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All Hail Caesars

What did we get up to this weekend? Well Tom gets tipsy and Brian hangs with his buds Hunter from The Worst Las Vegas Podcast, along with Tim and Michelle from Five Hundy by Midnight. So who went 2-0 or should we say 0-2 with there sports picks?

So where is the best places in Vegas to watch boxing? Will Tyson fight in this town ever again?

Which one of us will be taking you on a guided tour of the cat houses in Pahrump? Brian Mollica claims to be married, leaving Tommy Dutch with the thankless task. Pahrump, you know how to speaker the language?

Caesars Palace is Brian’s must see casino for a first time in Vegas. Some of the best places to eat in town are at Caesars, but be careful who you take. Find the real reason Brian was turned away from Pure. You’ll have so much fun you may never want to leave, if you do want to leave good luck finding an exit.

If you have the time go checkout Don Best Sports, look for Tommy on an up coming show. Hey while we’re pimping sites please checkout Behind the Bricks, Brian’s solo podcast.

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5 Responses to All Hail Caesars

  1. Bernie says:

    Regarding your discussion on why Goodman is trying to rid just downtown of the “stripper brochure slappers”.

    As mayor of the City of LV, Goodman only has authority as to what goes on within the city limits. The City of LV only extends south to Desert Inn Rd at its most southern point.

    Because nearly all of the actual Strip is in unicorporated Clark County, Goodman can’t do a thing about which adult periodicals are passed out there.

  2. KGB says:

    Hey guys-

    Oscar’s fascination with downtown is because that’s what he actually controls. The Vegas city limits only go as far south as basically the Sahara. He can’t control the south strip where the slap-pass guys like to hang out.

    How about some info on the real-estate market? Why does the strip look like Manhattan all of a sudden? Is there really enough water in Lake Mead to support all the growth? Brian you’re a recent homebuyer…tell us how it is for those of us contemplating a move to the desert. Why would I want Henderson over Summerlin or NLV or Blue Diamond or anywhere else?

    Here’s a winner for you: OVER the 54 total on WVU/USF. WVU is averaging 41 PPG and giving up 18+. They’re last 3 games have been 78, 66, and 72 points. USF hasn’t been the offensive juggernaut so far this year, but they are averaging 23 PPG themselves, including 20+/game in the Big East this year. The weather is supposed to be reasonably decent in Morgantown this weekend – at least for late November – and it’s a noon kickoff. This game FLIES over the total.


  3. Raisin_Bran says:

    Well boys, Me and my friends are invading Vegas this thanksgiving weekend to root on our beloved Jayhawks as they face the defending champions of Florida. I need some solid picks guys, because the whole vacation budget will be riding on them!!!


  4. Raisin_Bran says:

    hmmm i think we’re actually playing the defending national champions, Florida… not the state champs… hehe, I’m sure you know what I meant!

  5. Dork2099 says:

    Guys, I LOVE this podcast. I’ve never been to Vegas, but I have family out there (they’re Mormons; irony is very real). I look forward to visiting sometime when I have a few spare thou (or forty dollars) to test my burgeoning poker skills. I almost got to go for my honeymoon, but nooooooooooo! The wife wanted to go to -Mexico-! Ah, well. I hear that Donkey Show poker is the sexiest poker in the world.

    Sorry to rave completely off topic; I just wanted to voice my support for this podcast. It’s easily my favorite of the dozen of so that I listen to. Peace.

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