudia

  1. brian says:

    My plays for Saturday: Michigan +8.5 over Ohio St., Detroit +1.5 over Denver

    So the favorites have been letting me down so it’s time to switch gears. Ohio St. has it all wrapped up. Regardless of what happens this morning, the Buckeyes have a #1 seed in the dance. The Wolverines, however, are a bubble team playing with a purpose. I always like laying the cash on teams with something to play for.

    Denver embarassed the Pistons on their own floor last week and the Pistons have revenge on their mind. Lets face it, Detroit is the better team here and I’ll gladly take them as the underdog.

    Michigan +8.5
    Detroit +1.5

    Record: 26-15-2

  2. Straight Outta Fennville says:

    There is an hour I will never get back! Seriously though, i pulled a few nuggets out of the mix. Will have to try RR casino as I always like to get off the beaten path. Heck, I hang out at Silverton.

    Take that Grand Rapids? Alright Little Ricky, I will be sure to call the show when I cruising the Lakeshore in the splendor of 78 degrees this summer and you are taking off your shirt to use as a pot holder just so you can turn that metal knob on your ignition.

    Don’t knock massages boys. They keep me relaxed and limber about once a month and insurance covers it. I don’t care if the woman masseuse is the long lost sister of the twins riding the motorcycles on the back of the Guinness Book of World Records, it still beats having a dude work your muscles.

  3. Straight Outta Fennville says:

    Also, thanks for the nice words about my “hard work”. I can’t take much credit. Allegiantair.com lists all of the hotels and prices. All I did was copy.

  4. brian says:

    You crack me up Fenn. You posted every vacation package Allegiance Air is offering to Las Vegas, then complain that the long show was a waste of time. I guess you’re right, you could have been researching United’s deals to Hoboken. You make a good point about the summer here, but I’ll take 3 months of oppressive heat to never have to shovel snow again.

  5. Steve says:

    I just joined into the Yahoo Pickem Group it was really easy to join and make sure to check the option to be notified when the field is set so Yahoo will let you know when you can start filling out your bracket.

    Props to Brian for being joined already. Tommy D… not so much

  6. Straight Outta Fennville says:

    Not complaining Brian,
    God knows I coulda been doing less productive things. In no backhanded way I mean this. You guys are fun to listen to. I played pai gow online during the show while my daughter watched Barbie and the Magic Pegasus in 3D. Don’t laugh. Someday, you too will find yourself with the same crap on your tv. I think I wound up ahead a big $4.75. Thanks Pete! I had to try the game and now am nearly obsessed with trying to beat the thing. Will have to try some for real money next visit to the Blue Chip Casino in Michigan City, IN.

    Oh by the way, SBN to Hoboken is $463 per person for flight and 3 nights at HoJos. Does not include the Frank Sinatra Homesite tour.

  7. brian says:

    Just breaking balls Fenn. You know we love you. And forget about having kids. I want a 3D pegasus in my living room asap!

  8. bigbadbob says:

    You know, I might be a crazy Canadian, but I think hockey would work great in Las Vegas, especially if we’re talking about the Penguins moving over. That team has the most amazing young talent in all of hockey, and I don’t think they’d have any problem drawing a crowd. Think of it as any other entertainment option in Vegas. Casinos could own lodges and season tickets, and it would be a new source of revenue for them to exploit.

    Honestly, my city has the most storied team in hockey (24 Stanley Cups for Montreal Canadiens), but who the hell wants to come visit this place when it’s 40 below zero??? I’m sure many of the tourists from outside North America would consider watching a hockey game as a new experience, but no way would they come to Montreal, Toronto, New York, etc in the dead of winter to experience it. If they’re already in Vegas for a vacation, why not provide them with that extra entertainment option? Considering they’d get to watch Crosby and Malkin work their magic, I think it’s a win-win situation.

    And even though fighting is perfectly legal in hockey, I think it’s a much safer bet than having an NBA team in Vegas!

    And one last thing: don’t tell me it couldn’t work because Vegas isn’t cold enough… The top teams in the league right now are Nashville, Anaheim and San Jose, and they aren’t exactly winter destinations themselves!!

  9. Dutch says:

    come on hockey in Vegas? next thing you know we’ll try baseball in Montreal!

  10. Dutch says:

    Give me Arkansas over Mississippi St. in a pick. These teams are very similar, but Arkansas is a bit quicker and coached a bit better. I think it should be a pk in Starkville but not on a nuetral. This game will be tight til late but I believe the better team finds a way to win with the NCAA’s and possibly Stan Heath’s job on the line.
    By the way Arkansas, if you fire this guy I assure you that your next coach will not be this good. Stick with him and win 20+ a year for the next decade. Good luck hog breath

    Today’s Pick Arkansas Pk Record 23-11-2

  11. Straight Outta Fennville says:

    I nominate “Crazy Dude with a Knife at the Grocery Store” for this week’s Not Iowa segment.


  12. trainfan says:

    If you’re going to put slot machines in the local Food 4 Less…………

    I mean seriously – I’m as much for the degenerate gambler as anyone and I know the groceries here in Illinois all have the lottery machines – but a slots area in the Grocery Store? What crowd is that aimed at and how could it be considered anything close to adding value to the community?

    “Honey, I’m going to take three bucks down to the Food 4 Less – and if I can double up I’ll buy brand name instead of generic.”

    And when you make the decision as a corporation to put in a slots area in your Food 4 Less store – what do you really expect is eventually going to happen? I hope they get their asses sued bigtime.

    Ok – I’m done with my rant – –

    Well…maybe not all done.

