Embrace Your Inner Degenerate

Barry Bonds, Sushi And Hookers

What other show can you tune into that starts with a 20 minute discussion about the meal the hosts just ate, migrates to an in depth discussion on National League baseball, and wraps up with a review of high class prostitutes?

I’m pretty sure B-Mo and Dutch have the market cornered.

Other topics include, Tommy’s delusions of cohabitation, baseball milestones being reached and the drugs that aided them, Brian gets the celebrity treatment, and the worst golf swing in the world.

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31 Responses to Barry Bonds, Sushi And Hookers

  1. Richie says:

    also from the isle of man the rock in the irish sea coming to vegas with whit now 54 days and counting. some parts of the island may have in-breeding by the look of them but were not and were not irish were Manx.
    google isle of man TT races you will see what is here.
    try http://www.isleofman.com.
    drink with ya later.

  2. yzerman13 says:

    Nice job again this week guys. Brian, the numbers for most profitable teams, is that percentage of revenue or most profit. It’s hard to believe that those teams made more money than ny and boston. I guess that we both spend so much that we can’t make that much money.

  3. Steve in West Palm says:

    “… four Vietnamese dudes with eight teeth between them and three middle-aged broads…”


  4. asterion says:

    Guys, I’m asking this question on behalf of a coworker.

    Anyway, said coworker wants to take his family–right now, that’d be him, his wife, their two girls (ages 8 and 2), and his in-laws that are currently visiting from China–for a couple days in Vegas starting about July 9 or 10, depending on how long they’re at the Grand Canyon and the like beforehand. Not sure how much they can spend–they’re both graduate students and I don’t know how much, if any, the in-laws can kick in. But assuming just a place to stay in one of the casinos for a couple nights in the middle of the week, any good place for four adults and two children to stay, preferably not the Circus Circus? And yes, I did warn him that they’d be going right in the middle of the WSOP Main Event, but I’m not sure I really got across what that could mean in terms of crowds and the like.

  5. Dutch says:


    I’ve been critical of downtown many times on the show but I find myself liking it more and more and recommending to anyone on a budget. You’re going to want to go to the strip at least once and it’s going to be a $20 cab ride each way but you’ll save in every other way. As the strip continues to go more high brow, downtown could be in a good spot to make a resurgence courtesy of the common man.

    If anyone else has ideas speak up. I know the listeners have a tremendous amount of Vegas knowledge.

  6. brian says:

    During the main event, even downtown may be a little pricey (although nowhere near what the strip will be charging). If they’re going to the Grand Canyon beforehand I get the feeling they may have a car. If that’s the case, I would consider looking into one of the station properties or even Sam’s town. It’s further away from the action but with a car it’s not a real problem.

  7. Trainfan John says:


    A few of us have been posting offers we get in email or regular mail from various vegas casinos over on the Friends of TAI site. The specific forum is at: http://taifriends.ning.com/forum/topic/listForCategory?categoryId=724528%3ACategory%3A322

  8. Trainfan John says:

    Hey Fellas, The show isn’t downloading at about 6:30 PM Vegas Time on Monday. Can’t get it via ITunes, directly off of this site and it doesn’t play in “pop up” mode

  9. Admin says:

    Yes there is a problem, I’m trying to come up with a fix. The problem seems to be with the provider I host the mp3’s with and not my web host. I hope I can get this fixed, thanks for the feedback over the past week.

  10. Scott J. says:

    Brian and Tommy,

    Enjoyed the evening last night. Social House was a great spot, would highly recommend it to anyone visiting.

    Too bad you guys had to go to work, the gambling was superb the rest of the night. I believe I left a voicemail to that effect at some point in the evening.

    In response to the hotel recommendation, the Luxor might be worth a try. Connected to the Mandalay Bay, and only a tram ride to New York, New York, and MGM. Pretty good pool as well and the rates are as good as any on the strip.

