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69! Get It?

Las Vegas is officially falling apart. First the Paris Hilton party may be in jeopardy after her “spiritual awakening”, and now Lohan’s dad is putting the kibash on his daughter’s 21st! Oh yeah, and there was also a huge fire downtown, Pacman is being prosecuted and there’s a she-pimp running amok.

Luckily we have some enlightening stories as well, like poker pros squandering their money on blackjack, craps and whores, ways to beat the summertime heat, and why Tommy Dutch’s hatred for law enforcement may not be unfounded.

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24 Responses to 69! Get It?

  1. JimInTX says:

    Thanks everyone for trying to bring up the average

  2. yzerman13 says:

    Nice job again this week boys.

    Tommy, I don’t see how your life would ever change with your girl moving in. What fantasy land do you live in. It’s not a question of if, but rather how much and it won’t be all bad, but it’s changing and i would bet that the change would be large.

    I got together with my wife and within 1 year, sold my car (that she hated), purchased a condo, got a dog(best part of the deal so far). Oh and i almost forget, ive now had to check in from whatever i’m doing for the passed 9 years, but nothing is going to change for you.

    Good Luck with that and we all please remember that tommy said that. One last thing, does she know anyone else in vegas? If not I hope you are looking forward to never going out alone again.

    Ship it, Yzerman

  3. Paigow Pete says:

    Anyone else have trouble downloading Hawaiian Girls are hot? I couldn’t get it off iTunes and tried to download from the website and only got 5 mins…just up until sperm fireworks……..

    today’s episode downloaded fine………

  4. JR says:

    No Problem downloading for me Paigow Pete.

  5. Dutch says:

    109 degrees here in fantasy land this afternoon

  6. slashdogx says:

    Pete, no problem for me either. I get that every once in a while as well. No idea.

    Jim In Tx, Thanks for the follow-up on the Houston post. You made some great points. Especially about the strength of professional golf and tennis.

  7. slashdogx says:


    Nice feature article on Don Best.


    I agree with your reviews. As someone that attends (is subjected to) seeing each of those teams a couple of times a year, I cannot find and fault in your overview. I personally believe the Brewers will win the division just because they have the will and see the opportunity to be heros. Even as an Astros fan I wouldn’t mind seeing them win.

    One ‘by the way’ comment, the view in Houston is the once Biggio hits the 3000 mark, he with get much less time in the second half with Chris Burke finally getting the majority of time at second. Biggio has notoriously faded in the second half in several of the recent years, and fading from .235 is not good. He plays baseball hard, is a model in the community and will probably be the first Astro in the HOF, but being past 40 is catching up with him as it does with us all.

    Nice job on the overview.

  8. Repo2k says:

    I had no probs getting down Hawaiian girls via iTunes, but can’t get a 69 for some reason. Downloading from the site seems ok, if pretty slow.

    Just starting to get caught up on the latest eps after a long layoff, I’m another who can’t stand to leave an episode unlistened.

    Love the direction the show is taking & the new website. Being an Aussie tho I find myself fast forwarding through most of the US sports talk on Mondays, but with the extra show Wed I’m not losing anything – win win for everyone I guess.

    Keep up the good work.

  9. crackerjack says:

    Just caught up with the last 2 episodes. Fantastic as always. If you’re still taking shirt suggestions, I’d gladly buy a shirt that says, “Billy Ocean’s 11”. That’s probably the funniest story to date.

    Also, I agree 100% with yzerman on Tommy’s life changing after his girlfriend moves in. I’ve lived with my girl for 2 years, and it’s going really well, but to say nothing has changed is crazy. And it works both ways. You might realize you don’t like it when she goes clubbing with the girls every Saturday night while you’re staring at baseball stats. Good luck buddy!

  10. Dutch says:

    Thanks Slashdog,

    Good to know someone read the piece.

  11. Trainfan John says:

    Paigow Pete – I had the same issue with the earlier show – but it seems to have corrected itself.

  12. Yzerman says:

    Dutch, great article.

    Slashdog, thanks for posting the link!


  13. bigbadbob says:

    Dutch, are you really so opposed to the handshake for hygienic reasons, or are you just trying to shy further away from personal contact?

    Oddly enough, I met some Asian business associates yesterday who straight away shook my hand without even thinking of a bow. Meanwhile, the dude working at the Chinese restaurant I ate at gave several “thank you” and “good bye” bows as I paid and left. Or maybe they meant “screw you” and “get out.” You never know with a bow…

  14. patch406 says:

    Patch checking in from Zihautenehauo, Mexico. Down here for the old anniversary and it is INSANE. We are in some amazing hotel with only 3 suites and the other 2 are empty. Infinity pools galore. I got all fuct up on pina coladas and margs and mostly on some hand made mexican cigar on the beach. WOW. Very remote, but very gorgeous.

    Just want to congratulate Hawkeye as he gets ready to pull the proverbial trigger. I´m tipping y´all the virtual toast front the Mexican beach. Aloha.

  15. brian says:

    I also want to give Hawkeye Brad a shoutout as he’s about to walk down the aisle.

    And believe it or not Bob, Dutch’s bow crusade has begun to get legs as both HB and mofobes bowed as they entered Centrifuge at the MGM. I opted to remain sane and shook everyone’s hand.

  16. Straight Outta Fennville says:

    Just back from Punta Cana! The Excellence Resort is like Mandalay Bay, but on a real beach. Sounds as nice as your digs Patch. The casino however had a ton to be desired, basically Slots of Fun crammed into a hot box the size of your kitchen with 10 dollar minimums.

    Looking forward to getting caught up on the show.

    Remember Intelligent Degenerate Book Club launches on the 25th at vegasbook.ning.com

    Give our friend’s Youtube video a spin and help em win a new backyard.




  17. Dutch says:

    One last swing at this interleague nonsense. I’m taking the Tigers Sunday night over Atlanta. A great team playing as well as they can over a good team playing lousy. The Detroit bats are unbelievable right now and Chuck James is unlikely to slow them down.

    Play is Detroit -115 at Coast
    season total +459

  18. JR says:


    Just an idea for the Tee, how about on the left breast on the front (metaphorically speaking) This Ain’t Iowa in writing with a Small Ace of Spades picture underneath and on the back a Large Pick of the picture that downloads with your itune podcasts but instead of the tractor in the middle of the card you change it to something like this picture http://www.tshirthell.com/store/product.php?productid=330 (i love this tee, Single Moms Rock! um just kidding) and underneath this picture you have Embrace Your Inner Degenerate!

    If you cant use this picture you could always use the chrome silhouette’s of Naked Ladies you always see on the back of truckers mudflaps etc.

    Just an idea i thought i would throw out there.

  19. Trainfan John says:

    Tommy – as a Cub fan you probably spent some drunken bleacher time cheering this latest piece of sports crap:


  20. Straight Outta Fennville says:

    Good play tommy!

  21. brian says:

    This is my second consecutive Sunday morning covering Royals baseball. I’m beginning to think I’m being punished for something. At least they’re wearing throwback uniforms. I’m sure that novelty won’t wear off.

  22. dipperfc says:

    I went to the racetrack on the w/e & when I met Joe & another pal we to greeted each other with a bow……it’s catching on.

  23. K Freeze says:

    I like how the Royals, picking up on the negative vibe not only went to extra innings, but won on a walk. The Spirit of ’85 lives on!

  24. dipperfc says:

    Dutch you are keeping my online betting account afloat with the baseball tips. DET another winner. Brilliant!

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