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A Blunt In A Kayak

Between Cinco de Mayo, gay pride week, DeLaHoya vs. Mayweather, and mega stars in concert, this will be one of the busy weekends in Vegas all year. What does that mean for you? The most disorganized episode of TAI ever!

Listen as the boys ignore the worthwhile topics and concentrate on Pam Anderson’s new love innterest, the new shitty show at Caesar’s Palace, and an intense debate on Renee Zellweger’s puffy face.

There are a few redeeming qualities, such as the first in a series of “comp tutotials” by tai’s own p_enut, the contents of Hawkeye Bradd’s prize package revealed, and a presidential candidate so bad it will make you wish George W, could run for a 3rd term. Ok, so one’s that bad.

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  1. Dutch says:

    I’m on Atlanta -150

    There’s -145 @ Leroy’s but not worth the drive for it.

    I hate to bet against Maddux. The guy is one of my all time favorites and I respect the heck out him. Facts are facts and he still has a great mind but doesn’t have the Cy Young stuff he used to have. Atlanta has a well balanced offense that should be able to score 4.

    A say 4 because I don’t think San Diego will get to 4. Smoltz is pitching as well as ever, particularly in Turner Field. Brian Giles is the only guy in the lineup who has hit well against him, and the Padres offense kink of stinks. Adrian Gonzalez is their best hitter and Smoltz has historically dominated him (1 for 9 I believe)

    -150 means you have to win the bet 60% of the time to profit, I think I’m closer to 70% here. Take Atlanta.

    Season Total +100

  2. Straight Outta Fennville says:

    NL baseball is for girls!

  3. patch406 says:

    The National League aka the Minor Leagues.

  4. Dutch says:

    The American League isn’t baseball.

  5. brian says:

    While you girls argue about cricket, I’m talking about a man’s game, the NBA aka the Department of Alcohol and Firearms.

    Golden St. +4 over Utah

    Still not ready to bail on those Warriors yet.


  6. Raisin_Bran says:

    Looking for contributions for an added show per week?

    I’ll offer:

    For BMO, 1 bingo dauber a week…. I smoke so I know how expensive a habit can be.

    And TD I’ll hook you up with a $1 10 team baseball parlay a week!! Can you imagine your maximum possible profits?? It would be just like Christmas!!!

    I did have a question, if I bet a baseball money line online I get the chance to lock in my pitchers… Obviously you are mainly playing the pitching match ups in baseball so this could be a make it or break it option. I was wondering if you can do this at a sports book in Vegas?

  7. Thelma says:

    Hey Brian I saw that on ABC they are going to have a National Bingo Night Friday night. I know this is your guilty pleasure. The funny thing is that they are trying to make a game that Little old ladys play the coolest thing out there. Also I like the 3 episodes a week. It is hard finding quality programming like this out there. If that isn’t a line, then what is.

  8. Straight Outta Fennville says:


    You watch riding GSW too long. I am sure most of us fellas have a female we could name who provided indescribable pop at the beginning yet became a losing proposition quickly after the initial fireworks.

    What do you know about baseball anyway? Go race Tuffy the Toro around the bases at Hi Corbett Field or something.

  9. Scott J. says:

    Tommy Dutch 2-0! Baseball savant.

  10. mofobes says:

    yeah, tommy thanks for the info. i didn’t bet the braves, but i wanted to take the under at 8 and your analysis pushed me over the edge.

  11. Dirty Carmelo says:

    Here is a rant….
    Is it just me or was the Warriors game last night one of the shittest officiating you’ve ever seen? I mean, the Warriors were getting hack left and right with no calls….

  12. brian says:

    Don’t even get me started DC. As someone with a stake in the game, it seemed like money in the bank. But you could tell that by overtime the Warriors were completely demoralized and didn’t even show up. I agree with letting players play but that was ridiculous.

  13. Table_Max says:

    Tonight’s picks:

    Pistons +2.5
    Buffalo -140
    Buf/Ott OVER 5

    Pistons are getting points after completely dominating the Bulls two games in a row? Is home court advantage really worth 22+ points, or is there something the books know that I don’t?

  14. Raisin_Bran says:

    another great day for Royals fans ughh…

  15. Trainfan John says:

    At least he’s consistent:

    “On the eve of his appeal to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, Adam “Pacman” Jones probably should avoid what he did the last time he was in New York for the meeting that led to his one-year suspension.

    Jones went to a strip club, sources close to the league, the NFL Players Association and Jones have confirmed.

    The night before his April 3 meeting with Goodell to talk about his off-field conduct, Jones made a late-night trip to an adult New York club. Jones was spotted inside the club shortly after he had a face-to-face meeting with two leading veteran players, Takeo Spikes and Troy Vincent, who traveled to New York to urge Jones to clean up his act.

    When the Goodell and Jones met the next day, the commissioner already was made aware of Jones’ late-night excursion because security from the strip club tipped off NFL security.

    Rather than directly confront Jones, the commissioner gave him a test, sources said.

    According to these sources, Goodell asked Jones what he was doing to help himself to change his lifestyle. Jones gave a lot of the right answers, such as volunteering that he was going to avoid the nightclub scene.

    The commissioner asked him if the self-imposed ban included strip clubs. Jones said yes.

    Goodell then asked Jones the last time he had visited a strip club.

    Jones became a bit fidgety, perhaps suspicious that the commissioner was on to him, before he answered, “A day ago,” sources said. “

  16. Dirty Carmelo says:

    Pac-Man needs to learn his lesson and needs to be punished accordingly. Goodell needs to let everyone that he means business. If he lets this one slide, then he will always be stepped on and be called a softy. Let Pac-Man be the posterboy for those football players that love to get in trouble with the law.

  17. Scott J. says:

    Pacman is already suspended for the year.

  18. Dutch says:

    very entertaining albeit somewhat pathetic to have a Royal fan posting.

  19. Trainfan John says:

    “albeit” Tommy Dutch must have his eye on a librian this week. 🙂

  20. patch406 says:

    If your team’s in the American League, you have something to be proud of.

  21. Dutch says:

    i do love me a librian

  22. Dutch says:

    The American League is a breeding ground for retarded baseball fans

  23. patch406 says:

    The National League is the baseball equivalent of rhythmic gymnastics.

  24. Raisin_Bran says:

    The Kansas City Royals are a great franchise, a lot of there players go on to play professional baseball.

  25. Dutch says:

    I want Cincy RL tomorrow night but can’t find it less than -200. I’ll but it 2 but it can’t hurt to wait til morning and see what happens.

  26. YoTime Joe says:

    Hey Dutch I was on the Braves and will probably follow up on Cincy but the line over here is -215. It’s a load of shit.

  27. Straight Outta Fennville says:

    ‘STONes come back from 19 down to take game 3 at the UC. Good play Table Max. Get out the brooms and bet the house on Mr. Big Shot and the boys in game 4.

    I think we hit a nerve with Dutch. Mr. Diversity, Mr. Open Minded, Mr. Acceptance drops a “retarded” on us. What? You got Lindsay Lohan and Tim Duncan over at the Dutch Dome and letting them type your posts?


  28. Dirty Carmelo says:

    Scott J… I just hope that Goodell doesn’t lessen the suspension after their “little meeting”.

  29. LetsGoHawks says:

    I used to think Renee Zelwegger was kinda hot until she got stung in the face by a swarm of bees.

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