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6 Beers at 2pm

Welcome to our super bowl wrap up. Who won, who lost and who got wasted thanks to SlashdogX. Catch up with all the goings on at the website. Almost forgot about our update on the priest on the run.

Vegas off the strip recommendations for this week are all about the ladies. A bit off shopping and a bit of pampering, while you do a bit of gambling.

MGM Grand is this weeks review casino. It’s huge… It’s huge… It’s huge… Maybe you should checkout the shops while your there, we are not sure where it is, but feel free to enlighten us. So how many Go Go dance does the Grand get?

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54 Responses to 6 Beers at 2pm

  1. devildog says:

    Geez,trainfan..She ain’t bad..

    Here are my picks for tonight..

    NOTRE DAME @ DePaul

    Notre Dame +1.5

    Notre Dame should pull off a road win inspite of shaky performances so far.
    Sammy Mejia will not be enough to over-come Collin Falls and the Irish.

    Arizona State @ OREGON

    Oregon -15

    The Sun Devils just don’t have enough options down low to compete.
    The over-all size and depth advantage of the Ducks could turn is into a rout!


  2. devildog says:

    Anna Nicole Smith..found dead..39

  3. Straight Outta Fennville says:

    She wanted to be Marilyn…outlasted her by 3 years. A truly tragic story from the day she was born it seems.

    Speaking of Marilyn, I just finished watching that horrible Rat Pack movie with Ray Liotta as a psychotic Sinatra. Montegna was decent as Dino. Cheadle over-acted….surprise….as Sammy. The most laughable part though is Gil Grissom from CSI playing JFK with an accent worse than Cheadle’s in Ocean’s 11. He and Frank are on a sailboat and Grissom…I mean Kennedy is talking about Marilyn and all you can think about is him pondering some murder on TV. Some pretty interesting history with the mob and Momo Giancana and all that went into winning Kennedy the White House. It will convince you Oswald was on the take or owed somebody really badly. Makes you wonder if Hoffa’s disappearance wasn’t payback. Not that we still don’t have obvious problems but, America is a different place than it was 50 years ago and we are lucky to be living in it.

  4. devildog says:

    Ray Liotta playing a psychotic?..what a twist!
    Great actor,anyhow.

    Yes,it’s a great place,I’ll second you there!

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