    I realize this is only another step down the path that we started out on long ago with state lottos preying on those who could least afford it. But on some point we have got to say stop – this is insanity – I know that we can’t control what people decide to do – but good god – do we have to keep tempting the people who can least afford it? We all know there are families going hungry somewhere ONLY because the slot machine was in the supermarket. The lunch money gone in a puff of misguided dreams and false advertising. And for what exactly? So Food 4 Less can make the 2 or 3% on it’s half dozen nickle slot machines?

    Ok – now I’m done. And I am fully aware that there are no easy answers and my position is full of logical contridictions – but I just had to get that off my chest. Somewhere in my feelings a line gets crossed. Don’t ask me how I can find a guy pawning off a saw to play penny slots funny and then find this story depressing – I just do.

  13. brian says:

    Play for Saturday: Florida -10.5 over Mississippi

    I know I should stick to the NBA which is the only sport I can make a profit, but it’s the peak of college hoops! I can’t help myself. This is a shitload of points, but I think Florida has a couple of things going for it. 1. They are the superior team. 2. They have something to play for. With UCLA making an early departure from the Pac-10 tourney there is a #1 seed up for grabs which may go to Florida if they can finish strong and win the SEC tournament.
    Florida beat Ole Miss on the road this season by 9, but had a 26 point lead at one time in the second half. I’m looking for the Gators to play a full 40 mins and put a beat down on like they did to Georgia yesterday.

    Florida -10.5
    Record: 27-16-2

  14. mofobes says:

    ok tommy, not to nit pic, but there was a bit of hyperbole in your outrage at the costs of registering a vehicle in nevada. it only cost me $112 for a ’95 camry and $60 of that is because i got the Las Vegas specialty license plate. otherwise it would have only been $50 plus $19.95 for a smog check.

  15. Dutch says:

    i really hope you’re right mofobes. i’ve heard several horror stories but it’s encouraging to hear your story. i’ll be sure to let you know how it turns out for me. likely sometime in 09

  16. devildog says:

    I’ll have to agree with you on the hockey team in Vegas..it just might work..I used to live in Tampa Bay area,and there were a sh*t-load of retirees from the north east and midwest that were big hockey fans,never mind the “Canada” people. I’d bet the same would be true for Arizona(retirees,as well),and maybe even Nevada…?

  17. devildog says:

    On another note..Dutch-you said you were skipping baseball in favor of poker this summer. It might be interesting to some of us to hear your past wagering-experiences\exploits on the summer past-time. (Brian as well..)

  18. Slashdogx says:

    Big prize for the NCAA “Not Iowa” pool winner! I can only imagine. The possibilities likely include:
    • Slightly used IBM PC motherboard
    • Pink Barry Fanilow T-shirt
    • One Jack Russell (with bonus roll of paper towels)
    • 4 used Mia Tia umbrellas
    • A signed Tark the Shark toilet paper roll.

    Yikes. I plan to enter despite the potential prizes.

    I have been traveling and missed a couple of episodes so I am just now catching up. Good job on the Red Rock.

    I look forward to Green Valley Ranch review next Friday. I think it is a good ‘get away’ from the strip. My choices for best aspects of GVA are:

    • Martini bar at Hank’s (driven Martini quality and bar atmosphere)
    • The pool area outside the Whiskey bar (for view over of Vegas on a nice night),
    • The hot crab legs at a very reasonably priced dinner buffet.

    Nothing really special about the core casino I thought. Plus I think Ninya from American Casino has moved on. Interested to see the official Not Iowa take.

    I finally took the time to go to BMo’s poker link. It is not easy to find, so I posted it below. Good stuff.


    Brian, I watched the Cash Poker episode with Kristy Gazes as your co-host. I thought she was an interesting ‘color analyst’ partner for you.

  19. Paigow Pete says:

    ahhh Baker….. it’s not just a place to go through… it’s a destination…


  20. devildog says:

    You haven’t lived until you’ve been to Randsburg,CA..

    They have a soda fountain in the General store that was shipped via Cape Horn..(Yee-haa!!)

  21. Trainfan John says:

    Here’s an interesting inside story on Sportsbooks in Vegas from Sports Illustrated that I thought some of you might like.


    Nothing too earth shattering – but I think I found my next book to read.

  22. Trainfan John says:

    I’m looking for a quick show of hands on this one:

    For filling out your bracket this week, which are you more likely to do?

    1. Pick Alphabetically by School Name
    2. Pick Alphabetically by Mascot Name
    3. Pick on whose Mascot can kick the other Mascot’s ass
    4. Pick Team that is closer to their home
    5. Pick based on Team Colors
    6. Actually try to figure out who is the better team

    I’m thinking of going with a Combo Method this year – using a different method each round.

  23. bigbadbob says:

    Wow Dutch, that was quite the low blow with the Montreal baseball comment… but oh so true!!

  24. Raisin_Bran says:

    Please God let the Penguins go to Las Vegas, I don’t want that Lame excuse for a sport anywhere near K.C…. Team Mullet already has there hands full with Nascar around here anyways….

  25. brian says:

    I ran an office pool at my last job and the girl who won based her picks on cities with the hottest guys. That was a dark day.

  26. Raisin_Bran says:

    can someone explain to me how Florida is the #1 overall?? baffles me….

  27. Straight Outta Fennville says:

    C’mon Raisin Bran. Maybe the Pens will play an outdoor game at CamaroHead.

    Next time you play 21 at North KC, look for a dealer named Brandon. He will take good care of you.

  28. Raisin_Bran says:

    will do fennville….

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