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Best of TAI

We are lazy, we call it a best of, lets be clear it’s a repeat, but it does have a new intro and outro, a whole 3 minutes of new content.

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11 Responses to Best of TAI

  1. Hawkeye Brad says:

    Where’d all the comments go?

  2. Steve in West Palm says:

    2nd cab off the rank

  3. Ace says:

    fuck what is going on? – all the comments dissaeered, forum is down, Bangkok airport is closed and I fly to ……….. Bangkok airport when? Yes that’s right tomorrow! Or not

  4. Grammar-Nazi says:

    What the hell happened to the forums?

    I blame Fobes, Patch and Bohunk. I’m certain giving them TAI e-mail accounts has something to do with this….

  5. patch406 says:

    First of all…this sux hindtit and second of all…it’s tony’s fault.

  6. I blame my awesome posting ability. It is too much for the forums to handle.

  7. patch406 says:

    in the meantime…check out this hilarious forum post:

  8. TrustNo1 says:

    Looks like my #2 favorite sarcastic guy just got promoted to #1 http://twitter.com/michael_bay . Grab some pine Patch!

  9. Boisestate78 says:

    Boise State is getting Fucked by the BSBCS. Another Fucking Humanatarian Bowl against a 6 and 6 team from the ACC. Time for a Playoff.

  10. patch406 says:

    Here’s a sample of what you’ll get tomorrow on the show:

  11. patch406 says:

    We also spend time speaking about hands and I give a bird anatomy lesson. If you want to learn more about it:

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