  11. Straight Outta Fennville says:

    I listened to the podcast in the parking lot of the VW dealership at about 9 AM EDT on Monday while getting my Passat serviced. Gotta love wifi.

    Glad to be back listening after a couple weeks away.

    Harrah’s has cheap rooms July 9-12 $49 for 9th and 10th. $75 for 11th and 12th.


    Flamingo is about $15 a night higher, but the kids would dig the pool more than at Harrah’s. Bally’s is $79 a night but not much for the youngins.

  12. Hawkeye Brad says:

    Got back last night from Vegas, so here is a long post warning. Here are some highlights:

    Thursday: Met up with TD, BMo, & Mofobes at Centrifuge. Dutch was late because he was overslept at the pool. I thought they were really nice guys, and I wish we could have hung out longer. Unfortunately I had to get a marriage licence and go to Wayne Fucking Newton. I honestly thought the show was good partly because we were front row, but his voice sounds like a cell phone that keeps cutting out.

    Friday: Spent all day with 60 drunk Iowans. My soon-to-be bride shot-gunned beer which led to a nice hangover the morning of the wedding.

    Saturday: Got a shave at the Art of Shaving which was awesome. Got married. Took a ride in Hercules, the biggest limo on the West Coast. Reception in a Terrace suite at MGM. Unbelievable time.

    Sunday: Bought wedding pictures which made me wished I’d jumped off the terrace suite the night before. Went to Love and the Revolution Lounge, which were both great. Walked through the HORSE event at Rio and saw just about every big name pro you could think of.

    Overall, I had the time of my life. Thanks to the hosts and everyone else for the good wishes. Can’t wait to get caught up on the episodes.

  13. slashdogx says:

    Congratulations Hawkeye Brad on you wedding from ‘Cyclone’ Slashdogx. I am glad everthing (“fading” the picture prices) went well and the Iowans took the city by storm. Sounds like the slogan in Vegas last week should have been “Not Iowa My Ass!”. Well done.

  14. patch406 says:

    Good Work Hawkeye.

    Here’s my impression of what’s it’s like getting and paying for wedding pictures:

    Getting ass raped repeatedly with a camera, then bleeding rectally in front of an audience and finally hemorrhaging all your money for the opportunity.

  15. Hawkeye Brad says:

    A couple requests:

    TD – I’ve noticed you seem to hang out at a lot of pools in Vegas w/o staying at the hotels. Could you tell us how you manage to sneak your way into all these pools?

    BMo- I think you need to tell the marriage license story to everyone- f’in hilarious! You’re right, getting a marriage license in Vegas could not be easier. You walk in and there is a stack of applications and a box of golf pencils to use to fill out the app. Then you go to the window, hand them $55, and they print out your license. In and out in 5 minutes.

  16. mofobes says:

    asterion, excalibur might also be an option for them. i know they have redone some of there rooms and they have a fair amount of kid friendly stuff to do.

    i don’t the main event of the WSOP will have much of an impact on rooms in vegas out side of the Rio. relative to other conferences and events, it is not that big. july is usually considered the low season in vegas. they should be able to find some fairly good deals.

  17. mofobes says:

    wow, this is an f’ed up story. WWE wrestler, Chris Benoit strangles his wife, smothers his son, and then hangs himself a day later.


    i wonder if even brian can find anything funny in this one.

  18. dipperfc says:

    Yeah congratulations Hawkeye Brad, it sounded a great time, even if you did get married. (back handed compliment!)

    However to marry a girl who shot-gun’s beer tells me you have a good eye and know what your doing. Good luck!

    RE: How important sport has become……..one of my favourite quotes comes from the Bill Shankly the Liverpool F.C. legend.

    ‘Some people believe football is a matter of life and death.
    I’m very disappointed with that attitude.
    I can assure you it is much, much more important than that.’

  19. brian says:

    Are you challenging me mofobes? I’m not one to back down. I know I can find humor in a ‘roided out rassler offing his family then himself, but then again my sense of humor is a little, well, let’s say off. But I’m sure it would garner hatred from all of the decent human beings who listen to this show, and yes, I believe some of you are decent.

