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Monthly Archives: September 2007

Gandhi’s Dead?

The tech bugs have been worked out and the fellas are back for another hour of nonsense on this sunny Wednesday afternoon.

They begin with a few details from Monday’s “Lost” episode of TAI.  The chosen few who were present share their thoughts on the live debut, and Brian even gets a blast from the past.

Other topics include Tommy’s new birthday, begging for porn, the boy’s ideal living dinner guests, and steroids in wrestling?  Get the fuck out of here!  Is your test in being a vagina?

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Well it was a history making night as Brian and Tommy broadcast the first live episode of TAI on donbest.com.  So much went into get it out well, that the fellas managed to screw up the fundamentals and the show wasn’t recorded.  Feel free to listen to Brian’s apology if you like and post angry rants.  We’ll be back Wednesday.