Embrace Your Inner Degenerate

Bowl Preview

Northern Illinois vs. TCU
BYU vs. Oregon
Rice vs. Troy
South Florida vs. East Carolina
New Mexico vs. San Jose State
Tulsa vs. Utah
Hawaii vs. Arizona State
Middle Tennessee vs. Central Michigan
Florida State vs. UCLA
Oklahoma State vs. Alabama
Texas A&M vs. California
Rutgers vs. Kansas State
Clemson vs. Kentucky
Oregon State vs. Missouri
South Carolina vs. Houston
Texas Tech vs. Minnesota
Purdue vs. Maryland
Navy vs. Boston College
Texas vs. Iowa
Georgia vs. Virginia Tech
Miami vs. Nevada
Tennessee vs. Penn State
Auburn vs. Nebraska
West Virginia vs. Georgia Tech
Arkansas vs. Wisconsin
USC vs. Michigan
Boise State vs. Oklahoma
Louisville vs. Wake Forest
Notre Dame vs. LSU
Western Michigan vs. Cincinnati
Ohio vs. Southern Miss
Florida vs. Ohio State

Thanks to the Godfather and the Grey Fox

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12 Responses to Bowl Preview

  1. Paigow Pete says:

    Wow, wow wow… fantastic show guys.. thanks. I felt like I should have paid $1.95/min just listening to it!!

    TCU/NIU Over 47
    So.Fla -4.5
    Tulsa +1.5
    Hawai’i/ASU under 74.5
    MTSU +10
    UCLA -4
    Alabama +2
    Rutgers -7
    TA&M +5
    Kentucky +10
    So.Carolina -6
    Boston College -6
    Georgia Tech +7.5
    Michagan +1
    Okalahoma -7.5
    Louisville -10
    LSU -9
    Ohio State (-110)

  2. Trainfan John says:

    Hi Guys. You have a great podcast. I subscribed a few weeks ago and have managed to get through all the previous episodes as well. I am looking for a suggestion. My brother and I are flying into Sin City at about 8PM on Friday January 5th. We’re staying at the Monte Carlo and I’m looking for some thoughts on what would be our best bets for that first night – someplace to grab some dinner and drinks and get into a party mood without having to taxi ourselves all over the place just searching for something. Ideas?

  3. Big City Matt says:

    Straight Outta Fennville –

    Thanks much for the plethora of craps info. I especially like the Google idea. Now I’ll get even less accomplished at work.

  4. Raisin_Bran says:

    Great show guys, I’ll have to listen to it a number of times to make sure I make the right bets and hopefully earn a little money! Looks like you’re off to a great start as the bible bangers from Texas took one home for the good guys.


    Chiefs -7 and over 36 on same game


    Do you guys maticulously keep track of you record on sports betting or is it just I’m running good or bad?

    Also, how many games/bets do you think would give you a good measurement of how well your handicapping is going?


    You are doing a review on the Wynn and as I mentioned before I played a little poker there the last time I was in Vegas and the poker room there is just fantastic. It probably has a lot to do with negreanu having such a large part in its design. A few things I liked about the room:

    You get seated and are playing in literally seconds, you give a guy cash and while he goes to goes to the cashier, you can just play with “imaginary money” until he returns with your chips.

    Beautiful women walking around the room giving players massages (don’t know how much this costs).

    Juicy games, I played in a NL $100.00 min buyin game with 1/3 blinds. The game had no max buyin, so there was probably 5 grand on the table. This can obviously be dangerous, but if you are lookin to gamble and want to play in a game where you have the potential of running a couple hundred up to a couple of grand than this is your game!

  5. Straight Outta Fennville says:

    No problem Matt. Glad to share. Put a dollar on the Yo for me once and a while. Stay off the horn though.

  6. Straight Outta Fennville says:

    or is it “once in a while”?

  7. patch406 says:

    Yeah that NL game at the WYNN is REdonkULOUS. I played NL ca$h there for the 1st time and sat down with a couple hundy and some clown joins the table with literally $3500. He basically made you play for your entire stack every hand. It was terrifying. I hated it. He broke several folks and scared off everybody else. One or two guys thought they would double up and double…but it just didn’t happen. You might double up and then hit and run, but that ain’t too much fun. I much prefer the cap buy in games. The MGM has a great room for 1/2 but the max is only $200 which is almost too small. My favorite 1/2 game is at Caesar with a $500 cap…great amount of play without anyone being completely ridiculously DEEP stacked.

  8. Raisin_Bran says:

    I’ll have to hit that game at Caesar’s in March, I walked through the new room and it looked awesome!! $500 is reasonable.. I didn’t run into any crazy people like you mentioned at the Wynn, but the amount of money at the table was a little intimidating.

  9. Straight Outta Fennville says:

    Just have to comment on college football in Canada. I personally have experienced all of the pageantry and spectacle that is not the Vanier Cup, Canada’s collegiate national championship game. There is a good reason no in the States knows about this game. Most NAIA teams could win that hardware every year. Besides having to hear the government mandated French description of every play over the Used-to-be-Skydown public address takes more away from the atmosphere than the 12th player or the 1 point rouge.

    As for the “Get Drunk Legally at 19 Bowl”, Take Brian Kelly and the Bearcats. Kelly already beat Western Mi 31-7 this year. Can’t see him doing any worse with the horses he now has in the ‘Natti…I can’t mention BK without sharing that I beat him 3 out of 5 years in college playing and coaching for Hillsdale when he was at Grand Valley St. Scoreboard Brian!

    Good man Tommy Dutch…don’t ever give the Buckeyes any love. The great state of Michigan would disown you.

  10. KGB says:

    Get drunk legally at 19 bowl – awesome. I wonder how many of those kids from Western knew there was a part of Canada beyond Ouelette St and the downtown Windsor scene?

  11. Lady Grey says:

    As we all know, well at least I think we all know, but I am not really a huge sports fan, but I am slowly learning to love sports….and as it turns out this is one of my all time fav shows. I have loved it all three times I have listened to it.

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