Embrace Your Inner Degenerate


You mean more to me than I could ever mean to you. Goodbye for now.


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  1. Stu says:

    For old times sake, I figure at least one of the last comments on TAI should be left on the “old school” comment thread.

    It’s been a fun ride being a part of the the TAI community. I’ve met some great people, both (co)hosts and listeners alike, at TAIcon ’09, ’10, and ’11 who I consider friends. Some of my fondest memories in recent years took place during TAIcon weekends. I hope that group Vegas meetups continue to happen for years to come.

    Thank you to Brian, Tony, Mofobes, Bohunk, e_karros, Patch406/Bart Mitzvah, Y2k/TrustNo1/Kenny/Scott Faber, and, of course, Tommy Dutch for the countless hours of entertainment you’ve provided over nearly 8 years. I’m sad to see it end, but, as the cliche goes, all good things must come to end.

    Brian, I’m looking forward to your next project. Particularly the moment you discover some fascinating fact or secret about your co-host and the show evolves into This Still Ain’t Iowa.

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