  20. bigbadbob says:

    I can’t believe that whole Chris Benoit story. He was a hero for Montreal’s wrestling fans, and people always turned out to fill our arenas when the WWE was in town. It’s a shame and it’s incomprehensible.

    On a brighter note, my knowledge of Isle of Man is limited to what I saw on a couple of Top Gear episodes. My favourite by far is the one where Jeremy Clarkson drives a BMW M3 CSL (the stripped down road-racing version) around the island’s highways. He absolutely canes it and it looks like a real blast to drive those roads. Anyone interested should have a look at either of these two videos, they’re well worth it!



  21. Dutch says:

    2 plays for Wednesday,

    Just priced out of the run lines so I’m taking the dogs straight up. I like San Diego and the Dodgers, both should be tight low scoring games and I just need to win one to show a profit albeit minimal.

    Plays are:
    San Diego +110
    L.A. Dodgers +115 both at Stations
    Season Total: +559

  22. Dutch says:

    Just posted and didn’t show so sorry if this is here twice

    2 plays for Wednesday:
    Padres +110
    Dodgers +115
    Season Toatl +559

  23. Trainfan John says:

    Congrats on the marriage Hawkeye – sounds like you had a great time. I’m getting married (take 2) in two weeks (7/7/07) but in the Chicago burbs – but hoping to bring the new bride out to Sin City in the not too distant future.

    Bill Simmons at ESPN.com today did an online chat (which by the way should be in the TAI playbook) and got onto a great topic of Worst Songs to Get a Lap Dance To. Mr. Roboto was the first one tossed out – but there were others – though I’m sure this crowd could do much better.

  24. patch406 says:

    Mr. Roboto?
    That song rules.

    If some hot chick wants to rub her thong into my jock while, “Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto” is blasting in the background….I’m not going to complain.

  25. Steve in West Palm says:

    Congrats Hawkeye… I’ll bet your TAI prize package will come in handy on the Honeymoon.

    Trainfan… congrats on the upcoming wedding. I assume since this will be your second time around that you have moved on to the trophy wife stage of your life.

  26. bigbadbob says:

    And how could I forget? Congrats Hawkeye! I guess the fact that someone can be messed up enough to kill his wife and kid distracted me from wishing you all the best.

    I’ll be in your shoes in a bit more than a year, so I look forward to your feedback! All the best

  27. Scott J. says:


    watching baseball closely since 1980?…you a bit older than you look

    nice job on the baseball breakdown, very impressive, fading the D’Backs from here on out

    agree with you on Barry Bonds, give the man his due

  28. Scott J. says:

    Please excuse the back to back posts, but I had to comment on the place of sports in society, couldn’t agree more with your thoughts.

    Since when did being the 2nd best in the world count as a failure? Unless, of course, I have money on them.

  29. whit says:

    top link bigbadbob, saves me having to explain it. Can I just give one strange fact ,Manx cats have no tails, not sure why?

  30. Straight Outta Fennville says:

    congrats Hawk! When that phd is finalized, we will have to call you Dr. Hawkeye Pierce!

    Chapter 1 is up for your reading pleasure at http://vegasbook.ning.com

  31. Lady Grey says:

    See now I am not even really a sports fan, makes you wonder what I was doing dating someone who’s life is about sports but lets move on, either way these Monday sports shows are fast becoming my favs. I am with Brian about that glove, I want M. Alou’s glove. What to know why a not sports fan wants that glove. My middle name is Alou, and my last name is also the name of a baseball team that was talked about on this show….hmm, kinda make me wonder why I don’t watch more baseball. So that we are all clear on my feelings toward baseball, I love love love going to live baseball games, and I don’t even care who’s playing, I just love going to the games, but I don’t have a fav team at all. I simply cheer for who ever is doing something great. I love watching for all the action.

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