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Brits vs Cowboys

Hatton and Mayweather won’t be the only fight in Vegas this weekend as throngs of fans from across the pond will face off some America loving cowboys in town for the rodeo.  Which side will you choose?

Other topics include cheating in a relationship (wait until you hear Tommy’s answer), more controversy over message board posting, why Brian may be dumber than a retarded person, the great hooker debate rages on and the difference between racism and common sense.

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2 Responses to Brits vs Cowboys

  1. devildog says:

    Hey everyone,back again..Here are my retro NBA picks for F..

    (These are for you Brian..)

    I have the Suns +260 @Was (on the moneyline)

    I like tha Bulls +320 @Det (on the Moneyline)

    Rockets look good +175 @New Jersey

    And one more for\on the Road with the Clippers (on that $$-line)!!

    Wish me luck! ;}

  2. devildog says:

    Don’t you just hate that when someone repeats your material back to you?-referiing to the above..

    Yeah, it’s kind of annoying,like being fed Charlton Heston’s role in “Omega Man” back in the regurgitated form of “I Am Legend”. Oops..did I give something away..?

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