Embrace Your Inner Degenerate

About the Show

This Ain’t Iowa is a unique look at Las Vegas for people who truly appreciate the “Sin” in Sin City. With new episodes released three times a week, the revolving cast of characters, comprised of Vegas locals and Vegas lovers alike, gives you a look at the side of Vegas everyone is intrigued by, but no one wants to discuss.

The show premiered in 2006 with the best of intentions. The brain child of two Vegas residents who saw a need for a podcast that tapped into the life of Sin City, the show soon grew into a fascinating look at the lives of the hosts and show’s regular listeners and their adventures in degeneracy. In essence, it’s about people who live the seedy side of Vegas. Or, at least, want to.

Hilarious, irreverent and uncensored, topics vary from the mundane — working, raising children and pet peeves — to the extraordinary; brothels (and the deflowering of a Utah Mormon), strip club back rooms, and drunken gambling sessions. It’s not for the faint of heart, but neither is Las Vegas. Ready to take a chance?